September 18, 2011

McMillans - Round 9

Austin had met Elizabeth one day when she'd come home from school with Chester.  But, he'd been too distracted trying to win Natalie's heart to even notice her.  That all changed one day over at Natalie's when Elizabeth had walked up to him and shyly told him that she thought he was really smart.
 They were inseparable after that...

 "Are you the cutest little thing, ever?" Stacey asked the cute little dog, Chloe.  "I would adopt you if I could, but Justus would kill me.  Oh yes he would," she cooed as she rubbed Chloe's belly.

Later that night, Stacey hinted to Justus that she wanted to adopt another stray dog.  Justus shook his head and hugged Stacey.  "You've got such a soft heart, Stacey.  But, I just don't think we have room!"

They had too many dogs as it was! There was always something to clean or bowls of food to put out!

Stacey cried the night her boys moved out to go to college. "Email me!" she cried as they pulled off in the cab.  "Every night!"

Back inside, she wrapped her arms around Justus' waist and cried.  She hadn't expected them to leave quite this soon!  It's just like Anne had always told her about...

Empty nest syndrome, Stacey thought.  The house was quiet, there was no one to talk to and she was bored and fidgety.  She thought back to when she was a younger woman and all the interesting people she'd met that had entertained her. Those were the days, she sighed wistfully.

Justus could hardly believe it.  His friend Parker had put in a good word for him at work and he was given that raise he'd been waiting for! He couldn't wait to take Stacey out to celebrate.  But, everyone had been too tired that night.

Stacey had mumbled, "Tomorrow night, baby," as she rolled over to go to sleep.

Justus sighed.  He knew they were getting old when Stacey didn't have the energy to go out on the town.

 Sadly, that was pretty much the last thing that he thought.

 Stacey took his death hard.  Brittany found her mom dancing around in the lampshade again weeks after her Dad had died.

"Mom," she said.  "Maybe it's time for you to go out with someone else. Not really date, but maybe just go out and enjoy yourself!"

Stacey shook her head.  "I want to go out, but I think I'm too old.  Nobody would want to date someone like me.."

Brittany hugged her Mom.  "Mom, you're beautiful, fun and vivacious! Tons of guys would love to take you out! Just think about it..." Brittany walked out to go check on the dogs.

Stacey sighed and sat on the sofa. Maybe Brittany was right. Maybe it was time to test the waters and start dating again. Not that she'd ever marry again, but she missed talking to someone and being romantic.  She couldn't believe how fast Brittany was growing up!

Stacey called up the eccentric fellow she'd met at the club last time she went and invited him over for some tea.  They'd had a lovely conversation about his village in Simania.  "It sounds lovely!" she gushed.

"Vould you like to see it vone day?" he offered in that sexy foreign accent.

Stacey tapped his shoulder.  "Oh quit teasing me. As though you would take me!"

The handsome man smiled and said, "Ah, but vhat if I said I vould.  Vould you come vith me?"

Stacey thought about it. "It would be such an adventure! And Brittany will be going off to college soon.  I just wish I didn't feel so old!"

He leaned in, his eyes flashing, "Vhat if I told you that I could make you live forever?" he asked.

Stacey leaned over and laughed as she pushed him.  "Now I know you're messing with me! You're so funny! I had a lovely time tonight," she said as she leaned in to kiss his cheek.  "But I think it's time for me to get to bed now.  Maybe you could come over tomorrow?" she asked.

He scowled as he made a face. "No, no! I cannot. But, tomorrow evening?"

"It's a date!" Stacey grinned.

Brittany was practicing her yoga outside when she heard all the dogs howling in the front.  Running to the front of the house, she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw her Mom passed out on the sidewalk.

"Mom?" she asked quietly as she took a step forward.  "Mom? Are you okay?"


  1. Poor Stacey ç__ç! You should accept the Count's offer...

  2. Yes, she should have accepted the Count's offer. Vamps are so fun to play!

  3. Awww....Stacy, you should have accepted. Poor Brittany without either parent now. Well Alvin did it, and Lisa did it, she can too.


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