September 12, 2011

McMillans - Round 7

 "See, Justus." Stacey said as she watched him play with the puppy.  "You just needed to give yourself some time to get to know them.  They're such sweet, precious, little babies!"

Justus quickly set Princess down and rolled his eyes.  "They're okay," he said smoothly, as though he hadn't just been cooing to the darn dog.  Embarrassed, he went to go get ready for work.

 Stacy sighed and went to lounge on the couch.  She didn't know why Justus had to such a... such a... baby about adopting little puppies.  She couldn't help how much she loved animals.  (Really Stacy, didn't you get in enough trouble last time you rolled the want for puppies? You adopt another animal and Justus is going to kill you!)

Austin worked on his homework and rolled his eyes when his Dad dropped to one knee and started singing to Mom.  He was glad they didn't seem to fight as much as they used to, but geez... they acted gross all the time now!

 Chester had elbowed him when they found out Mom was pregnant.  "You know how that happened? Don't you Austin?"

Austin had glanced at Chester and rolled his eyes.  "Of course I do. I'm not a baby!" he'd snapped.  Chester threw the pillow at him and ran off to call one of his friends.  Austin was annoyed. He didn't know how Mom had gotten pregnant.  I bet Chester doesn't know either, he thought sourly.  Chester was like that, always wanting to be smarter, faster, and better than Austin.  It was annoying!

Pretty soon Mom came home from the hospital with their little sister.

"Okay boys, you're old enough now that you need to start helping out more around the house," Mom had said when she walked in.

Chester had frowned.   "But what about my studies? I have a lot of reading to do for all my AP classes!  La Academie won't accept me if I don't have a 4.0!"

But Austin didn't mind helping out. He looked at little Brittany and fell head over heels in love with her.  She was so tiny and precious. 

 Besides, Austin thought.  Mom was really starting to show her age.  She didn't say anything, but she'd often have to go sit down after doing the dishes to catch her breath or her breath would hitch & her knees would creak if she leaned over to clean up after the dogs.

 Dad was getting up there in age, too, Adam thought sadly.  But, they seemed as easy-going as ever.

Chester had laughed the night they'd gotten dressed up to go out.  "They're probably going to a BINGO game. How lame is that!"

 Instead, they'd gone back to the place they'd celebrated their elopement.  Justus slow danced with Stacey around the dance floor as the DJ played something fast & thumping.  Stacey & Justus didn't care though.

Stacey smiled.  She patted his cheek, "We've had our ups and downs, but I've always loved you."

Justus trapped her hand against his cheek.  "Happy anniversary."

Then, Stacey grinned.  "If you really want to take a walk down memory lane..."

 "I don't know about this Stacey.  We're not as young and flexible as we once were. And you know I have that hip problem."

Stacey laughed.  "Everything will be just fine as long as you don't drop me!"

Justus gazed at their memento.  He'd put it right next to their wedding pictures.


  1. Stacy seems to be mellowing out..nice anniversary celebration!

  2. I am a little sad for these children, but... they seems to be going fairly well :).

  3. Aww....Stacy has turned into a great sim. The kids are all cute too.


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