September 14, 2011

McMillans - Round 8

Next door, the McMillans were celebrating Brittany's birthday, too.

"Happy birthday, Brittany!" Stacy said.  "Are you ready for your surprise?"

"What is it?" Brittany happily clapped.

Stacy smiled down at her daughter.  "I redid your room while you were playing today and you get to wear make-up!"
Brittany ran to her room and cheered.  "I love it, Mom!" she said as she hugged her Mom.  "It's beautiful!"

Austin and Chester peeked in the room.  "Looks pretty girly," Chester noted.

"No one asked you," Brittany said as she stuck her tongue out.

Now that Brittany was ready for school, Stacey thought it would be best if she was in a private school.  She wanted the best for her little girl.  The headmaster arrived at 5 on the dot and Stacey began her tour of their house as she talked up why they were perfect for the Academy.

The headmaster had been very impressed, especially after talking to Chester and Austin.  "I see here that you applied for your daughter, Brittany.  Are you aware that we also offer an excellent program for high school students, as well."

"Oh, well... I guess I wasn't... " she stammered.

"I spoke with Chester and he said he was quite interested in becoming a doctor."

Stacey had been stunned. "He never told me!"  The headmaster had looked at her like she was a bad mother for not knowing what her son wanted to do.  "Well, you know boys, always changing their minds..."

The headmaster had looked at her quizzically.  "Yes, well. At any rate, I'd like to accept all of your children at the Academy, if you're agreeable."

Stacy gushed. "Yes, yes, of course! That's lovely.  Will you stay for dinner?"

The headmaster waved her off. "No, no.  No need at all. I've seen everything I came for.  Have a wonderful evening, Ms. McMillan."

I'm in love, Austin thought as he leaned forward to kiss Natalie Steele.  She was so sweet and kind.  He'd been surprised when she first hit on him after class.  She was so pretty and he was.. kind of geeky.  But, she'd come home with him that afternoon and Austin that the kiss had been amazing!

 Gathering up his courage, he asked her to go steady with him.

"Oh no. I'm sorry, I just can't..." Natalie said awkwardly

Chester punched Austin on the shoulder and furiously whispered, "Man up.  Don't cry like a sissy in front of her!"  Chester shook his head as he walked off.  Austin had always been so emotional.  He had been scared when they were little that Dad would just leave them when their parents fought.  And then, as soon as he got old enough he started talking about how he couldn't wait to get married and have kids.  Now that he was older, he talked about being a police officer so that he could help people. Give me a break, Chester thought.

 "I'm sorry, Austin! My sister just said I can't date yet! I'm too young!" Natalie cried out as Austin gave her a noogie.

Even though Austin had been a little immature earlier in the afternoon, Natalie stayed over and continued to flirt with Austin.  Talk about mixed signals, Chester thought sourly.  He'd try to pull Austin aside to distract him, but Austin was infatuated.

He hung around outside and heard Austin trying to convince Natalie to go steady again.

"But, Natalie, I'm sure your sister will understand that we're in love..." Austin argued passionately.

Natalie just shook her head.  "I'm real sorry, Austin. But... look... I have to go now..."  Natalie ran down the sidewalk to her house.

Chester threw his arm around Austin and said, "Just give it time. You can't rush it!"

Austin shrugged Chester's arm off of him.  "What do you know about it?" he said angrily.

"I've watched the masters," Chester said, nodding towards his parents.


  1. What's with Natalie O_o? She is not too much in love with him?

  2. I guess not! He was in love with her & high relationship scores, but she absolutely did not want to go steady! Poor guy cried a lot...

  3. Sounds like Natalie doesn't know a good thing when she sees it....

  4. Hmm....Natalie might change her mind later. Poor Austin though, he's a caring boy. Chester seems like he will be a handful though.


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