September 7, 2011

Sim State Uni - 1st Class

Alvin walked down the sidewalk to his dorm.  He double checked his map. He hoped he went down the right street.  He'd never admit to anyone that he'd been looking for his dorm for 20 minutes.

 He wasn't watching and almost ran straight into Jansen.

"Hey, man! Watch it," Jansen said as he jumped back.  "Alvin?!" he asked.
 "Hey! I didn't know you were coming to Sim State University!" he said, giving Alvin a high five. "I thought for sure you'd go to La Academie, Mister Fancy Pants."

Alvin laughed. "Yeah, well, this is where I wound up."

Jansen lowered his voice, "I was really sorry to hear about Wyatt. I know how close you were to him."

Alvin dismissed it with a wave of his hand.  "It was just his time to go. I'm fine. Really."

Jansen nodded and then pointed behind Alvin.  "This your dorm?"

Surprised, Alvin glanced back and then grinned. "This is it!"

"Me too!" Jansen said.  "Sweet! Let's go get dibs on a room!"
After securing his room, Jansen bumped into Carlye.  "Oh, excuse me. Sorry about that," he said.  "I wasn't watching where I was going."  Jansen fell a little bit in love right then and there.

Carlye fanned herself.  She didn't know there were going to be hotties in the dorm! Wait until she told Catalina!

"Hey, are you Alvin?" Caryle asked the guy in the pink bowling shirt.

Alvin dropped his assignments and glanced up.  The girl asking for him was so pretty.  "Yes," he stammered.  "Can I help you?" he asked.

Caryle pointed over her shoulder.  "There's a girl at the door for you."

Alvin wrinkled his brows.  Someone at the door, he wondered.  "Um, thanks," he said and went to see who was requesting him.

 "Michelle! What are you doing here?"

Michelle wiped the tears from her eyes and said, "I heard what happened to Wyatt, Alvin. I'm so sorry I didn't come over. You should've said something!"

Alvin felt uncomfortable. He'd decided to leave all of his baggage back in Paradise Bay and start new over here.  And starting new over here meant he needed to let Michelle go, too.

Alvin rubbed the back of his neck.  "Look, Michelle..."

Michelle tried to hug him and he gently pushed her hands down and backed away a step.

Michelle just looked at him, confused.  "Alvin... What's wrong?" she asked.

"Look, Michelle. I'm in college now.  I have more responsibilities.  I'll always love you, but I... I don't have time for a girlfriend right now.  I have to put my studies first."

"I don't understand. What are you saying?" Michelle asked shaking her head.

Alvin's heart was breaking. This was a lot harder than he'd thought it would be.  "Go home, Michelle," he said firmly.  "I have a new life now."

Michelle sobbed, "I'll never forgive you Alvin Potter!" Then, she turned on her heel and ran down the dark street.

Alvin hung his head and wondered if he made the right decision. Shaking his head, he told himself his decision was final and it was for the best.  Walking down the hall, he thought to himself, time to start his assignment.

Jansen watched Alvin kill himself working on all his assignments, setting up study groups, writing term papers.  That wasn't for him!  Jansen did just enough to squeak by with a decent grade.  But, it's not like he wanted to be a doctor like Alvin.

"Are you going to declare yet?" Alvin had asked him one night.

Jansen had shrugged.  "Don't know. Maybe I'll do lit," he'd said.  He was taking classes and trying to figure out what he wanted to do, but nothing really appealed to him.

So, he played games, he painted, and he goofed around.  Alvin kept trying to get him to take college more seriously, but he would often chide Alvin that he was taking it serious enough for the both of them.

Besides, the less work he did, the more time he had for Caryle. 
They'd been going steady since early freshman year and Jansen had never been happier.  Down at the student union, he'd declared his love for her and promised to wait for her and only her. He thought they'd been so happy.
 Until she let herself get between them... (literally...)

"This isn't what I want!" she yelled at him.  "I don't want a serious relationship!"

Jansen held out his hands.  "Caryle, I don't know what you're talking about! What happened?"

"Don't touch me! I have to finish college! And I don't have time for you!"

Jansen just stared.  "You're crazy! Get some meds!" he yelled before storming into his room and slamming the door.
(Talk about an internal struggle)

The next morning, Jansen woke up, heartbroken.  She'd seemed so normal up until now.  But, she had definitely flipped out.  She had just stopped once they came home from their date and started yelling and screaming at him about ruining her life.

