January 2, 2015

Meet & Greet

Welcome to Paradise Bay - a sleepy town nestled between beautiful valleys & a sparkling bay. With the newly constructed Aspen Circle subdivision sitting empty, the city council decided drastic measures were needed to help sell the properties & get the economy going. They accepted four applicants & paid the mortgage down-payment and all moving expenses. It was a move that might break the bank - but they were hoping it would help their little town prosper...

Join four families: The Potter sisters, The Reeds, The Carters & Mr. Steele as they build their lives in Paradise Bay.

The Potters:  The Potter sisters have never gotten along very well. Myrtle & Ethel were always competing to see who had the most friends, who made the most money.  When disaster struck the two sisters - Myrtle's husband passed away and Ethel's business suddenly tanked - they grudgingly moved into together to ride out their golden years.  Suddenly, one morning, they find something on their doorstep that will either bring them closer together... or tear them apart...

The Reeds:  Wallace regretted never stopping to smell the roses when he was younger.  He'd put off marrying his long-term girlfriend, Anna, until eventually she'd gotten tired of waiting.  He still received Christmas letters from time to time and he'd watched her children grow from little babies to adults.  He'd never regretted it... until a year ago when he'd suffered a heart attack and realized how alone he truly was.  Kirsten was a no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners career woman.  She respected Wallace for all he'd accomplished. When he proposed, she quickly decided that a marriage could easily work out to her advantage.  It's not like he would want kids at his late age!

 The Carters:  Anne Carter was happy to move to a new city to start their new life after her husband's "indiscretions" in the city.  She was hoping this would be a good way to start fresh.  Only, it was hard to start fresh when her mother-in-law and her sister were hovering around.  The tension was so thick in this house that Anne feared one word too many might bring the whole house tumbling down.

The Steeles:  Max was ready to turn the world upside down. He had big plans for his future.  First he would reach the top of his career and then he would make $100,000.  He was in his prime and ready for whatever the future decided to throw at him.