September 10, 2011

Potters - Round 7

Alvin was at a loss about what direction his life should go.  He loved the medical field, but he was already almost at the top of the field.  His immediate surpervisor had told him that he would already have reached the top of his career if he was more of a people person.

"You're too clinical, Alvin," he had lectured.  "You need to be able to bond with the patient."

Alvin had been confused.  He thought it was more important to save their lives than to get along with them.  He knew how easy it was to lose someone due to a small error.

And how he missed his Aunties and Wyatt.  He must be suffering from some sort of post-traumatic stress syndrome from moving back home.  He woke up in a cold sweat four to five times a night with the feeling that someone else was in the room.  And sometimes he swore he'd see one of his Aunts or Wyatt wander down the hall.

Frowning down at their graves, he fought the tears.  "I wish you were here Wyatt.  You would know what to do."

But, Alvin's immediate goal had always been to reach the top of the medical field.  And since he'd been told to mingle more, Alvin attempted to make more of an effort to befriend his co-workers and relate to his patients better.  And surprisingly, he was actually enjoying the diversion!

He still felt lonely sometimes and wished he had someone special in his life.  He'd been sort of hoping that once Michelle came back from college that they might be able to start again.  But, Jansen had relunctantly told him that she'd met his kid brother in college and fallen in love.  

Jansen had grimaced and shrugged, "You can't fight 3 bolts, man."

Alvin tried to play it off and act like it didn't hurt.  "Tell them congratulations when you see them."

Sighing, Alvin placed his cereal bowl in the sink and hopped in his refurbished hot rod.  Wyatt had been right it. It was an amazing car! Alvin shook his head in wonder.  He wondered if there was anything Wyatt had been wrong about!

Michelle paced in front of Alvin's home and checked her watch, tapping her foot.  "Please get home soon," she whispered as she gazed up at the clouds.  She really needed to talk to him.  She waited outside for thirty minutes and then began to feel ridiculous.

"This is stupid!" she berated herself.  "You're standing outside his door like some love-sick puppy!"  Taking a steadying breath to calm herself down, she headed back home... to Adam's house.

Alvin pulled up in the driveway about 15 minutes later with no idea that Michelle had even been there.  Running in, he grabbed the phone that was ringing, "Hello?" he asked.

"Hey Alvin! I was wondering if you wanted to check out this little hot spot with me!" Jansen asked.

Alvin glanced at his watch.  "Well, okay. But I don't want to stay out late."

"Great. Meet you there in fifteen minutes!"

Alvin went out to the car to meet Jansen... who never showed up...

Alvin sat at the bar, checked his watch and swirled the last of his soda water.  He'd give Jansen 10 more minutes and then he was going home. 

"I'm sorry... Alvin? Is that you?" a female voice asked from across the bar.

Alvin's head jerked up and he started at the face, not recognizing her.  "Yes. I'm sorry, it's been awhile... do I know you?"

"It's me! Sonja!" she said excitedly as she got up to hug him.  "How are you doing? You look great!"

Alvin was shocked.  Wow, Sonja had grown up beautiful!  "I'm doing very well.  Wow! I'm surprised to see you!"

"I've always wondered how you were doing. You kind of dropped off the face of the planet that night after your Uncle died..." she said, glancing down at the floor.  "I always felt bad that maybe I hadn't helped you as much as you needed..."

 (Her fear was that Alvin would die. Aww... how sweet! My Sonja, how you've grown up!)

Alvin swallowed.  "I just decided to go straight to college and get out of town. It was difficult..." he said, trying to find the right words.

Tucking her hair behind her ear, she motioned to a table.  "Would you like to have dinner with me?" she asked.  "I mean, that is if you haven't eaten!"

Alvin hesitated for a moment, but then grinned and said, "I'd love to!"

They sat and talked for hours as if they were the only two people in the world.  It was surprising to see this new side of Sonja.  She'd really grown up.  She told him how she was working at a local business office and being groomed to take over the company once the CEO retired.  "My passion is food though. I love to cook!" she'd exclaimed.  "Have you seen that show Henry Carter does? Well, I bet I could make a cooking show 10 times better than his!"

