September 21, 2011

Potters - Round 10

Alvin came in from work and called out, "Is anyone home? I have some great news!"  He'd succeeded in reaching the top of the law career and landed a great case that afternoon representing a big league player.  The player had been quite grateful and they had talked for quite awhile.  He offered to show Alvin the ropes if he wanted to come by one day. 

It would be interesting to see how things worked in the athletic field.  Maybe he could even become a jock, he snickered.  While he'd been growing up, he'd always been interested in books and  learning - not athletics!  He was sure his best friend Jansen would get a kick out of that!

Alvin glanced around. Where was everyone?  "Hello?" he called out again.  "Sonja?!"  He was starting to get worried.

He heard her from the nursery, "I'm in here Alvin! Come back quick!" she called, "Levi is trying to walk! He's so cute!"

Alvin rushed back and saw his little boy trying to take a few steps.  Sonja grinned and lifted him up to snuggle.  "He's growing up so fast!"

It suddenly hit him that he was getting older.   He'd already topped three careers and was about to try for a fourth!  He had a wonderful wife and three darling kids.  Life just didn't get better than this!

Alvin turned when he heard Veronica crawling down the hall saying "Da da."  Sonja scooped Veronica up and tickled her belly.  "Are you ready for a bottle, baby?" she asked.  Alvin watched Sonja with the twins and felt so incredibly glad that he found her.  Who knew what twists life would take you on!

Alvin gazed at his daughter Veronica and the song "Don't Blink" came to mind.  He'd gone to work trying to learn all the ropes associated with athletics department and the next thing he knew his youngest were going into kindergarten!  Veronica was a beautiful, vivacious little girl...

 ...and Levi was a chip off the old block.  Alvin decided to try to have more family dinners.  All it would take was one more blink and they'd be ready to go off to college!

 "Hurry Sonja! Grab the extinguisher!" Alvin yelled.  "Kids! Go to your room!"

Sonja ran and grabbed the extinguisher and began spraying at the fire as Alvin frantically fretted in the background.  "So much for family meal time," she growled once the fire was out.  "I'm going to go take a bubble bath and go to bed."

Alvin trailed after her, "Are you okay, baby?" he asked worriedly.  "I didn't mean to start the fire. I just wasn't paying attention! I forgot the stovetop was on..."

"Can you believe Dad caught the oven on fire?" Levi snorted.  "That was some fire!"

Evelyn looked down at her bowl.  Dad was forgetting things a lot more lately.  She'd heard Mom talking to Jansen about it one afternoon when they thought she wasn't listening.  They whispered things like 'old timers'.  But, she didn't know what it was.  She hoped it wasn't serious...

 "I did it, Sonja!" Alvin said as he walked through the door.  "I made the Hall of Fame in athletics!"

Sonja glanced over at him as she practiced her chess game. "Don't rub it in!" she pouted.

Alvin came to sit with her.  "What's wrong?" he asked.

"It just upsets me sometimes that I haven't gotten as far in my career as I wanted.  I just spent so much time pregnant and caring for the kids. They don't give promotions if you stay home sick with the kids.."

Alvin looked at his wife.  "I know it's been hard, but I appreciate all the sacrifices you did make. I wouldn't have gotten this far in life without you."

Sonja sighed.  "I know... I guess I'm just... jealous..."

Alvin stood and patted her on the shoulder before walking to his bedroom. He got tired easily these days.  He was even thinking of retiring to enjoy his last few years with the kids before they got too old.

 He couldn't believe Evelyn was already a teenager!  He knew Sonja was worried about his little girl dating boys and being wild, but he didn't think Evelyn was even interested in boys right now.  She always had her nose in some book, just like he'd been when he was young!


  1. Love the kids and Evelyn *-*! Poor Sonja, though :/... she could be promoted now...

  2. Evelyn is a pretty girl. :) What? Alvin is a Senior Citizen already? Wow!

  3. Wow...hard to believe Alvin is already an elder. Evelyn is really quite pretty. :)


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