Alvin watched his two friends avoid each other and figured something had to give.  They belonged together, but they refused to listen to reason.  Carlye was upset about something and Jansen thought she had a screw loose.

 "Come on Jansen, is that really reason to give up?" Alvin asked.  "You have to talk it out with her, not just give up."

Jansen shook his head.  "I just... I need someone with a little less crazy in my life.  I don't want drama."

 Alvin wasn't done yet.  He talked to Carlye, too.

"Really, Carlye.  I've known Jansen since we were kids and he's not lying. He's head over heels for you. But, he'd never pressure you.  You just have to talk to him and tell him what you need."

Carlye hung her head. "It's just that. Well, my mom was always really unhappy growing up and it's because she quit school for my dad. She always told me to get my education first, and then worry about dating."

Alvin touched her shoulder.  "Jansen doesn't want you to quit.  I think it's time to make up."

Carlye ran to Jansen and grabbed him up in a big bear hug.

"Whoa," Jansen said. "Put me down!"

Carlye put him down and they laughed together.

"Looks like they're back together," Amanda said.  "Thank God. She was driving me nuts worrying about them!"

Alvin quietly watched the two and thought about what he'd told them.

"Remember when I said to talk it out," Alvin asked.

Jansen turned and looked at him, "Yeah, it worked. So?"

Alvin stewed for awhile longer.   "It's nothing.  Just something I'm thinking about."

Jansen was intrigued.  "Are you going to share?"

Alvin shook his head.  "No. It's too late, anyways," he said.

 "You guys, I can't concentrate with you guys doing that. Get a room!"  Alvin snapped.

Carlye giggled.  "Come on Jansen. Let's go to my room."

Alvin watched them stumble through her door and rolled his eyes.  They were driving everyone nuts. Everytime you turned around they were making out or whispering sweet nothings in each other's ears.  Alvin was glad they were happy, but geez... tone it down a little!

"I'm going to propose to her tomorrow," Jansen told Alvin over dinner.   "I love her and I don't wan to spend a minute without her."

Alvin rolled his eyes.  "Yeah, we've noticed."

Jansen just flicked some food at Alvin.  "You're just jealous."

"Yeah, yeah  I am," Alvin said seriously.

Jansen put his fork down.  "Come on, Alvin. I'm your friend. Are you going to tell me about it?"

Alvin sighed.  "Remember Michelle?"

Jansen thought hard.  "Michelle Fields? Yeah, what about her?"

Alvin toyed with his food.  "We used to date and I broke her heart. And lately wherever I go, I feel like I'm seeing her, but it's never really her.   I just... miss her."

Jansen flicked some more food at Alvin.  "Then you have to tell her."

"Come on Jansen, quit flicking food!" Alvin said, irritated.  "And I can't just tell her. She's still in high school.  I'm a young adult. It wouldn't work."

"Well," said Jansen, "Look on the bright side, she won't be a teenager forever!"

"I brought you here because this is where I knew that I was going to propose to you.  I love you more than anything and can't wait to get married."

Carlye squealed and launched herself into Jansen's arms.  "Yes! Yes! Yes!"

 "Happy Graduation, Carlye," Jansen said.

She smiled back at him. "Congratulations, Jansen.  I can't wait to move to Paradise Bay!"

"My family is a little crazy," Jansen cautioned, feeling a little embarrassed.

"Ha! Join the club! We have our work cut out for us!"

"I still can't believe Alvin went before my graduation party was over!" Jansen said, disappointed.

Carlye patted his cheek.  "You know Alvin, he gets nervous around other families."

Jansen glanced at her. "You think so?" he asked, surprised.

"Well, yeah.  He always took off on parent's day or whenever your family came over.  I figured you knew."

Jansen scratched his chin.  "Huh, I guess I'd never noticed.  Boy am I lucky to have you!"

"Better believe it," she said as she dipped him back for a smooch.


  1. Where did Alvin go? Back to the little pink house? Jansen and Carlye, huh. His is marrying a wacko---hehehe! that will be interesting!

  2. I'm actually crossing my fingers that she doesn't turn out to be a wacko! Lol! Jansen & I were very undecided about her... but since another crazy Caryle didn't start stalking them, I figured she's safe enough. :)

  3. Wow that was crazy what happened to Caryle, lol. I wonder where Alvin went? I hope he works it out with Michelle.


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