September 14, 2011

Potters - Round 8

 "It's not fair," Sonja complained.  "Mr. Steele as good as promised me that CEO position! Then he died and I got canned!"

"That sucks, girl," her co-worker told her.  "What are you going to do about it?"

"Nothing," Sonja mumbled, crossing her arms. "I guess I'll find something else..."

Alvin came home excited. He couldn't wait to tell Sonja his good news.  He'd been named Chief of Staff at last!
 "Sonja! Where are you?" he called when he walked in.  He found her on the couch, sitting in the dark.  "I have some great... what's wrong?" he stopped mid-sentence to ask.  He could tell that Sonja had been crying.

"I lost my job today. They fired me because the new head of the company thought I wasn't experienced enough," she complained.  "What are we going to do?"

Alvin knelt down in front of her and clasped her hands.  "You can do whatever you want, Sonja. You know, you'd talked about being interested in the restaurant business.  Maybe you can start there," he suggested.  "Or you can stay home if you want!  I just want you to be happy!"

Sonja threw herself into Alvin's arms and almost knocked him over.  "I love you so much, Alvin!  I'm so glad we found each other again!"  Squeezing him tight, she drew back and wiped her tears away.  "Now!" she declared.  "It's time to throw you a party! I'm so proud of you!"

Sonja called up her old friend Sean Carter and invited him over to celebrate.  He asked if he could bring a friend.  "Sure," she replied.  "The more the merrier!"  She handed the phone to Alvin and asked him to invite a few friends, too.  He looked awkwardly at the phone and then started dialing, and then hung up and tried a different number.

"No luck," Alvin said hanging up.  "Nobody's home."

Sonja squeezed his shoulder.  "That's okay! This is still going to be fun! I haven't seen Sean in ages!"

Alvin felt a little uncomfortable.  He guess Sonja didn't know that Sean was Jansen's little brother.  And over the years, Alvin had heard plenty about Sean's exploits. 

Sonja was so excited to be having some friends over.  They'd been married for awhile now, but they didn't really have the same friends.  She didn't know any of his friends and she didn't know any of his friends.  She hoped he stayed and socialized instead of sneaking off to the computer room again!

The doorbell rang and Sonja went to answer it.

"Hi!" she said when she opened the door to find Sean and a lady-friend.  Now that did not surprise her!

Sean gave her a hug and then introduced to his date.  "Sonja, this is Hazel," Sean said.

Sonja couldn't help but notice that Hazel looked uncomfortable.  "Nice to meet you, Hazel.  Come on in guys."

Sean placed his hand on Hazel's hip and led her inside.

Sonja started to make introductions when she saw Laci's eyes flash.  "You jerk!" she yelled as soon as she recognized Sean. Slapping him, she screamed,  "You told me you'd call back and I sat by the phone for almost a week!"  Sonja needed to do some damage control, quick!

Sonja quickly called a taxi and put her arm around Laci's shoulder to lead her to the door.  "Thanks for coming and making me feel better, Laci," Sonja said to the sobbing girl.

Laci cried into her hands and let Sonja lead her away.  "He said he'd call and he never did."

"I know," Sonja patted Laci's back.  "I'm sorry.  Sean has a rule about only one date.  And he never breaks it." That rule had been what kept Sonja from ever going anywhere with Sean herself.  "I'm sure he told you. He always tells the girls up front."

Laci just wailed louder.  "I know, but I was going to change him! I was different!"

Sonja rolled her eyes and was thankful when the taxi pulled up.  "Here you go,  call me soon, okay?"

Heading back inside, Sonja found Sean apologizing to Hazel and Alvin oblivious to everything, playing with the silly cat.

"But, Hazel. I promise, I met her before I started seeing you," Sean was saying.  Sonja's eyebrows shot up.  This was not Sean's normal operating style.

Hazel had whispered back furiously, "I don't care Sean. But, this is why it's not going to work."

Sonja stepped in, "Alvin, maybe you should go show Sean your hot rod.  Sean, did you know that Alvin fixed it up himself?"

Sean had looked frustrated, but in the end, the boys trotted off to admire the car. When they'd left the room, Sonja turned towards Hazel.  "Hazel, I know you don't know me very well and it's probably none of my business, but Sean's been my friend for years."

