September 9, 2011

Potters - Round 6

Alvin felt a flood of emotion hit him like a stack of books the minute he stepped out of the cab.  There were reminders of his family everywhere he looked.  But, the most blatant of all was the pile of junk sitting in the driveway that Wyatt had claimed needed just a little elbow grease.  Ha! Alvin thought bitterly,  It was just a pile of crap.  Feeling angry, he kicked the car and jumped back when the door fell to the floor.  A piece of junk....

It felt weird sitting in the livingroom.  It was his house now, but right now it felt like it still belonged to Auntie Myrtle & Auntie Ethel.  Sometimes he felt like he could sense his Aunties out of the corner of his eye.  But, whenever he stopped to look, there was never anything there. He convinced himself that he was trying to mask his loneliness by re-creating his Aunties.

As an attempt to save his sanity, Alvin went down to the local pound and adopted a cat that was for adoption.  He'd never had a pet before, but had always wanted one.  Auntie Myrtle was allergic and Auntie Ethel scoffed at the thought of a cat on her furniture. Alvin felt an instant connection with a little tri-color cat that's nameplate said Balin.

"Well, Balin, would you like to come home with me?"  Alvin said as he stroked the glass in front of him.

Feeling the strain from college debt, moving expenses and pet supplies, Alvin decided he couldn't be as picky about a job as he wanted to.  He wanted to jump straight into the medical field, but he was hitting a brick wall.  He had applied at several hospitals and clinics, but they all informed him that they would need to do a thorough background check.

"How long will that take?" he'd asked the human resource manager at the hospital.

He could hear her clicking away on her computer. "I really can't say, Sir.  It could take anywhere from a week to a month."

Alvin ran his hand through his hair, thoroughly frustrated with her stock response.  Thanking her, he hung up the phone and then glanced through the want ads.  The only thing that caught his eye was in a gaming call center as support staff.  He was way overqualified to do this, but at least it would bring in some money.


Alvin came home and felt like a little stir crazy.  It'd taken him a few days to line up the call center job.  Maybe I need to celebrate, he thought to himself.   Dialing Jansen, Alvin was disappointed to find out that Jansen already had plans with Carlye.

"I'm taking her home to meet my folks," Jansen said excitedly, then added as an afterthought, "Would you like to come over and join us?   You're more than welcome!"

Alvin hedged, "No, that sounds great.  But, I think I'll take a rain check..."

Flipping through his phone, he looked at all his contacts and thought about who he could invite over.  He really hadn't made all that many friends in college.  He spent too much time studying and researching and not enough time playing and socializing.  Sighing, he thought about how close Jansen and Carlye seemed.  Then, he thought about Michelle.

"I shouldn't call her," Alvin said outloud.  "No use stirring up trouble."  So who do I call?

The answer was solved when his phone rang in his hand.  Startled, he almost dropped the silly thing.  "Hello?" he answered when he managed to get a grip on the phone.

"Hi.  This is Calista. Carlye's friend.  From Sim State..."

Alvin tried to picture a face, but failed miserably.  He didn't know if this was the red-head or the pony-tail girl.  "Oh hi! How'd you get my number?" he asked.

"Well, Carlye gave it to me to call.  She said that we might hit it off, so I thought I'd see if you were busy."

Alvin grinned. "Actually, no. I'm not. Would you like to come over for dinner?"

After dinner, Calista and Alvin sat in the reading nook.  Alvin nervously picked up a book and flipped through the pages.  Calista seemed like a really nice girl.

"So," Calista said as she looked around.  "This is where you live?"

Alvin looked around and tried to see it from her eyes.  Was there something wrong with it?  Frowning, he answered, "Yes. It was my Aunts' house and it was left to me when they passed away."

Calista murmured her apologies for his loss and then began tapping her fingers on her legs.  Alvin flipped through the book faster, racking his brain for something clever and witty to say.  Panicking, he spit out, "The adult human brain weighs about 3 pounds!"

Calista glanced over at him and laughed.  "How did I not meet you before today?"

I must have said something right, Alvin thought. 

It took weeks, but finally Alvin's patience paid off.

"Yes!" Alvin cried as he swung Balin around the room.  "I got the job at St. Agnes' Hospital!"

Balin just meowed loudly in protest.

"Things are going to change around here! That's for sure!"

Alvin suddenly felt an overwhelming urge to tackle the jalopy that was sitting in his driveway.  He almost felt like he owed it to Wyatt to fix it up.  He'd known it was special to Wyatt when he saw how happy it made him.  Alvin felt his way around the engine and was actually able to get it revving.  He couldn't believe how proud he felt when he stepped on the gas and heard that engine roar.  And he'd done it himself!

Feeling proud, Alvin called up Jansen and told him to invite a few friends over to celebrate.

"What are we celebrating?" Jansen asked.

Alvin shook his head.  "Nothing... everything... Things are just going great. I got the job at the hospital, I fixed up a clunker and I feel like I'm on top of the world right now!"

Jansen smiled and gave Carlye a thumbs up.  "Great! I'll see about inviting over a few people. Do you care who I bring?" Jansen asked.

"Not in the least!" Alvin said.

 Alvin glanced across the room and whispered furiously to Jansen.  "When I said you could bring anyone, I didn't mean you could bring Michelle!"

Jansen leaned in close and said, "I didn't know I was bringing that Michelle.  My kid brother, Sean, was just itching to go to a party and he happened to invite this girl he like...d...." Jansen trailed off.  "Okay. I can see this is awkward. But it doesn't have to be!  She doesn't look upset to be here!"

Alvin waved him away.  "You're right. I'm fine. I'm just being silly," Alvin said as Calista approached.

"Hey, Alvin," she said.  "Nice party."

Jansen walked away and threw Alvin a thumbs up sign.

Alvin rolled his eyes.  "Thanks Calista.  I'm glad you could make it."

"Do you want to dance?" she asked.

"I really don't dance," Alvin said, thinking of any excuse to keep him from looking like a fool.

Calista touched his arm.  "Oh come on, one little dance won't hurt you!"  She grabbed his hand and led him into the livingroom.

Alvin felt like a fool.  He couldn't believe he'd just let Calista talk him into acting ridiculous.

Calista suddenly leaned forward and hugged Alvin tight and swayed to the music against him.  Alvin was about to peel her off him when he heard a slight gasp. 

Turning towards the sound he saw Michelle's eyes widen as tears brimmed in her eyes.  Alvin watched her turn and run from the house.

"Excuse me," Alvin told a confused Calista as he extracted himself from his arms.  Alvin glanced out the kitchen window and watched Michelle disappear down the street with Sean running after her. 

"That was a disaster last night, Balin." Alvin said, feeling miserable.  After Michelle had run off, he hadn't been in the mood to celebrate anymore and everybody left soon after.  Jansen had clasped him on the shoulder and just shook his head before leaving.  He couldn't tell if Jansen was apologizing to him or if he was telling Alvin what an idiot he was.  Either one applied.  Alvin had tossed and turned all night and finally given up around 4 a.m.

"Well, Balin," Alvin said, getting up from the table.  "Let's get this day started.  First day of the rest of my life, and all that!"

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  1. Isn't it about time Michelle get over it? But on the other hand...Alvin is still free stock. :) Yay for Balin!

  2. I agree with ASimWen: what did Michelle do all this time? Waited for Alvin? Well, at least this is a signal to him. Alvin, go catch her!

  3. Those crazy sims and their jealously. Did Michelle really think they would be together after he got done with college. Especially since she's still in school?


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