September 18, 2011

Reeds - Round 9

Walter had never been so mad in his life.  Sean had told him that Regina had propositioned him and Walter had decked him. Storming home, he'd confronted Regina on the front lawn.

 "Did you offer to sleep with Sean Carter?" he demanded.

The truth was in her face.  Her face went white and she laughed nervously, "Where on earth did you hear that?" she asked.

"Doesn't matter. Is it true?"

Regina hedged, then blurted out, "I hate it here! Your Mother doesn't like me! I'm pregnant! You're always gone! How else am I supposed to get any affection? You think Sean was the only one?" she sneered.

Walter was blindsided.  How could he not have known what she was like when they first started dating? It was like he'd never looked past her pretty face...

Walter felt for the first time that he might actually do bodily harm to a woman.  He tried to resist the urge to slap her face.  It wouldn't be good for the baby...

Moaning, Regina clutched her belly.  "The baby's coming," she cried.

Anger mixed with concern and worry.  Walter couldn't believe how he could hate the mother of his child so much. 

Mom had come out when she heard the yelling.  She stood by the front door, ready to call an ambulance if one was needed.  But, a healthy baby boy was delivered.  Kirsten reached out to grab the little boy as Regina cried into her hands.

Walter looked at Regina and shook his head.  "I can't forgive you for this," he said sadly.  "I want a divorce."

Regina gasped.  "A divorce? Be reasonable... I moved here for you... What am I supposed to do?"

"I don't care Regina, go move in with one of the men you cheated on me with," he said sadly.  "I don't want you to come around here again.  I'll have Mom send you the paperwork once you let me know where to send it."

Late that night, Walter cuddled his little boy against his chest and wondered if he made the right decision.  He had loved Regina very much, but she didn't want to be married. He wondered why she'd married him if she was going to continue seeing other people.

Feeling lonely, he called up Lisa.

 "Thanks for coming over," he told her. "I'm just so lost. Wilbur cries all the time. Mom walks around with a look that says 'I told you so' and I'm not sure I'm ready to do this!"

Lisa picked up little Wilbur and fed him a bottle.  "You just have to find how he likes to be held, that's all," Lisa explained.  "Maybe you should read a few parenting books."

Walter rubbed his eyes and was amazed by how well Lisa took care of Wilbur.  "Maybe you could move in for a little bit and help out?" Walter heard himself asking.

 "You'd want me to move in?" Lisa asked, surprised.  She looked like she was about to say yes.  "I can't Walter. I'd love nothing more than to move in with you, but I want to get married and have babies of my own. And Natalie and Mason would need to move in, too."

Walter was embarrassed that he hadn't thought it through carefully before blurting out an invitation.  "I'd sorry, Lisa.  I.. well.. I don't feel that way about you anymore," he said, looking at the ground, ignoring Lisa's sharp intake of breath.  He hurried on, "And I didn't even think about Natalie and Mason.  Of course you can't leave them just to come take care of my problem."

Risking a glance, he peeked at Lisa and saw the tears in her eyes.  "I'm sorry Lisa. I never wanted to break your heart.  We've both just changed so much since college."

Lisa nodded and briskly wiped away her tears. "I understand, really I do. And I want us to stay friends. I've just been thinking about having a baby of my own and feeling lonely, I guess. Worried that I'll never find anyone.."

Walter nodded sadly.  "I know how you feel.  I wish..."

"Well, I should probably get home," Lisa said as she put Wilbur in his arms.


 Before Walter knew it, Wilbur was a toddler and getting into everything.  Walter set up a fun learning environment for Wilbur in the living room with all the educational toys a growing boy would need.  Mom had scoffed about how out of place it was, but he didn't care.  Wilbur was only young once!

Walter wanted to make sure that Wallace learned everything he needed before he grew up.  Mom said he was trying to overcompensate for the lack of a mother figure, but Walter just asked where psych degree was. 

 Kirsten might have thought that the play area was gaudy with all the different colors, but she absolutely loved being a Grandmother.  Little Wilbur was so special.  She'd missed all the fun times after Hazel and Walter were first born.  It made her think of dear Wallace.  He'd tried so hard to make her understand all the things that she would miss and she'd scoffed at him.  But, he had been right.  And she understood where he was coming from now.

