September 9, 2011

Reeds - Round 6

 "I can't believe you let me take the fall for that stupid party," Hazel accused Walter once they'd come home from school.

"Look, I said I was sorry," Walter snapped. "What do you want from me?"

"I want you to tell Mom that you invited those people over!"

Walter huffed.  "No way! I don't want her mad at me!"

"You are such a... such a... brat!" Hazel yelled.

They heard a car door slam.

"Better get in the room before Mom comes in!" Walter teased.

Hazel shrieked and put Walter in a headlock.
Kirsten got out of the car excited about her new business venture.  She'd impressed one of the intelligence officers she'd represented after he'd wrecked a little old lady's car in pursuit of a criminal.   Mr. Heeling had pulled her aside after the court case was dismissed and said he'd liked the way she thought and said he might have a position for her in the intelligence community.

She'd quickly done a cost and benefits analysis in her head and said she would render her decision in a few days.

As Kirsten walked in, she nodded at Walter and then made a few phone calls tying up loose ends with Vivian before starting dinner.

"Spaghetti again?" Walter complained.

Kirsten prickled.  "If you want something else, then learn to cook it.  It's this or macaroni," she said defensively.  

Hearing the garage door open and close, she told Walter to go get ready for dinner and to tell Hazel she could come out.

Don quickly changed in the garage before heading in.  Work had been brutal.  He needed to come up with a different way of making some quick, easy money.  He had a few plans in the works, but it all depended on how things panned out.  After stashing his work clothes and straightening his suit, Don walked in with a smile on his face.  His happy family, he thought sarcastically.

After the kids had gone to their room to work on their homework, Don was left at the table with Kirsten.  She seemed to have something on her mind since she was pushing her food around back and forth.

"Don," she said as she pushed her plate away.  "I want to talk to you."

Don's stomach balled up.  He wasn't ready for her to push this yet.  He thought he'd have another few months before she started asking for a commitment.  Recalculating, he smiled and said with as much compassion as he could muster, "What is it dear?"

"We've been living together for quite some time. But, I'm not getting any younger."  Don managed to keep from scoffing.  That's the truth, he thought bitterly.  And he had to sleep with her each night!  She continued without any clue to his real thoughts.  "I'm afraid I hate to do this, but I have two impressionable teenagers.  It is either time to get married or it's time to go our separate ways."  Reaching across the table, she stroked his hand.  "Please don't misunderstand.  I love you and you've been such a god-send after Wallace passed away.  But, I'm afraid I can't live like this anymore."

Working his face into a little half-smile, Don tried to look bashful.  "I was hoping for it be more romantic than this.  This," he waved his hand between them, "well, to be honest, it feels like you're making a business agreement."

Kirsten cocked her head to one side.  "Well, isn't it?"

Don raged inside.  She was supposed to be needy and clingy for this to work.  Apparently she wasn't as broken up about Wallace's death as she'd seemed, he thought bitterly.  

"Thank you for coming over," Kirsten told Mr. Heeling.  "I wanted to discuss the opportunity that you'd offered me the other day after court.  Is it still available?"

Mr. Heeling smiled and said, "Of course. I've been hoping that you would see the light and join us in the intelligence field.  Fun, excitement and reasoning.  It should be a step up from the legal field," he attempted to joke. 

"That is wonderful.  Please, I'd love for you to meet my family.  This is Hazel, my daughter."  Kirsten motioned for Hazel to shake hands.

Grinning, Hazel shook his hand and set off a buzzer.

Kirsten was horrified. 

"What has gotten into you?" Kirsten demanded.

"Oh it was a harmless prank. He's fine," Hazel said, glancing over at the man.  Hm, she wondered. Maybe it wasn't harmless. He seemed to still be twitching...

"I've had it with you, young lady.  I'm so glad that college is starting soon and that you'll be out of this house!  You'll never amount to anything with your attitude!" Kirsten raged.

"I always knew you didn't want me here. Fine! I'm gone!" Hazel snapped. 

Kirsten watched the taxi pull away and fought back the tears.  It seemed like nothing ever went the way it was supposed to go when it came to her eldest daughter.  She never took life seriously enough, no matter how hard Kirsten pushed her to shape up.

Turning away, she felt every 50 years of her life.

Kirsten knew her age was showing and she'd decided that she would peg Don down for a date.  If he wasn't serious about her, then it was better to go their separate ways, anyways.  He'd been extremely secretive about something lately.  If he was on the computer and she walked by, he would quickly change screens before shooing her away.

Curious, she waited for him to go to work one afternoon and then logged on to the computer.  Really, she thought, he should know better than to use his birthday for a password.  Scrolling through his recent documents, she stopped cold.  Interesting, she thought.  Very interesting....

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  1. Hmmm So Kirsten has found Don out. this will be interesting!

  2. Way to go, Kirsten! Kick him out of the house - and steal his money u.u!

  3. Oooh....way to be sneaky Kristen. What exactly did she find out about Don?


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