September 3, 2011

Potters - Round 2

"It's never going to work, Myrtle.  That boy needs a mother and a father, not two dithering old ladies attempting to relive their youth!" Hands on her hips, Ethel scolded Myrtle.   Sometimes she thought that Myrtle hadn't been born with any sense at all! Myrtle had just smiled at Ethel and told her that it would all work out as she walked away.

"Ma... ma..." Alvin cooed to Ethel from the floor.

Smiling, Ethel glanced down and patted the little boy on his head.  "Your Auntie Myrtle is crazy if she thinks this is going to work."  And yet, she thought to herself, she was finding it hard to even imagine life without Alvin.  "Let me go get you a bottle, dear."

Myrtle just smiled to herself as she walked away, humming.  Ethel was such a softie, she thought.  Years had passed and they hadn't heard a word from the boy's mother.  If that's what you could call a woman who left her son on a stranger's front steps, she scoffed.  She could never understand what that woman had been thinking.  Alvin was the sweetest child she had ever lain eyes on.  It was a joy teaching him how to walk and how to talk.  He seemed to catch on so fast!

"Drat!" Ethel called out from the bathroom.  "This toilet is overflowing! Of all the rotten luck," she swore.  Flipping through the phone book, she found the number to a repairman and put in a service request.  An hour later, a handsome man stopped by.

"Good morning ma'am.  I'm Wyatt Sampson from Repairs, Inc.  If you could just show me where the problem is, ma'am."

Ethel couldn't imagine why she felt so flustered. It's not like she'd never seen a handsome man before. But, still, her stomach flipped with excitement as she led him to the bathroom.

 Sleep was hard to come by that night, as Ethel tossed and turned.  She couldn't seem to get Wyatt out of her mind.  Boys! she thought sourly, what a nuisance!

 But, she still felt giddy as a school girl being asked to prom when Wyatt called her the next afternoon.

"Hello, Ms. Potter.  This is Wyatt Sampson from Repairs, Inc.  I... was just calling to check on your toilet.  Just wanted to make sure that cute tyke didn't throw any more toys down the drain."

Ethel smiled.  "I certainly hope not!" Ethel remarked.

"Well now, I certainly am glad he did it because I happened to meet a lovely lady.  Feel free to call me if you need anything."

Ethel blushed and bit her lip.  "Well," she began, "we were thinking about having a small birthday party for Alvin. It's his birthday today. If you'd like to come..." Ethel trailed off, sure that Wyatt would just turn her down.

"I'd love to!" Wyatt said.

 "What has gotten into you?" Myrtle asked Ethel when she walked in the room.

Ethel glanced back, surprised.  "Why, what do you mean?"

Myrtle just looked at Ethel curiously.  "You do realize you're standing in the middle of the kitchen grinning like an old fool?"

Ethel just laughed.  "So I am, Myrtle. So I am!"

Myrtle couldn't believe the change that had come over Ethel.  She was smiling and laughing more.  She didn't make snide comments during the party.  And, she even danced with the gentleman who'd repaired their toilet.  It was like overnight Ethel had turned into an entirely different person.

But, it seemed everyone was changing.  Even little Alvin wasn't a toddler anymore.  He was  a little boy, ready to climb in trees, ride bikes and do all sorts of little boy things.  She was so proud of him.

The weeks passed by and Wyatt called and occasionally dropped by to surprise Ethel and play with Alvin.  Ethel loved to watch them playing from the window.  Pretty soon, he was over so much that it seemed as though he lived there.  Ethel loved to watch him work.  Even more surprising to her was that she genuinely enjoyed asking him questions about what he was doing and what tools her was using.  He seemed amused that she didn't know what a wrench was.

She'd just shrugged and replied, "I'd never needed to use one before."

Wyatt could tell that he'd embarrassed her.  Wrapping his arms around her, he hugged her close. "I'll teach you anything you want to know about anything."

Ethel smiled.  "That might take a long time," she'd said coyly.  "Perhaps you should move in.  So that you're available if I need to know something..."

Wyatt had smiled and kissed her sweetly.  "Perhaps I should."

The next morning, Wyatt came out for breakfast and Myrtle had gasped and then glanced over at Alvin.  Alvin had just shoved some food in his mouth and said, "Morning, Wyatt! You're here early!"

Wyatt grabbed a plate and sat down next to Myrtle.  "Yes I am." Then, looking at Myrtle he said, "I figure I'm going to be moving in now, if that's okay with you and Mr. Alvin, here."

"Alright! Cool!" Alvin had shouted, excited.  Myrtle just pressed her lips together, disapproving.

"Ethel, I have something I want to talk to you about," Wyatt told her at dinner.  "I'm an old-fashioned sort of man and I can't live here with you.  Not as we are."

Ethel gasped and tears started flooding her eyes.  "But... I thought you were happy..." she began.

Wyatt glanced up and saw the tears and swore.  "No, I am happy. What I mean to say... well, what I'm trying to say is... will you marry me?  Make an honest man of me?"  Wyatt pulled a ring from his pocket.  "I've been carrying this around in my pocket for ages now trying to find the right time to ask."

"Yes!" Ethel cried, coming around the table and hugging him.  "I will! I can't wait! Oh, wait until I tell Myrtle and Alvin!"

Wyatt smiled as he slipped the ring on Ethel's finger.


  1. WooHoo! Yay for old fashioned men. :) Alvin is a cutie pie!

  2. I agree with Ethel, boys are a nuisance. But nice@ getting her together with Wyatt.

  3. Aww....that engagement was sweet. :) Glad Ethel is starting to do better.

  4. Woohoo! Ethel is human afterall! Who saw that one coming? LOL

    By the way, Megan, I love your story-telling style. You write very well. :-)

    1. Thanks! I LOVED Ethel & Wyatt! Their story was so much fun to write!


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