September 15, 2011

Round 8 Census

Population Census:

Date:  September 15, 2011

Prepared by: City council member MeganPagan

Potters:  3 family members (3 deceased)
Carters:  6 family members (2 deceased)
Reeds: 3 family members (1 deceased)
Steele: 3 family members, (2 deceased)
McMillans: 5 family members
Carters (2):  3 family member 
Carters (3): 3 family member
Downies: 1 family members
Carters (4): 4 family members
Downies (2): 4 family members
College: 1 graduate

Total: 44 Sims, 7 Households
Total Net Worth: $991,310
Top of Careers: 9
Platinum Graves: 2
3 Generation Houses: 1

Social Worker Visits: 2

Do immediate testing on water levels due to the statistical anomaly of twins born.  Town is becoming more populated and town members are excelling in chosen careers.   Total points has now risen to 63.

Potters - Round 9               Round 9 Census



  1. I have been playing my game vanilla ...and not one set of twins born in Pleasantview, where I have been playing the Maxis Sims...Even Brandi Broke had a single baby, a boy. I was beginning to think you were using cheesecake!

  2. Lol! I'm baffled! I could buy the Carter's all having twins because maybe there's some inherited "twin gene"... but Nancy Downie? How in the world did that happen?!

  3. You had have a crazy amount of twins. Some families make sense since they ARE twins, but still. It's crazy.


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