September 14, 2011

Reeds - Round 8

Hazel had excelled in the business field.  Now she was ready to segue into politics.  She thought she would be more successful if she had more money for the campaigns.  She hurried inside to get dressed for Adam's wedding.  She knew that Sean was going to be there, so she needed a little extra time to fortify herself.

Adam was so enamored with Regina.  She was the first woman he met that spoke honestly and openly about everything!  If she was upset about something, she let you know straight-up what you had to do to make it better. 

 He couldn't wait to get married! 

Hazel was so happy for Walter. He seemed to have met a really nice girl at college. Too bad she hadn't met anyone.

"Hazel." Sean leaned on the doorframe.

All of a sudden the room felt incredibly small and Hazel was quite aware of the fact that there was a bed in the room.  A bed they had slept in numerous times together.

"Sean," she replied.

"Have you thought anymore about what I said?"

Hazel took a breath.  "I did and I still don't think that we'd work.  We're too different and I just can't put myself through that."

Sean just nodded and walked back to join the party.

Hazel sat down on the bed and buried her face in her hands, feeling miserable that she was so in love with Sean when she knew it wouldn't work out.

Hazel was outside talking to Adam when she noticed Sean walking down the road.   "What are you doing here?" she demanded.  "You have to stop coming over uninvited!"

Sean interrupted her.  "Look, the world doesn't revolve around you!  We're done! Fine, I get it. But, I was invited, so get over yourself!"

Hazel stared at him, confused.  Why would he lie?  Just then, Regina swept outside and called out, "Oh Sean! I'm so glad to see you! I'm glad you came over!"   She kissed his cheek in greeting and Hazel felt her heart drop.  Maybe he really was over her.  She numbly walked inside and wondered when it would stop hurting.

"I really am so glad you came, Sean," Regina said.  "It's been so hard meeting people here since I'm new to town.  And Walter is always so busy... I'm a newly wed and I feel so... neglected... Do you know what I mean?" she offered.

Although, truth be told, Regina wasn't having any trouble at all meeting new people.  But, they all tripped over the idea of being close friends with a desperate housewife like herself.

Walter was thrilled when Regina told him she was expecting. He said he hoped for a little boy to play catch with.  Regina just hoped that the little boy he wanted looked like him!

Kirsten suspected that Regina was a leech.  I'll have to keep my eye on her, Kirsten thought to herself.  And who better to do that than the Head of the SCIA...

Steeles - Round 8               Reeds - Round 9



  1. O.O I didn't get that Regina was like this! I can see troubles ahed for this family...

  2. Wow...this neighborhood is better than a soap opera.....

  3. I was really annoyed for not catching the fact that she was a Romance sim when they were dating in college. When I moved her in I noticed. And it couldn't have been a career-related LTW... it had to be 20 Loves... Yuck!

  4. I knew Regina was a bit off somehow. I hope Walter doesn't get too hurt.


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