September 9, 2011

Round 6 Census

Population Census:

Date:  September 9, 2011

Prepared by: City council member MeganPagan

Potters:  1 family members (3 deceased)
Carters:  7 family members (1 deceased)
Reeds: 4 family members (1 deceased)
Steele: 5 family members
McMillan: 4 family members
Carters (2):  2 family member 

Total: 27 Sims, 6 Households
Total Net Worth: $353,508

 Top of Careers: 2

The town is growing more slowly now, but the neighborhood net worth is climbing steadily.  Four young adults have just returned from college and now there are a number of newly aged adults ready to start families.


Potters - Round 7               Round 7 Census



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