September 12, 2011

Sim State Uni - 3rd Class

Sally came by to visit Walter every weekend after he first moved away.  But, slowly, she started making less and less visits.  Her mom had figured out she wasn't visiting her sister Brandi, but was visiting Walter. 

Sally had cried when she told him she couldn't come up anymore for overnight visits, even with her sister's supervision.

Walter felt bad.  He cared about Sally, but it was getting harder and harder to keep on with a long distance relationship.  Not that he'd met anyone else.  No one else really appealed to him.

And living in the dorm was great.  He was lucky that he had such good friends from home to hang out with. 
 He'd been surprised to find Lisa crying by the phone one night. When she saw him standing there, she'd buried her face in her hands and tried to stop crying.

"What's wrong?" he'd asked.

She told him about how she got off the phone with her little sister and that it was so hard not to be with them.  "It was just a horrible day," she told him. "My mom got really sick and died that afternoon and the social worker didn't even care! She just took my little sister & baby brother away. The stress of it all was too much and my Dad died a few days later.  And now I have no one.  You're so lucky to have family," she sniffled.

Walter was shocked and felt a little guilty.  He was pretty lucky to have a great family.  Sure, his family had their own problems, but in the past few months, they'd really started to overcome a lot of the issues.  Hazel and Mom were not only on speaking terms, but starting to get a long a lot better.  And he was lucky to have had a sister that didn't tell on him.

"I was really mean to my sister growing up,"  he confessed.  "She and my Mom had issues and I always took my Mom's side. That, and I knew that Mom would always believe me over Hazel, so I lied and made stuff up."

Lisa had shook her head and frowned.  He hurried on, worried he seemed like a jerk to her now, "But, I see what you're saying. I took them for granted. And that sucks."

Lisa just nodded.
A few months later, Walter found Lisa outside sitting on the bench.  He sat down next to her and asked if he could help.

Lisa sighed.  "No, I just... I feel guilty being here while they're back at home at a foster home.  I need to get home and take care of them."

Walter patted her hand.  "You'll be more help to them when you have a degree and can get a better paying job."

When their hands touched, there seemed to be sparks fly between them.  Walter pulled his hand back met her eyes.

Her mouth had dropped open and he felt an overwhelming urge to lean forward and kiss her.

"Phone for Walter Reed!" somebody called out the window.

Walter stood up quickly and went to get the phone.

"Hello?" he asked as he watched Lisa walk into the computer room.  Guilt slammed into him.  "Hi, Sally.  How are you doing? Yeah...  I miss you too..."

Walter stewed about it all night long and then had wound up taking the coward's way out.  He thought about calling, but wasn't sure he could say the things he needed to say in person.  "Dear Sally," he typed.  In the end, he'd wound up blaming it on the long distance and suggested that she find someone closer to her age.

Brandi had punched him hard in the shoulder the third time he avoided Sally's phone call.  "That's my little sister," she protested.

Walter held his hands out. "I know.. but I don't want to lead her on," he confessed.

Brandi sighed.  "I know that. That's why I didn't punch your face," she'd warned as she turned to go to class.

 And then Walter waited for the right time to make his move.  It came right after their finals.  Walter ran up behind Lisa and patted her shoulder. "Good job this semester," he said.

"Thanks," Lisa said.  "I was kind of worried about this semester."

"Oh, you shouldn't be. You're so smart."

Lisa had smiled and looked in his eyes.  She cupped his cheek and said, "You've always been so supportive of me, Walter. It's really meant a lot to me."

Walter grinned as she went inside.  Now it was time to take things a step further.  He jogged to catch up with her in the common area and called out, "Hey Lisa!"

Turning around, Lisa waited for him.  "What's up?" she asked.

"Just this!" Walter said as he leaned forward and gave her a chaste kiss.

"Oh Walter," Lisa sighed as she hugged him.  "You're so sweet and wonderful. But, I don't think I'm the right person for you."

Walter felt the floor opening up underneath him.  "What do you mean?"

Lisa gave him a half-smile.  "Well, I know I've made it this far, but I just feel like my priorities have changed so much!  I don't have the luxury of spending more time here learning, I've thought about it a lot.  I need to go home and get my family back."

Walter could only stare as she packed her bags up and called the taxi to take her back to Paradise Bay.  His dreams were dashed in a matter of seconds.

 Not only were his dreams dashed, but now it as Lisa that wasn't taking calls from him.

He threw himself into school work.  Brandi watched him, concerned.  "Do you want to talk about it Walter?" she asked.

Walter just grunted and kept working on his term paper.

Brandi had finally given up and gone to do her homework.

 But all that changed the day he met Regina.

"Wow, I didn't know this place was up here!" he said as he walked upstairs to a small furnace room.

Regina smiled.  "Only the cool kids know."

Walter sighed and snapped his fingers. "Darn! So does that mean I can't come up here?"

Regina giggled.  "I don't know, you look pretty cool to me."

"Oh yeah?" he asked.  "How's that?"

"Oh come on. Don't be modest! You're the star soccer player & you're dead sexy!"

"You think I'm sexy?" he asked, surprised.

"Now you're just playing with me," she teased.

"No! No... tell me more. It's not every day a beautiful lady tells me how hot I am!"

"Well," Regina flirted, "You have amazing muscles... and... oh come on... you know how hot you are!"

Walter wasn't really good at the flirting, he hadn't practiced his moves enough in the mirror.  Feeling bold, he leaned forward and kissed her.  He was surprised she didn't slap him and things got hot and heavy pretty quickly.

He just couldn't get enough of her.  Senior year went by in a blur of that little pink top and those tight white pants. 

The night before graduation, he'd asked Regina up to the rooftop and proposed to her under all those stars.  "You'll love Paradise Bay," he said excitedly.  "There's so much to do there and such wonderful people."

"It sounds wonderful," Regina replied as she gushed over the ring.  "You're wonderful!"

Walter was thrilled that his Mom and Hazel came to his graduation party.  He was even more excited to introduce them to his new fiance!

 His heart plummeted when the two ladies didn't seem very impressed with each other.  "Don't worry," he squeezed Regina's hand as Kirsten walked away after asking about the ladies room.  "She's going to love you.  She just takes awhile to get to know people..."

When the party was over, Walter grinned at Regina.  "I'm heading back to Paradise Bay to get things ready for you.  Get things in order and I'll meet you there."

The Carters descended on Sim State University again when Brandi graduated from college on the honor's list.  Anne hugged her tight and told her how proud she was.  Brandi had almost started crying.  She'd always wanted her Mom to say that to her.

Finishing her last minute packing, Brandi thought about all the exciting things her future would hold back home in Paradise Bay.


  1. What's the matter with Walter and Lisa??? I don't like Regina all ready. hrumph!

  2. They actually only have 1 bolt with each other! I was surprised when I checked out their relationship & saw they were in love! Dang experimenting college kids!

  3. I knew Wanlter would break up with Lisa, I knew that :/. Well... Lisa will find better.

  4. Poor Sally, just getting a note. I figured that would happy, but I liked Lisa. I guess if they don't have many bolts though....but I have a one bolt couple in Breeze Point...they act like 3 bolts, it's crazy. I hope Regina works out.


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