September 23, 2011

Sim State Uni - 6th Class

Natalie Steele gazed in the mirror and fixed her hair.  She'd decided to wear her hair differently now that she was an adult.
She started getting to know people first things first.  Alan Fancey struck her fancy (ha ha.. I'm so witty!)  But, he didn't seem very interested in her.  She tried all freshman year to get him to notice her romantically, but he didn't seem to get the clue.

She invited him over for study groups and to do their assignments together, but he never expressed an interest in her, at all.  In fact, she was pretty sure the only reason he'd decided to study with her was because her best friend, Tristen, had the habit of studying in her underwear.

One night, Lisa surprised her by bringing everyone by for a visit. She was glad to see that Skylar was there, as well.  She knew she'd been hard on him when she was younger, but she really appreciated how happy he made Lisa.  She knew that Lisa had dropped out of college, and pretty much lost the love of her life in the process, to take care of her and Mason.

Natalie had asked her one time if she regretted her decision.  Lisa had looked across the room as Dana danced around on Skylar's feet and smiled, "There's no way I could ever regret the way my life turned out.  I wouldn't have Skylar and I wouldn't have Dana. Everything happens for a reason."

Natalie had glanced across the room and tried to see what Lisa saw.  Shrugging, she'd gone to go primp in the mirror.

Now, as Natalie saw Dana jumping around the room trying to find Natalie's room, she think she finally understood. 

And it might have something to do with the fact that she might've met the love of her life, too!  She'd met Waylan Tan by accident when she'd hit the wrong number from the directory.  Waylon had answered and they'd stayed on the phone 15 minutes getting to know each other.  The next day, she pretended to call the wrong number again... and the rest was history...

She'd invited him over and they'd flirted and played around all afternoon.  They laughed when she hit when with the water ballon... and then... he just leaned forward and kissed her.  She didn't have eyes for anyone else after that!  Not even Alan Fancey!

Unfortunately, she walked in on him being hit on by the cow mascot.  "You HEIFER!" Natalie screamed as she slapped the cow.  Glaring at Waylan, she stormed off to class.  Waylan just hoped she'd be calm enough when she got back to listen.  He didn't even want that dumb cow to hit on him!

 It took Natalie a long time to trust Waylan again, but finally she believed that he hadn't been cheating on her.

 And they were able to get back to where they were before the unpleasantness.

 Graduation Day!

 "I don't want to leave you, Waylan," Natalie sighed as she held his hands.

"It's not for very long," Waylan assured her. "I'm just going to finish things up here and then I'll meet you in Paradise Bay."

And when the taxi honked, Natalie reluctantly got in the van with one last kiss.

"I'll see you back in Paradise Bay," Waylan said as he walked beside the van, waving.

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