September 2, 2011

Reeds - Round 1

 "Wallace!" Kirsten cried as he lifted her up into his arms, "You're going to break your back! Put me down!"

Wallace just grinned.  "But I wanted to walk my bride across the threshold," he said.  He felt a twinge at his back and grimaced.  Gently, he set her down.  "I guess my body isn't as young as my heart," he said with a lopsided grin.  Kirsten gently patted his cheek, at a loss of what to say. 

 "Well," Wallace said, grabbing her hand and leading her inside.  "Welcome to your new home. How do you like it?"  Kirsten looked around and cringed.  It was absolutely awful.  But, she knew it was important to Wallace.  She still didn't understand why they needed to move from the city to this god-awful place in the middle of nowhere.  Trying to sound cheerful, she said, "It's lovely, Wallace. I'm sure we can have it fixed up in no time."

Wallace walked up behind Kirsten and wrapped her in a big hug, "That's my girl! Think of what a great place to raise a family this will be."

Kirsten blanched.  Kids.  Good thing she had birth control.  Wallace didn't know about her secret stash. But, really, what did he expect? Just because he wanted to have kids right away didn't mean she wanted to have kids right away.  Her legal career had been blooming in the city and now she needed to kick-start it out here in the sticks. Kirsten patted his hand as the doorbell rang.  "I'm just going to go.. freshen up.." Kirsten said as she pulled away. Just the mention of babies made her want to go check her birth control stash.  Hurriedly she crossed the room.

Wallace wanted to go after Kirsten, but knew that she needed space before talking to him about a problem.  She was a proud woman and liked to go over all the scenarios in her head before tackling a problem.  If he tried to rush her, she would just shut him out.  Sighing, he opened the door to find two ladies standing there.

"Why, hello." he greeted them.
Wallace glanced at his watch.  "Well... it's been... fascinating... talking with you... Myrtle, was it?  Look at the time. The afternoon has quite gotten away from me," he said pleasantly.

"He means he's ready for you to shut-up and go home," her sister snapped.

Wallace watched Myrtle glare at her sister and open her mouth to say something.  Wallace stood up and smiled at Myrtle, "Of course not.  It was a pleasure meeting both of you ladies. You'll have to come back for dinner sometime.  I'll speak with my wife, Kirsten, and see when a good time would be."  Wallace lead the ladies to the door and politely again said goodbye.

Three more farewells and ten minutes later, Wallace finally closed the door and leaned his head against the door.  "That woman has a mouth on her!" he moaned.

Sighing, he went to go check on Kirsten. He was surprised when she didn't come out to say hello to their guests.  He found her curled up asleep on the bed.  And, it looked like she had been crying.  Wallace frowned.  He wondered when she would let him in on what was going on.

Steele - Round 1              Reeds - Round 2


  1. Oh? What treachery is Kirsten up to?

  2. I love Ethel Potter, but she and Myrtle aren't an ideal welcome wagon, lol. Poor Wallace.

  3. I see a would-be Black Widow in Kirsten ...

  4. Hmm... Why did she marry him? Did he let her believe he's rich...?

  5. Well well, another interesting family. LOL...those sisters are just too much.


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