Alvin laughed.  "I've never seen it, but his son is my best friend.  I don't think I would say that around him, if I were you!"

Blushing, Sonja looked down.  "I just have big dreams, that's all."

Alvin reached across and squeezed her hand.  "I know all about big dreams.  I think that's wonderful."

Soon enough, reality came crashing in when the waiter asked for the third time if there was anything else they needed.

Alvin folded his napkin and placed it on the table.  Smiling, he told Sonja, "I've been called obtuse at times, but even I caught that hint."  Glancing across the table, he offered, "Would you like to come back to my place?  I don't think I'm ready for tonight to end..."

Sonja smiled. "I'd love to!"

 "You know, I think this is the exact same couch that we made out on all those years ago!" Sonja said after they had sat and chatted for a few more hours.

"Actually. It was the other one."

Sonja looked doubtfully over at the other couch.  "Are you sure? I could've sworn that it was this one."

Alvin grinned at her.  "Believe me.  A boy does not forget the things that THAT couch saw."

Sonja got a devilish look in her eye.  "Well.  Maybe we should christen this couch, as well!"

 The next morning Alvin heard a loud knocking on the door.  He wondered who it would be this early in the morning.
Swinging the door open, he saw Michelle.  Stepping back, he let her in. She looked upset.  She started wringing her hands and then blurted out, "Alvin... I need to talk to you... About that notebook..."

 "Is everything okay?" Sonja asked from the livingroom.  "I heard knocking..."

Alvin glanced back at Sonja and then back at Michelle.

Michelle frowned.  "Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't realize you had company.  I shouldn't have interrupted.  It wasn't anything important anways..."

Alvin reached out to grab her hand as she turned away.  "Are you sure Michelle? You looked upset.  What's wrong?"

Michelle snatched her hand away and pretended to laugh.  "Oh no. It's nothing. I was just being silly. I just... I just had a bad dream... I'm okay now."  Then waving to Alvin and Michelle, she said, "It was nice seeing you again Sonja.  I'll just be going now.  Ooomph."  Michelle had backed into the doorframe.  Feeling like a total dunce, she turned around and ran down the walkway back to Adam's.  Stupid, stupid, stupid! she chastised herself.  Oh all the stupid, idiotic. imbecile things she could've done!  Of course he hadn't waited all those years for her to get through college.

Alvin watched Michelle run back home and felt.. odd...  He still cared about her.  He'd never told Jansen, but he had a 3 bolt attraction with her, too.  And like Jansen had said, it's hard to fight a 3 bolts.

But, he'd also felt like a new man with Sonja.  He felt like he had another purpose.

He'd made up his mind last night anyways.  He was going to propose to Sonja.  He just hoped she said yes.  She could probably have any guy she wanted.  She was smart, successful and beautiful.

After seeing Alvin drop down to his one knee, Sonja gazed at the ring and cried, "Yes! I will marry you!"  Alvin scooped her up in a big hug and thought realized for the first time in a really long time, he was truly happy!

Carters - Round 7               Potters - Round 8


  1. A day late and a dollar short, Michelle. Sorry for you! But hey, good going Sonja! Congratulations!

  2. Michelle, you have another guy now... don't feel too sorry! Good luck for Alvin now :).

  3. The Potters is my favorite family for some reason. I'm glad to see that Alvin finally decided to settle down.

  4. Whoa, Alvin had 3 bolts with Michelle? That must have been tempting...still, I hope he can stay faithful to Sonja (and the same goes for Michelle and Adam)!

  5. You know, I had decided to have Michelle leave Adam for Alvin. But, then, Jansen called Alvin to go downtown. Jansen really didn't show up. (Right before my taxi took off, Jansen mouthed off about Alvin standing him up. Look, I'm only as fast as my taxi!) Sonja happened to be there & Alvin had 2 bolts with her. So, I had Alvin feel her out & one of her fear's was Alvin's death.

    So, Sonja became a reformed bad girl. :)

    Just goes to show how my Sims sometimes know better than I do! :)

  6. Wow, a bit of a change of events. Michelle and Alvin would have been a great couple, but she's got Adam. I'm glad he ran into Sonja and she gets to be a part of this again. :)


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