September 22, 2011

Reeds - Round 10

"Give me a minute, Wilbur," Walter said when he noticed Wilbur fuming by the door.  "We'll play catch after dinner..."

Wilbur turned on his heel and stomped to his room and threw himself onto his bed.  He couldn't believe his Dad let Claire move in! It was supposed to be just the two of them! Claire just got in the way and was annoying! She was always asking him how he felt!

"It's not fair!" he raged into his pillow, pounding the mattress with his fists.  "I hate her!"

Quieting down, he turned his head and tried to hear if his Dad was coming.  Usually when he threw a big tantrum, Dad would come and see what was the matter.  But, he didn't hear any footsteps...

Back in the room, Claire and Walter spoke quietly.  "I wish I knew how to reach him," Claire worried.  "It seems like he just doesn't like me at all!"

Walter stroked her shoulder. "It's a stage. He'll get over it."

Claire frowned. "I know. I just wish I knew what to do..."

Walter cocked his head and listened as Wilbur started wailing and kicking the wall.  "I should go in and see what he needs, Claire.  I'll be right back.  I promise.."  Walter scooted out of bed and headed to Wilbur's room.  This had to stop, he thought.  He just wished he knew what to do!

Claire shook the nanny's hand in the morning.  "Thank you for all the time you've given the family, but your services will no longer be required."

The nanny frowned and crossed her arms.  "Mr. Reed didn't mention anything to me.  If this is about that time the stovetop caught fire..."

Claire cut the nanny off.  "It's not about the fire! Our circumstances have changed and I am available to watch Wilbur now.  So, you're really not needed."

The nanny continued to frown. "Why, I never!"  Then, she turned on her heel and stomped out of the house.

Claire sighed and mumbled under her breath.  "Well that went well!  Now the fun stuff..." Then, knocking Wilbur's door, she called out "Wilbur! Time for school! Do you want some cereal?"

Dinner was quiet that evening. Wilbur had been mad that she'd let the nanny go.  He'd kicked and screamed for 20 minutes and she'd eventually had to drive him to school since he missed the bus.  "So, Wilbur, how was school today?"

Wilbur just continued to eat his sandwich as he stared at the plate.

Walter frowned at Wilbur.  "That's rude, Wilbur. Claire asked you a question."

Wilbur glanced at his Dad, "But Dad! I had food in my mouth! You told me not to talk with my mouth open!"

"Then answer her before you take another bite."

Wilbur finished chewing and then mumbled "It was good" under his breath. Then, quickly he shoved another bite of sandwich in his mouth before Claire could ask him something else.

Walter sighed and exchanged glances with Claire.  "You know," he said conversationally, "I was thinking about having a Boys Day tomorrow after school.  Are you interested Wilbur?"

"Alright! You mean it Dad?" Wilbur asked excitedly.

Walter nodded.  "I think it'd be fun!"

Claire smiled.  "I think that's a great idea! Isn't that exciting Wilbur?"

Wilbur quickly glanced back down at his plate and shoved a bite of food in his mouth.

Wilbur was having the best night with his Dad!  They'd tossed the ball in the front yard for awhile and his Dad used to be a Hall of Famer! Boy, his Dad sure could throw! Wilbur danced around the room on Walter's toes.

Finally, Walter collapsed on the couch. "Phew! I'm beat!" he said.  "Come on over here and sit with your old man. "

Wilbur's shoulder slumped and he slouched over next to his Dad and sat down. Now he was going to get it, he thought.  Dad was going to tell him he had to start being nicer to Claire.

Walter put his arm around Wilbur and pulled him against his side.  "You know I love you like crazy. There's something I have something I want to talk to you about, though."

Claire came out of the room when she heard Wilbur's door slam.  "Did it not go well?" she asked, her voice filled with concern.

Wilbur hugged her and stroked her hair back from her face.  "It went as well as I expected."

Then, dropping to one knee, he pulled a ring out of his front pocket and said, "Claire, I love you to death.  Will you marry me and join this dysfunctional family for real?"

Claire was over the moon happy.  She couldn't wait to have kids of her own. But more than anything right now she couldn't wait for the day that Wilbur accepted her as his stepmom. 
He'd stopped throwing tantrums, but made it clear he didn't like talking to her, playing games with her and even being in the same room sometimes! So, she gave him space to work it out and tried to let him know that she was there for him if he needed her.

Claire cuddled little Charles against her chest and tried to hide her smile.  Both Walter Wilbur had been so worried when she went into labor.  She couldn't believe that Walter had jumped about 2 feet in the air when she said her water broke. 

Claire put Charles to bed and went to find Wilbur.  He was playing with his house in the play area.  "Wilbur, are you okay?" she asked.

Wilbur just kept looking at the house.

"Because it's okay to talk to me, if you need to.  But, if you like, I can go get your dad."

Claire sighed.  He wasn't going to talk to her.  Turning around, she started to leave and was stopped short when Wilbur threw himself at her and hugged her tight.

"I was so scared," he admitted.  "I thought you were going to die!"

Claire ruffled his hair and relished the hug.  "Nothing quite that dramatic," she assured him.  "Are you ready to see your little brother?"  Wilbur nodded and held her hand as she led him into the nursery. 

"His finger is up his nose," Wilbur announced, disgusted.  "That's gross!"

Claire just laughed.

Wilbur headed off to school, feeling like his entire life had changed.  It wasn't just him and his Dad anymore.  It was Dad, Claire and his little brother.  The thought made him smile.


  1. Yay! I'm so happy Wilbur finally warmed up to Claire :)

  2. I am so happy that Wilbur accepted Claire into the family :)! Yay for them!

  3. Wellll...Wilbur came around. I knew he would.

  4. Finally! I knew Wilbur would finally accept Claire, but it seems like it took a little brother and a fear of death to bring him around.


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