September 9, 2011

McMillans - Round 6

 Justus did a double take when he walked into his room to go to bed.  What the.... he thought.

"Stacey. Why are there two dogs in our room?" he asked, trying to contain his temper.

 Stacey fidgeted.  "Oh. So you noticed!"

"What the... how could I not notice.  Do you think I'm stupid... or blind?"  Justus demanded.

Stacey bit her lip.  She knew he wasn't going to take this well.  "Well, you see. I was talking to Craig the other night..."

Justus interrupted her, "Who the hell is Craig?"  Justus could feel his blood pressure rising.

"Oh you know, we met him at the club that night. Tall.  About this high with the nice muscles..." Stacey trailed off.

"I don't give a flip if he has muscles or not! Why. Are. There. TWO. Dogs. In. My. House," he gritted through his teeth.

Stacey flashed him her irritated look. "I'm getting to it, Justus!  Anyways. I told Craig all about Hardimos and he said that they actually had another dog that they were selling that was just like him. So, here she is! Little Abbey!"

"Selling? How much did you pay?"

Stacey looked at her finger nails and avoided eye contact.  "Umm..."

"Stacey, I swear to God! How much did you pay?"

"I sorta paid $1500," she said.

Justus threw his hands up and snapped, "I'm sleeping on the couch."

"That's getting real old," Stacey shouted at his back.  "Keep it up and the boys will start asking questions!" 

"Good, then maybe they can explain their nutcase of a mother to me," he snapped back.

"Jerk!" she called out and threw a shoe at the door.  After getting ready for bed she climbed into bed and watched her dogs play.  "Sometimes he's a big grump, but he really is the sweetest man.  You're going to love it here Abbey"

Chester and Austin were used to seeing their parents bicker. But, they generally just shouted a lot one night and then were made up by the next day.

Austin thought they were crazy.  He wished that they didn't have to fight all the time.  Whenever he heard them start to argue, he'd always run from the room covering his ears.  Chester just teased him and said to quit being a baby.

One day for an afternoon snack, Mom had complained to Aunt Anne about how upset Justus was about the new dog, Abbey.  Aunt Anne had said that she was lucky that was all they had to argue about and that wasn't a reason to kick a man to the curb.

Austin had worried after hearing that.  Was Mom going to get rid of Dad?  He had to think of a way to get them to quit arguing. Quietly he excused himself to go to his room.

 "I just couldn't believe she spent $1500 on a dog," Just complained to his friend, Abe.  "Without even talking it over with me! If I'd gone out and spent that much on a new stereo system, she would've thrown a huge fit."

Abe shrugged.  "Then go get a new stereo system and dare her to say something."

Justus sighed.  "That's not the point."

Abe just shrugged again and started watching tv again.

"Some help you are," Justus groused.

 Late at night, Stacey heard a lot of little dogs yipping in the backyard.  Worried that a dog was being attacked by one of those wolves she saw outside sometimes, she ran out back with her broom.

"Oh God," Stacey murmured.  "Justus is going to kill me!"

Justus stepped outside and stopped dead in his tracks.  "Stacey. What the hell?"

"You say that a lot now, Justus. Pick a new phrase!" she snapped.

"Why are there four puppies outside?"

Stacey grumbled, "Well they said she had her shots. I assumed that meant she couldn't have babies..."

Justus smacked his head. "Are you serious! God!"  Raking his hand through his hair, he announced, "Just get rid of them. I don't care what you do, who you sell them to. Just get rid of them."

"They might not be people Justus, but they have feelings, you know! You can't take them away from their Mom so soon."

"Just get rid of them Stacey."  Justus threw his hands up in the air and walked away.

"Just get rid of them Stacey," Stacey mimicked him with a snide voice.  "Poor babies.  Don't worry. I won't take you away from your Mommy so soon.  And then I'll find you such good homes!"

Justus wasn't talking to Stacey. This was the longest they'd fought.  Although, she could kind of see his point. She tried to keep the puppies outside in the little fenced in back area... but they were quick little things that loved to pee inside.  Justus groused about having to re-carpet soon because of the urine odor.
But, the puppies were soon old enough for Stacey to give away.  She'd been really hard-pressed to pick between Princess and Princer, though.  "Justus, I got rid of all the puppies," she told him.  "Well, except two.  I want to keep Princer and Princess... for the boys when they get older..."

Justus laughed.  "You think the boys are going to want a dog named Princess?"  God this woman could be so infuriating...

Stacey rolled her eyes. "Fine. Princess for me when I'm gray-haired and knitting?"

Justus couldn't stay mad at her.  "As if you'd ever knit."

"Hey! You never know! I might like it!"  Then, Stacey fluttered her eyelashes at Justus, "Are we good now?"

"We're good now," Justus said as he reached for her to hug.  He'd missed holding her.

"You'll come to bed with me?"

Justus sighed and acted put upon.  "If I must... I suppose..."

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  1. They love to hate and make

  2. At least she doesn't pop out kids each time they make up like her sister! :)

  3. These two are just crazy. They certainly enjoy the making up.


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