September 19, 2011

Sim State Uni - 5th Class

 "Yes!" Chester cheered as they checked out the dorm!  "I'm ready to ace this place!"

Austin laughed and gave Chester a high five.  "I'm so glad Elizabeth got into the same dorm!  She's the one for me!"

Chester rolled his eyes.  "That's what you said about Natalie, too!" he reminded Austin.

Austin huffed.  "Well, whatever. With Elizabeth, it's different..."

Chester slung his arm around Austin's neck and started to pull him down the hall.  "Let's go check this place out!"

 "Hi, I'm Sally. Looks our rooms are right next to each other!" Sally said to the blonde girl.

Jacqueline shook Sally's hand.  "I'm Jacqueline, but call me Jackie.  I think I kind of remember you from school.  Aren't you Sean's little sister?"

Sally rolled her eyes.  It seemed like every girl knew Sean.   "Yeah, maybe I'll invite him over one day!"

Sally laughed at the expression on Jackie's face.  "Oh my God!" she said as her hands went to cover her face.  "You'd do that and I'll be your best friend!"

Sally smiled. Well that's what she was here for... best friends!

"Elizabeth! How was your drive?" Austin asked when he saw his fiery haired lady.

Elizabeth wrapped her arms around Austin and squeezed. "It was fine. I'm so glad to be here, now!  What classes do you have?"

Sally rubbed her hands together and called up a few friends.  "It's time to get a party up in here!" she said.  She invited Sean over and a few random guys she'd met picking up her books.  Everyone stayed and had a good time well into the night...

...especially Sean and Hazel.

Sally covered her eyes and groaned.  "You guys, get a room, will you? Quit making babies in the hallway!"

Hazel hid her face in Sean's shoulder and laughed while Sean stroked her hair.  "Well, I guess it's time to get home to the kids anyways. I bet the nanny is already asleep."

Chester walked over and tapped Sally on the shoulder. "Hey, you should probably get some shut-eye, too. First day of class tomorrow!"

Everyone milled back from class talking about their teachers and their homework.

"This is so great we're in all the same classes right now!" Sally enthused. "It's like we'll all be best friends!"

Chester glanced over at Elizabeth.  Not, he silently fumed.  There was just something he couldn't stand about her and he couldn't wait until Austin realized that she wasn't right for him.  There were plenty of girls here at college... he would just need to send a few Austin's way.

And Sally really helped in that aspect because most of her parties were jam-packed with boys.  Chester teased her about parading her boy toys through the dorm.

She stuck her nose up in the air and declared that she was doing a scientific study on male features and needed more samples.

Elizabeth piped up, "But none are are handsome as Austin!" as she made doe eyes at him.

Chester made a wretching sound and pretended to gag.  He felt a little bit when Elizabeth looked hurt and left the room.

Austin hit his shoulder. Hard. "What was the for?" Austin demanded.

"Nothing," Chester sulked.

"Well, quit it! She thinks you don't like her."

Chester just sunk further in his chair.

Senior year! She couldn't believe it had come already! She glanced around the room full of people laughing and dancing.  Somehow this semester the silly slap dance had become all the rage.  It reminded her of the macarena!  She loved seeing all her friends enjoying herself.  She was something of the big woman on campus here.  Somewhere around junior year, she realized she'd made 20 friends here and then decided it was time to be more serious about school.  She buckled down and starting going to class and doing assignments.  No term papers for her though! She always had Castor do them for her. He was so smart!

"Elizabeth? I have something... Elizabeth? Are you listening?" Austin asked.

Elizabeth danced around.  "Huh?"

 Austin cleared his throat and got down on one knee.  "Elizabeth... will you marry me?"

 Elizabeth admired her ring and gushed, "It's beautiful! Look Chester! Isn't it gorgeous?"

Chester just grunted as he walked by.  "Yeah. Pretty. Gonna go eat."

Elizabeth's face fell as she glanced at Austin.  "I'm sorry, Austin. I don't know what's wrong.  He just doesn't like me."

The group came back after finals and chit chatted before going inside.

Elizabeth grabbed Austin's hands and held them.  "You did great today," she told him as she smiled.

Chester growled. "God. Get a room!"

Elizabeth had enough.  "What is wrong with you? I've been nothing but nice to you, but you take every opportunity to pick on me!"

Jackie yawned and said, "Oh boy, I need sleep. Bye!" while Sally just watched the drama unfold.  Austin fidgeted from foot to foot.

Chester clenched his hands into fists and snapped, "There's nothing wrong with me! It's you! You're just so ridiculous and fake!"

Elizabeth reared back.  "You think I'm fake?"

Chester pushed past everyone and stormed to his room.  "Whatever.  I don't need this!"

"Austin?" Elizabeth started to ask, but Austin shook his head sadly.

"I don't know what to do, Elizabeth. Just let it drop for now."

Sally had watched Chester watch Austin and Elizabeth and figured he was fighting a serious case of green-eyed jealousy.  It must be hard to watch your twin fall in love.  She'd also watched Jackie watch Chester.  Late one night, an idea started to form.

"You know, Jackie. I was talking to Chester the other day and he told he really liked blondes."

Jackie's eyes lit up as she casually stirred her macaroni around.  "Oh yeah," she asked. "Cool..."

Sally saw Jackie's interest.  "Oh come on Jackie! You're perfect for him! Haven't you at least thought about it?"

Jackie dropped her spoon and sighed.  "It's all I think about sometimes.  You really think I should say something?"

"Not only do I think you should say something, but I think you should walk right up to him and kiss him! He'd be putty in your hands!"

Jackie's head dropped into her hands.  "Do you really think so? What if he pushes me away? I'd die!"

Sally laughed.  "I have a feeling he won't be pushing you away."

Slapping the table, Jackie stood up.  "Okay! I'll do it!"

 Yes! Sally thought. Success!

"Thanks for working with me on my chess game," Elizabeth said awkwardly.

Chester just nodded.

Elizabeth glanced up and winced.  "Really, it means a lot to me and to Austin that we're trying to get along better."

"I know," Chester mumbled.

Sally called up the family and invited them over and threw a big graduation bash.  She didn't think the day could get any better!  They all walked across the stage and received their diplomas. 

And Chester asked Jackie to marry him when they got back to Paradise Bay.  She'd launched herself into his arms and cried. Chester took that as a yes!

Sally gazed at the picture of the five of them before they left the dorm.  They looked so happy! Who knew what life had in store for them all once they got back home!


  1. I don't know what happened - but Chester kept picking fights with Elizabeth! Doh!

  2. I hope Chester didn't see something in Elizabeth no one else did. I kind of like her. I hope Sally ends up making him super happy too. :)


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