Walter rushed in and asked, "How do I look?"

Kirsten looked at him with a critical eye. "You have something green between your teeth," she told him.  Walter pulled out a mirror and checked himself out and then tested him breath.

"For heaven's sake. Do that in the bathroom," Kirsten admonished.  "What are you in a fuss about?"

Walter gave her a lopsided grin.  "A friend of mine set up a blind date. She's coming over soon!" he gushed.  "Will you watch Wilbur?"

"Of course," Kirsten said.  "Go enjoy yourself."

The hour got later and Walter still hadn't come home.  Kirsten glanced out the window, wishing she'd asked where he was going and what time he would be back.  It wasn't like him to stay out until 2 in the morning since he'd had Wilbur.  Wilbur was teething and was acting cranky, as well.  Thirty minutes passed by as she attempted to rock Wilbur to sleep. 

She peeked out the window again and saw Walter and a young lady.  Judging from their body position, things were going well.  Kirsten frowned.  She hoped he didn't rush into another relationship like he did with Regina. 

Walter was in love.  3 bolt love and smitten.  Claire was everything he'd ever hoped to find in a woman.  He ignored everyone trying to tell him to take it slow.  He knew he'd made a mistake with Regina... but not with Claire!

 "It was lovely meet you," Claire said as she hugged Lisa.  "Walter told me all about you and I couldn't wait to meet you!"

Lisa attempted to smile.  "I'm happy for him. You seem very nice."

Claire beamed.  "He's wonderful and little Wilbur has grown so much, too!"


 Kirsten passed away shortly after Wilbur's birthday.

He called Claire and asked her to come over.

"I'll be right there," she told him.

When she got there, she used the key he'd given her to let herself in.  "Walter! I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" she asked as she held him.  He just nodded without saying a word and then cried on her shoulder.

"Stay," was all he asked.

 A little later, she looked through the refrigerator to see what she could make for dinner.  There wasn't much, she thought as she eyed some of the more questionable food.  Finally settling on spaghetti, she called Adam out to eat.

"I'm not hungry," he pouted.

"Well, you need to eat. You have to be strong for Wilbur!"

Walter nodded and then slowly began to eat a few bites.

Claire put her hand over his hand and squeezed.  "It gets easier. I lost my Dad a year ago. At first I thought I'd never get over it... but... one day you wake up and it doesn't hurt as bad."

Taking her dishes to the sink, Claire said, "I should probably go before Wilbur wakes up and finds me here."  When Walter didn't say anything, she put the dish towel on the counter and walked back to the bedroom.

Walter stopped her before she reached the room and hugged her tight.  "Don't go. Stay."

Claire laughed and pulled away.  "I can always come back later, Walter."

Walter pulled her closer. "No. I mean, I want you to move in. Stay with me." 

Claire smiled, "If you really want me to..."

"I don't want her to stay" Wilbur cried.  He'd seen his Dad hugging that strange woman.

Claire and Walter both looked down to find Wilbur.   Claire's mouth dropped open.

"I'll bare that in mind, but it's not your decision, Wilbur." Walter snapped.

Claire looked sharply at Walter and then crouched down low to talk to Wilbur.  "Your Daddy and I were just talking.  I was hoping that you and I could be friends now that you're getting older..."

"No! I don't want to be friends!" Wilbur cried when she tried to hug him.

 "I don't WANT her to be here! Don't want! Don't want!" Wilbur screamed.

Walter made a face at Claire. "He gets like this sometimes."

Claire watched as Walter helplessly and ineffectively tried to calm Wilbur down.  Finally, he picked the screaming boy up and carried him into his room.

 "Oh boy..." Claire worried.

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  1. Whaddup with Wilbur? It isn't like he remembers his mom or anything....

  2. He's used to having his dad by himself. Kirsten's death hit him hard. He spent all morning throwing temper tantrums...

  3. Poor Wilbur... but I think he'll overcome this :).

  4. Hmm...I like Claire a LOT better. Hopefully Wilbur can learn to accept her. I'm sure all the change has been hard on him.


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