September 6, 2011

Reeds - Round 4

Kirsten was busier than ever at work.  She invited her lead attorney over for dinner most every night in an attempt to schmooze.  She figured if she had an 'in' with Vivian, that maybe Vivian would pull some strings for her when the time came for a promotion.

Soon, it was time for little Walter's birthday.  She tried her best to get him ready to walk and talk, but never had enough time in the morning before work or the evening after schmoozing.  Bless Wallace and his family-orientation.  He'd really been the one to work with Walter.  She'd asked him one night before bed, "Do you ever miss working, Wallace?"

Wallace had rolled over to face her and said, "Not ever. I never knew what I was missing until we had Hazel and Walter."

Kirsten had smiled at Wallace and then rolled over away from him.  She'd noticed that he didn't include her in that sentence.  Sometimes she felt like he didn't even care who he'd married, as long as that woman had provided him with children. 

But, they were wonderful children.  Walter had grown up into a handsome young man.  She could only imagine how much he could accomplish as he grew older.  Kirsten felt closer to him than she'd ever felt to Hazel.  She felt as though there was some barrier between them. 

She loved Hazel desperately, but she felt like she couldn't relate to her.  When Kirsten came home from work, Hazel would run out to greet her.  But, she wouldn't hug her. She would just wave before running off to find out what Wallace was doing.

Now Walter.  When she came home, Walter would run to greet her and wrap his arms around her in a big hug.  It always made her feel so special.  She couldn't help but feel sometimes that Wallace had Hazel and she had Walter.
"Mom, will you dance with me?" Walter asked one night.

"Just give me a moment," Kirsten said as she saved her brief.  "I would love to dance!"  Walking into the kitchen, she swung him around the room as he giggled.

Hazel watched from the other room without saying a word.  Later, she'd asked her dad, "Why does Mother like Walter more than me? Is it because I'm a girl?"

Wallace had sighed and stroked her cheek.  "She doesn't love him anymore than she loves you.  How could that be, little lady?"  Wallace thought for a moment about how to explain how Kirsten was, but failed to come up with any tangible explanation.  "Just know that she loves you dearly, little lady."

After Wallace had walked away, Hazel glumly started playing with her dollhouse.

Picking up the mother-doll and the daughter-doll, she started berating the little girl.

"Don't slouch, Brandi," the mother-doll said waspishly.  "And go do your homework."

"Yes, Mother," the girl-doll squeaked.  "Afterwards will you play with me?"

Brandi made the mother-doll shake, "Of course not. I have too much to do. I have to do my work, practice my speech, and play with Walter."

Disgusted, Brandi threw her dolls down.  "Walter, Walter, Walter..." she grumbled.

The kids were growing up, Wallace thought sadly.  Kirsten had asked him one day if he ever missed work and he'd told her that he didn't.  He knew she wanted him to say "yes" so that it would validate the way she was torn between work and family life.  So, he'd said "no."   But, the truth was... he did miss work.  Especially during the late mornings when he sat at home, alone.  It was quiet in the house.  But, the minute the kids ran through the door, his lonliness and his doubts dissipated.  He knew that this was what he'd been missing!

"To our victory!" Kirsten toasted Vivian and Charles.  Vivian had pulled some strings and invited the lead counsel over to Kirsten's to celebrate their win in court.

Over dinner, Vivian bragged about how well Kirsten was working out for the firm.  Impeccable research, tireless worker, and go-get-'em-attitude were words bandied across the table.  Kirsten could tell after Charles left that he was impressed.  Vivian had shaken her hand and winked, "I've done what I could. But, I won't be surprised if you're offered a promotion soon."

"Hazel.  You have got to take more of an interest in how you present yourself to the world.  Look how sloppy those clothes are!" Kirsten lectured.  "It's frankly embarrassing."

As Kirsten walked off, Hazel glanced down at her clothes, trying to brush off the mustard that fell off the hamburger she had for lunch.  "Who cares," she mumbled darkly as she went into her room and slammed the door.