Hazel couldn't believe what she was hearing! She wondered if Sonja was one of Sean's old flames.  "You're right," she snapped. "It's none of your business."

Sonja sighed.  "I just wanted to say... I've never seen him like this.  He acts differently with you.  Are you guys... dating?"

Hazel shook her head.  "No. We're not dating.  We're just... friends... nothing more."

Just then, Alvin and Sean came back in from outside.  Hazel glanced over and told Sean, "I'd like to go home now.  Could you take me?"

Sean's shoulder's slumped.  It'd taken her forever to agree to come with him after Sonja had called and now all that hard work was blown down the drain.  "Sure, let's go," he told her.  On the way out the door he hugged Sonja and shook hands with Alvin.  "Call me later," he said.

Sonja sighed as she watched the couple walk away.  She hoped it worked out  because she'd often worried about Sean pushing everyone away and not letting anyone close to him.

She found Alvin at the computer, typing away.  "What are you up to?" she asked.

Sean startled and pushing the keyboard away.  "Nothing, I was just looking at stuff..."

Leaning over his shoulder she glanced at the screen and asked, "What stuff?"

"This might sound weird and out of the blue, but I think I'm tired of the medical field. You know, talking to Sean tonight, I realized that my life must seem quite boring.  I want to shake it up a little.."

Sonja jerked upright and coldly asked, "Shake what up and how."

Alvin heard the tone and turned around.  "Well, I was thinking about joining a medical team that would go to the undeveloped areas to offer assistance."

Sonja was relieved.  She'd been a little worried that Sean's lack of commitment had rubbed off on Alvin for a minute!  "Well, I think that sounds like a wonderful idea, Alvin! I'm so proud of you! Think of what an adventure it will be!" she enthused.

Alvin nodded his head.  "Yes, an adventure!"

 It didn't take very long before Sonja and Alvin found themselves facing an adventure of a different sort: parenthood.

Alvin was the one that had noticed it first.  He'd noted that she spent most mornings throwing up and had begun to experience some of the other clinical symptoms.  He brought home a pregnancy test from work one night and asked her if she would take it.

"What? Don't be silly, Alvin!" Sonja laughed.  "I'm not pregnant!"

"Just humor me," Alvin said.

Sonja grabbed the stick and walked into the bathroom, slamming the door.  5 minutes later, Alvin heard sobbing from the bathroom.

Joining her, Alvin pulled her into his arms.  "This is actually a blessing, Sonja.  You know, I proposed because I wanted to get married and have a family with you!  Then you moved in and it just got put on the back burner.  I can be a bit... single-minded... if you haven't noticed."

Sonja laughed.  "I know.  I'd just always dreamed of a white wedding, not a shot gun wedding!"

Alvin squeezed her tight.  "It won't matter! It'll be beautiful!"  Then he reached down and rubbed her belly, smiling into her eyes.

Sonja convinced Alvin to elope that night.  "I don't want to waste a minute of being married to you!" she'd declared as she hugged him.  In truth, that worked fine for Alvin, as well. He'd been dreading standing up in front of a crowd while everyone watched him.  He just didn't like big groups of people...
A family of my own, Alvin thought as he cuddled his little girl, Evelyn.  "Life didn't get better than this," he cooed to his daughter. 

He was wrong.  Shortly after the birth of his little girl, Alvin reached the top of the Adventure field, as well. And another lifetime passion was born.  It'd started out simply. He'd promised the father of a little boy that he would look into the legalities behind requesting medical assistance and had blossomed from there.  Alvin discovered his love of law and began searching for volunteer positions...

Carters - Round 8               Potters - Round 9


  1. Finally Alvin is a little happy :)! I like him and Sonja together, really! I can't wait to see their baby!

  2. It is ok to keep moving around to different jobs as long as he keeps supporting the family. :) How many jobs do you suppose he will have before he becomes an elder?

  3. Awww....Evelyn looks cute, can't wait to see how she grows up. I'm glad Alvin finally has a family all his own. :) I do wonder what is going to happen with Sean and Hazel now though.


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