September 23, 2011

McMillans (2) - Round 10

Austin called up friends and family to fill up their tiny little trailer on Tech Ridge.  This would be the wedding to remember!

And there inside their new home, Austin and Elizabeth pledged to love each other forever and start a family. 
 "Thanks for coming," Elizabeth told Chester afterwards.

Chester smiled.  "I'm happy for you guys," he said, touching her arm.  "I know we had a rough start, but now that we'll be colleagues... well... I hope that we're able to move past all of that."

Elizabeth patted his shoulder, "Of course we can.  Let bygones be bygones."

Austin and Elizabeth decided to get a little kitten.  They named the little girl Calico.  Austin was just enchanted with her.  "Have you ever seen a cuter little furball?" he asked her when they brought her home.

And soon they would have their own little furball.  Austin was so excited that they were having a baby.  But, he was having a hard time finding a job. No one was hiring.

 Elizabeth told him it was okay. "You can be a house dad!" she said excitedly.  "I'll go to work and you can watch little Conrad! It's perfect!"

Austin smiled.  He did love the idea of staying at home with his baby and getting great bonding time.  And it was't like it would be forever... once Conrad went to school he could always get a job.

"Come on Calico, let's go check on Conrad," Austin said one afternoon after naptime.  Calico just sniffed and walked by to jump up on the counter.



  1. I love the stay-at-home dads :)! Good luck to this family!

  2. Yay for cats! Yay for Conrad! Yes, good luck!


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