September 3, 2011

Reeds - Round 2

Kirsten hated being pregnant.  Her feet ached, her back ached and there was always something kicking her stomach.  But as much as she hated pregnancy, that was how much Wallace loved seeing her pregnant.  He should've told her that he wanted a brood mare when he'd proposed to her.  She would have told him that she was more interested in her career than a family.  She cursed her luck in marrying him.  She'd signed an iron-clad prenup with him.  If she divorced him, she didn't stand to walk away with a single penny in child support or spousal support.

So, she tried her best to disguise the fact that seeing a grown man play peek-a-boo with her belly didn't revolt her.  Really, where was his dignity?

Wallace knew that Kirsten hated being pregnant.  He knew she wanted to focus on her career. But, he also knew that time flew by quickly and although she might hate it right now, she would never regret having children young.  Wallace knew him time on Earth was limited now and hoped to make the best of each day.  And holding his little girl, Hazel, meant everything in the world to him.  He was touched by the sense of wonder that he felt just holding her and staring into her innocent eyes.

He worried that Kirsten never seemed to want to hold Hazel though.  And really, she didn't want anything to do with him anymore, either.

"I've invited out the Potter sisters for dinner tonight, Kirsten.  I would like you to join us for dinner."

Exasperated, Kirsten snapped, "What on Earth for? Those two biddies are boring.  Besides, I have a brief I have to finish before going in to work tomorrow. I have too much to do."

"Kirsten Diane, you are working too hard," Wallace lost his temper. "I want you to come to dinner with us."

Kirsten just crossed her arms and glared.  "You can't order me around like I'm your lackey, Wallace.  It's bad enough I got pregnant..." Kirsten stopped mid-sentence.

"So, the truth finally comes out," Wallace shook his head sadly.  "You never did want to be pregnant.  Family means the world to me now, Kirsten.  I wish you would understand that.  And I hope you don't make the same mistakes I did."  Dejected, Wallace walked out of the room to answer the door.  Speaking over his shoulder, he said, "Please join us for dinner. It will be good for you."

Kirsten just scoffed.

Dinner was a subdued event.  Myrtle was unusually quiet and seemed very subdued.  She ate her food and made small talk when asked a direct question.  But, her bubbly personality had been markedly diminished.  And Ethel! Goodness! Wallace marveled at the changes in her! She was full of life and happy.  She no longer sat in the corner and scowled at the world.  She spoke often of Wyatt, her new-found love.

Wishing them both a good evening, Wallace went into Hazel's room and was surprised to see her awake.
Reaching into the crib, he picked her up.  "What are you doing up so late, young lady?" he asked.

"Da Da!" she cooed.

Laughing, he snuggled her close.  "That's right. I'm your daddy. And it's your bedtime little lady." Then, sitting in the rocking chair, he held her close and sang her a lullaby until she fell back to sleep.

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  1. It seems like each household in this neighborhood has a dark side and a light side. Well balanced, good for story making.

  2. Ouch, I totally understand Kirsten hereXDDD! I hope you don't mind it... but Hazel is a sweetie and I really love this family *-*! It's my favourite in the neighbourhood by now. One thing: I can't see the Potter second round :/. It says me that the blog entry does not exist.

  3. Wow....I hope that Hazel doesn't have to grow up basically alone without a mommy forever. She really is quite cute. Nice entry.


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