September 7, 2011

McMillans - Round 5

 (Whoops! Looks like I forgot to take more pictures this Round!)

Stacey was feeling bored at home with the kids every day, day after day.  The week blew by too quickly!  Justus went to work every morning, she changed diapers during the day, and then they repeated it all over again!  

When Justus finally walked in, she hopped up.  "Let's go out tonight!" she said.

Justus set his briefcase down by the door.  "What about the kids?" he asked.

"We can have Anne watch them. Or hire a nanny. I don't care. I want to go out!" she said.

Justus wrapped his arms around her.  "What about a nice night in. We'll order chinese and put our feet up?"

Stacey stomped her foot. "I'm inside every day!  I want to go out."  Looking up at him, she glared.  "And I'll go without you!"

Justus sighed.  "I'll go call a nanny."

Justus watched Stacey weave her magic once again.  Look at those fools, he thought bitterly.  They're just standing around hanging off of every word she said.  Although, he thought, as he knocked back another drink.  If he was honest, he could lump himself in that category, too.  But, it's different between us, he told himself.  She married him and they were raising a family together.  He was more to her than those guys were.

Feeling a little despondent, Justus walked over to the blue couch and plopped down.  This is why he hated going out with her.  He didn't trust her enough to let her go by herself, but even if he did go with her, he was invisible.

Looking up, he saw those killer legs up front. 

"Why are you sitting over here all by yourself?" Stacey asked. 

"I'm invisible," Justus informed her.

"Ah. I see. Invisible, eh." Stacey sat down on him.  "You're so invisible I didn't even see you there!" she joked. 

Justus wrapped his arms around her.  "Are you having fun, baby?"

Stacey smiled.  "I am. Thanks for coming with me!"  Then, she got that wicked look in her eye that she got right before she did something naughty.  "Now, let me show you how thankful I am!" she said as she pushed him back. 

"Stacey! They're going to kick us out?" Justus complained.

Stacey just leaned forward and shrugged.  "So?  Any other complaints?" she asked.

Justus felt every thought fly out of his head.  "Nope. None at all!"

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  1. Hehe That is Stacey for you....Good thing she stuck close to Justus!

  2. Well at least Stacey "saw" Justus. She's a pretty crazy girl.


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