"Walter!" she yelled.  "Get out!"

Walter looked up from the dollhouse and whined, "But, it's my room, too. I'm playing!"

"Well I have to change and I don't want you staring. Now, get out," she grated through clenched teeth.

Walter had stood up and teased, "Hazel has boobies... Hazel has boobies."

Kirsten clenched her fist and smacked Walter in the head.  "GET OUT!" she yelled.

Walter ran off and cried, "Mom! Hazel hit me!"

Hazel flopped on her bed and buried her head in her pillow. Great, she thought, now I'm in for it.
"Wallace, you need to quit spoiling Hazel," Kirsten said to Wallace at dinner a few days later.  "She actually hit Walter the other day.  We can't allow that kind of behavior."

Wallace had nodded, "I'll talk to her Kirsten.  But, maybe you should try talking to her, as well."

Kirsten snapped, "I have talked to her and I get nowhere with your little princess!"

Walter firmly put the food down on the table.  "You don't talk Kirsten. You talk to. You inform. You lecture.  Talking involves listening.  And that is something you do not do."

Kirsten just picked at her food. "I knew you'd take her side," she mumbled.

Walter stood up and threw his food away.  "It's not about taking side, Kirsten," he'd said disgustedly.  "It's about listening to your children. Look it up in a parenting book.  I'm not going to be around forever!"

 "Thanks for coming over, Bill Don" Kirsten said.  She'd thrown a small get together for business associates.  She was attempting to network.  The more people that knew about her firm, the better.  

"It's been my pleasure." Bill Don told her.  "Is that your daughter over there?" he asked, nodding towards the kitchen.

Kirsten glanced over and sharply said, "God. She was supposed to stay in her room. She's grounded."

Bill Don nodded and watched after Kirsten walked away to talk to Matt about business.  He smirked when he saw her grab out the milk and chug from the carton.  She'd put the cap back on and put it back in the fridge.  Then, turning around, she'd noticed him staring.  Quickly, he saluted her.  She just scowled at him and walked back to what assumed was her room.  Curiously, she glanced over her shoulder one more time before disappearing behind a closed door.

Just then, he heard Kirsten yell, "Somebody call 9-1-1! I think he's having a heart attack!"  Bill Don ran over and grabbed the phone as Kirsten sobbed next to Wallace.  Max tried to push her aside and perform CPR, but it was no use. Bill Don gave the paramedics the address and glanced up when he saw Hazel dart across the room to her father.  

Bill Don hung around for the next few weeks, trying to offer Kirsten support.  He knew she was having trouble dealing with Hazel.  One night, she and Hazel got into a fight and Kirsten yelled, "You're not the only one who lost him, Hazel! Do you think you're the only one that loved him?"  Furiously, Kirsten stomped out the door and into the cold.  

Max and Bill Don walked out with Kirsten to talk to her. Bill Don shouldered in front of Max and grabbed Kirsten's hand.  "Kirsten.  Look at me," he said.  He could feel Max watching them curiously.  "You're a wonderful woman and of course it's hard on you after Wallace passed away.  If you need to lean on someone, lean on me."

Kirsten lowered her face into her hands.  "I'm just so confused right now about everything.  Hazel hates me. Walter's stopped talking to anyone.  It's like we're nothing without Wallace," she cried.

Bill Don pulled Kirsten towards him. "You're not nothing, Kirsten. You're a beautiful, sexy woman with two wonderful kids.  Let me help you...."

Steeles- Round 4               Reeds - Round 5


  1. Poor Kirsten and poor Hazel! I really hope the two of them can learn to talk to eachother and come to an understanding ç_ç. But maybe it's too late...

  2. Bill? What can Bill do? Is he a family sim too??? hmmm....

  3. Doh! Bill = Don! I hate it when I write their names down wrong!

  4. Man, poor Hazel, she's really misunderstood by her mom, and Kirsten with Hazel. It's sad that Wallace is gone now. Interesting with a Don now in the picture. Could this be good or bad for Hazel?


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