September 15, 2011

Sim State Uni - 4th Class

Danny left for college dreaming about girls.  He'd always wanted to date someone when he was in high school, but it'd been pretty embarrassing bringing girls home.  They'd always seen his older brothers and giggled.  Especially when they'd seen Sean.

He was sure that now that he was here he could become the big man on campus!  First her just had to meet some girls!

Danny was on the verge of being on probation.  He spent all his time meeting girls and not enough time focusing on his classes.

His professor came by to talk to him about his grades.  "Danny, I know you don't want to hear this, but you're about to fail my class.  You need to start showing an effort!"

Danny wasn't ready to go home! No one else in his family had failed out of college! They'd think he was a failure!

"Professor, I didn't want to say anything... but I've been doing poorly in your glass because... of the way the light shines... in your hair..." Danny attempted to charm her.

And it worked!

Before long, Danny reached out to hold her hands and then suggested she help him with his homework.  He was surprised when she marched into the study room and began to work through his problems.


And it wasn't just his professor that he was able to influence.  Danny soon discovered that he could influence just about anyone to do anything! Pull pranks, do his homework, do his term paper, clean up... even bathe!

 He also learned that the easiest way to get people to do things was to go on a date with them!

Which wasn't a hardship because Danny really enjoyed dating and girls.

 So, he worked his way around the dorm and had a few girls on his string.

Senior year rolled around though and all the girls started pressing him for more commitment when he went back to Paradise Bay.  It's not that Danny didn't want to commit to one girl, he just didn't want to pick the wrong girl!  What if he married someone and then they fell out of love?   Danny scope the room and looked at all his ladies and it struck him that he liked Susanna Roxie the best.

 (This is the result of his scope the room... he wants to date everyone! Smooth Danny... smooth...)

Thinking that Susanna Roxie might be the one for him, he asked her out on special date.

 And fell in love.  Deeply in love.

Graduation day came and Danny threw a big party at the Auditorium.  He made sure to take a picture with Susanna Roxie before heading up to the stage.

He was ready to move back home with his fiance and set the party-scene on fire!

Round 8 Census               Sim State Uni - Class 05



  1. Way to go, Danny XDDD! But... isn't Susanna called Roxie in the photo? Or did I understood wrong?

  2. Lol! Good catch! That was me completely forgetting what the chickie's name was!

  3. XDDDD It happens often to me too XD!

  4. I have been wondering this.. where did you get your skintones from? What are they called? Thanks!


  5. I used Astiees' Naturally Idealized default skintones from MTS.

  6. Hmmm makes me think I need to put my skintone replacements back in my game. Even makes those fugly Maxis Sims look okay. lol

  7. Lol! My daughter is extremely critical of those Maxis Sims. We were looking for marrying material and she did not want those noses or cheeks in our hood. :)

  8. Welcome Roxie to the hood. I hope you are a good match for Danny.


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