September 4, 2011

Potters - Round 3

Ethel was sure that Myrtle would be so pleased that Wyatt had proposed.  She could tell that Myrtle thought it was wrong to have Wyatt sleeping over so much.

"There you are!" Ethel said when she finally found Myrtle in her room.  "Look! Wyatt proposed.  We're going to get married!" she said.

Myrtle's scowl surprised her.  "Well hurray for you, Ethel.  We were supposed to raise Alvin together. But lately, you've forgotten anything except Wyatt exists!"

"Now that's unfair, Myrtle!" Ethel cried.  "I pay plenty of attention to that boy!"

Myrtle clenched her fists. "Well, I hope you're happy! But, it's not like you're some blushing bride!"

Ethel was truly puzzled.  "Why are you so upset about this? I thought you would be happy!"

"Ha! Like you care about anyone's happiness except your own!  Why, my Frank..."  Myrtle couldn't finish her sentence.  Bursting into sobs, she cried, "Oh, just leave me be, Ethel."

Feeling awkward and unsure of what to say, Ethel walked out of the room and gently shut the door behind her.
Dinner was somber.  Ethel had spoken with Wyatt about her concerns with Myrtle.  He patted her hand and told her that Myrtle just needed time.  "It's likely that your new happiness is making her miss the times she had with Frank.  Give her time and she'll come around."  That had made sense to Ethel, but what was she supposed to do in the meantime?  She couldn't say one word without Myrtle scowling or making a rude comment.

Alvin was oblivious to the tension in the house, though.  He often had his friend, Jansen, over and they would play all afternoon.  Then, one of his Aunties would help him with his homework.  He would never say it out loud, but he liked it best when Auntie Ethel helped him with his homework. 

Time passed and Ethel got sick.  They decided to postpone the wedding until she was feeling better.  But, nothing the doctors did seemed to make her feel any better.

"Alvin, please pass the salt," Myrtle asked, even though the salt was next to Wyatt.

Wyatt rolled his eyes and nudged the salt over to Alvin to give to Myrtle.

Alvin sighed.  He missed Auntie Ethel.  "Is Auntie Ethel still sick Auntie Myrtle?" Alvin asked after handing her the salt.  "When will she be able to help me with my homework again?"

Wyatt frowned.  "I'm sorry Alvin, she's still very sick.  She doesn't have much energy to get around as much as she used to.  Maybe you can take your homework in there after dinner and work on homework together."

Alvin sighed. "No, I'll let her rest."

After dinner, Wyatt went to check on Ethel.  "Are you feeling any better?"

Ethel just coughed and looked up at him.  "I've been dreaming about our wedding, Wyatt.  I'd like to get married right away.  Tomorrow afternoon.  Will you get everything ready?"

Wyatt laid down next to Ethel and rocked her.  "I'll take care of everything, sweetie."

The next afternoon Wyatt helped Ethel put on her wedding gown and they greeted their guests.  He didn't think that the day could get any better.  They exchanged rings as their neighbors and friends cheered them on and shared a small kiss.  He could tell that the party was making Ethel tired and suggested that she lay down.  Ethel just smiled, "I think I'll go walk outside for a minute and then lay down, Wyatt. It's such a beautiful day."
"I'm sure I have a little more time left! I just got married! Please me have another day!"

It was Alvin that found her a little while later, collapsed in the front yard.  He called for Auntie Myrtle to come quick and then began sobbing.

Drying his tears, he realized he didn't feel like a little boy anymore.  He knew that life wouldn't be the same anymore.

That night, Wyatt make a makeshift memorial for Ethel and placed it where she'd passed.  He cried as he looked at the grave and thought about how lucky he was to have had her in his life.  She'd given him a life and a family.  He loved Alvin like he would love his own little boy.

Walking inside, Wyatt found Myrtle crying in the livingroom.  She looked up at him and then covered her face with her hands. 

"I was awful to her.  She's gone now and there's no way I can tell her how sorry I was.  That I was an old fool that acted horribly because I was so jealous..." 

"She knew, Myrtle.  She knew." Wyatt consoled Myrtle as he gave her a hug.  Myrtle just wrapped her arms around Wyatt and cried for a long time.

Alvin was devastated from losing Auntie Ethel.  He was determined to learn if there was anything he could've done to prevent her from passing away so prematurely.  In his heart, he knew it was the sickness that weakened her.  Alvin poured through medical books, trying to learn everything he could about human physiology and medicine.

Myrtle watched silently, understanding that this was his way of grieving.  Then, she made a few phone calls and arranged for Alvin to attend a private school. She knew it was important for him to attend an ivy league university.  The headmaster was very impressed with Alvin and said that he would arrange a scholarship so that he could attend without a financial burden.

"Hey! Good luck on getting that scholarship to the private school!" Wyatt told Alvin as he faked a punch.

"Thanks Wyatt!  Hey! I need to go meet my study partner. I'll see you later!" Alvin said as he ran out the door.

Myrtle walked in the room and laughed. "Go learn!" she called out the door.  Then, turning to Wyatt she said, "We haven't spoken about it since Ethel's death and I don't know what your plans are, but this is just as much your home as it mine.  So, I would be honored if you'd stay."

Wyatt smiled and said warmly, "Now that sounds like a plan!"

I wouldn't call having your bride die before the end of the party very successful... 
Maybe that's just me... 
Nope. It doesn't look like Wyatt thought it went well, either!


  1. Noooo, pooor Ethel! And just when she was getting married ç__ç... Siiiiigh!
    By the way, I like how you put Alvin's desire to study physiology into the story :)!

  2. Great story to Ethel's end. Very nice. I like to see the elders get married. :)

  3. Awww.....bye Ethel. How horrible, on her wedding day even. Poor Alvin really took it hard. Glad Wyatt is going to stay around though.


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