September 4, 2011

Reeds - Round 3

Kirsten busily worked on her latest brief. It was a tricky issue, but she thought she would be able to cite enough case law to make it work.  It would be a lot easier if Hazel would stop crying though.  "Hazel!" Kirsten yelled.  "I'll be right there!"  Kirsten tried to finish up before Wallace got home.  Her fingers stilled on the keyboard when she heard the door slam.

She could almost feel Wallace glowering at her as he walked to the nursery.  Quietly, he spoke to Hazel and brought her to the kitchen for a bottle.  Saving her brief, she stood up and watched him.  "Wallace, really, I was just about to..."

Wallace just held up a hand requesting silence.  "Kirsten.  I've been trying to be patient with you. But, something has to give. For Gods sake, do I need to hire a nanny to be here while I'm away because that little girl's own mother cannot lift a finger to take care of her?!"  Wallace's voice grew louder, ending with a bellow.  Hearing the yelling, Hazel began wailing.  Fixing her with one last glance, Wallace turned around and picked up Hazel to soothe her.  "I'm sorry I yelled, little lady."

Kirsten felt dismissed and flounced to the room to lay down.  Really she was just hiding from Wallace.  How could he think she was such a disappointment?  She'd never asked to be judged on the merits of motherhood! She wanted to be a success in the legal field!  Laying down on the bed, she hid her face in the pillow and cried.
Kirsten felt like she was crying all the time lately.  It must've been the pregnancy hormones.  Sometimes if Wallace looked at her a certain way, she felt the tears just well up in her eyes.  Kirsten had stopped talking to Wallace for weeks after their fight over taking care of Hazel.  She was trying to do more.  But, changing diapers and making milk bottles was so monotonous.  Where was the glory? she thought glumly.  The first words she'd said to Wallace after breaking the silence had been, "I'm pregnant."  And she'd immediately started crying.  Wallace had wrapped his arms around her and told her it would be alright.

"Just give it a chance, Kirsten.  If you look at it as a challenge to meet, I'm sure you'll do fantastic."

Kirsten had sniffled.  "But you think I'm a failure.  You want to hire a nanny."

Wallace had stroked her hair.  "I do want to hire a nanny. But that's only if you don't give it a chance.  Spend some time with Hazel.  Play with her.  You'll love her!"

Kirsten had dried her tears and stood in the doorway watching her daughter for awhile.  Finally Hazel looked up and grinned with her.  Settling down beside her, Kirsten talked to Hazel and laughed when Hazel tried to answer or made funny faces.

"Wallace! I think you're right! Did you know that she is so smart! I think she already knows her colors.  She kept poking the bunny's nose and saying 'peen'!  Do you think we should sign her up for advanced pre-school?"

"No. She doesn't need advanced pre-school.  Let's just let her enjoy being a child.  She'll only have her childhood once and then it will be gone forever."  Wallace looked sad as he said that.  Kirsten wasn't sure, but she felt as though he was trying to tell her something.

When Kirsten finally gave birth, they had the little boy she knew Wallace was hoping for.  He'd told her that he'd love to have a little boy to carry on the family name.  She named him Walter, after his father.

Hazel loved playing with her little brother.  She'd often come in and hold his fingers while Kirsten or Wallace fed him.  But, more than anything she loved playing with her father.  Sometimes Kirsten felt a little left out by the two of them.  Wallace doted on Hazel the way he used to dote on her.  Oh, Kirsten knew that he still loved her.  But, she could tell that the love he had for Hazel was so much deeper than what he felt for her.  Sometimes she couldn't help but feel bitter.

 "Mom?" Hazel asked one night before bedtime.  "Will you read me a bedtime story?"

Kirsten glanced up from the newspaper and checked her watch.  "Hazel. You were supposed to be in bed 30 minutes ago. Go lay down and go to sleep," Kirsten said sternly.

"But Walter keeps crying and waking me up," Hazel whined.

Frustrated, Kirsten snapped, "Deal with it! Go to bed!"

A little while later, Kirsten put the paper aside and heard sounds coming from the bedroom.  Wallace was sitting with Walter in his lap next to Hazel's bed reading them a story.

Exasperated, Kirsten snapped, "Wallace. It's past their bedtime! They're never going to listen to me if you won't back me up!"

Wallace had looked up sadly and handed Walter to her and tucked Hazel in.  "Good night, little lady," he said softly.

Kirsten quickly snuggled Walter and then laid him down to bed.  "Good night, children," she said.  "I'll see you in the morning."

Steeles - Round 3               Reeds - Round 4


  1. Kirsten is so beautiful! I am happy that she is getting to love her children, even if it's not easy for her (again, I think she is not totally wrong)... Good update :)!

  2. Sounds like Kirsten is having a real struggle with her innerself. Wallace pulls her into her family reality. I wonder how things will go when Wallace passes away???

  3. Wow....Kirsten is really struggling. I hope she can be there for the kids when Wallace is gone.


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