September 4, 2011

McMillan - Round 3

Stacy wrapped her arms around Justus and kissed him lightly on the lips.  "Thanks for letting me move in with you," she said.  "I can't believe my own sister would kick me out."  She lowered her eyes and fluttered her lashes.  "I just have no idea what I would have done if you hadn't let me move in."

Justus smiled and ran his hands on her shoulders.  "Well, you don't have to worry about that! I have plenty of space here!" he said happily.
Stacy was lucky that she'd met Justus and hit it off with him after first moving in to her sister's.  She hadn't told anyone who she was seeing, because really, it wasn't any of their business.  Besides, Anne tended to get on her high horse when Stacy dated more than one guy.

And Justus had been a good date.  He enjoyed taking her to Cafe Petite and showing her off.  She supposed it made him feel like a big man to be seen with someone as sexy as she was.  Sure, he wasn't all that to look at, but people tended to look the same when the lights were off, right?
"Come on Justus! Let's go have some fun, roomie!"

Stacy knew just where she wanted to go.  There'd been this killer blue jean mini skirt staring at her from the display case for weeks now!  She'd tried to hint that Max should buy it for her, but he was too obtuse, apparently!  Giggling, she'd pulled Justus into the changing booth to give him a private show.  He was all too happy to buy it for her after that.

Next, she dragged him to Cafe Petite.  Glancing around as they ate, she kept trying to see if there was anyone else she knew there.  She hadn't even heard Justus talking to her until she glanced over at him.

Blinking, she asked, "Oh, I'm sorry. I missed what you were saying..."

Justus just smiled and said, "I was saying how nice it was when we came here for our first date. That was some kiss!"

Stacy patted his hand.  She wondered if he'd let her order salmon...

It didn't take long for the newness of living with Justus to wear off.  He left dirty socks on the floor by the couch.  Really! How long did it take to take it to the laundry room? Gross!  And sometimes he kissed with his eyes open. Weird!

And he talked all the time as though they were a couple.  Sure, she was shacking up here with him, but that didn't mean they made all their decisions together. Grumpily, she ate her pancakes and prayed that his carpool would show up soon.

"Stacy? Were you listening to me?" Justus asked.

Stacy just mumbled, "Sorry. I'm just not a morning person.." she hedged.  "What were you saying?"


Justus put his dishes in the sink.  "Whatever. I'll see you tonight."

Stacy cleaned up the kitchen and then slumped on the couch. This was booooooooring, she sulked on the crappy couch.  Justus didn't even have a tv. How lame! Sometimes she felt like her head would explode from being so bored!

Growling with frustration, she got up and paced around the livingroom and noticed a cutie walking by the door.  Darting to the door, she threw it open and pretended to be throwing something away.

"Oh. Hi. I didn't notice you there," she said when he saw her.  She watched him look her up and down twice and preened.  She let Biker Guy stay and flirt until it was almost time for Justus to get home and then she shooed him away with her phone number.  "Call me!" she said as he walked off.

Grinning, she went inside and pulled out a box of macaroni.  Tonight, she was making dinner!
 Justus came in and slammed the door.

Scowling at him over her shoulder, she snapped, "What the hell is your problem?"

Justus looked over at her in the kitchen.  "Well, I have to say I'm surprised you're not lounging on the couch staring at the wall.  An improvement worth noting."

Stacy just scoffed as she dumped the noodles in the water.  "Whatever.  Quit being a jerk."

"I'm not the one being a jerk, Stacy!"  Justus yelled.  "You moved in here and you don't do anything around here!"

Stacy threw the box of macaroni at him.  "I don't do anything?" she shouted. "Well thanks a whole lot for nothing, Justus! God!"  Turning her back to him she viciously stirred the macaroni.

Justus crossed his arms.  "You need to get a job Stacy.  I'm not supporting you."

Stacy turned back around and glared.  "I don't want you to support me.  Forget this! You cook the macaroni!"  Stacy snapped and walked to the bedroom and slammed the door and locked it.

Justus rolled  his eyes.  "Yeah, because macaroni is so hard."  He pulled the pot of the water and dumped it in the trash.  Then, knocking on the door, he said loudly, "That's my room, Stacy. You can't lock me out it."

"HA!" she yelled from the other side. "Watch me!"

It took Stacy awhile to fall asleep. It seemed like everyone was out to get her these days. She couldn't do anything to please anyone!  First thing in the morning, she called a friend from school and arranged an easy job that paid well.  He'd apologized for it being such crappy hours, but she'd just shrugged and said anything was better than nothing.

Stacy expected to hate working and was actually surprised by how much she liked it.  She got to flirt with guys all evening long.  Too bad she didn't get tips working at the cash register.

When she got her first paycheck, the first thing she bought was a tv.  "Yes!" she thought as she stared at it.  "My first paycheck!"  Justus had given her crap about helping with rent & utilities, but she told him that she'd get it next round.  She just wanted to do something special with the first paycheck.  He seemed to understand.   She'd also talked Justus into throwing a big party to celebrate the new tv.

"Let's throw a sports party!" she'd excitedly said.  Justus just shrugged and said "Whatever you want."  So, she called up everyone she knew and invited them over.

"Look at my new tv, Max. Isn't it great," Stacy had bragged.

Max looked at the tv and said, "Yeah, it's great. How much did it cost Justus?"

Stacy had glared. "Ha. Ha. Funny, Max.  I bought it myself. I've been working, now."

Max had looked genuinely surprised.  "Well that's great, Stacy. I'm happy for you!"

Stacy smiled at Max, then leaned over and whispered, "Did you know your girlfriend has been staring at us the entire time.  I think she might like me..."

Max glanced over at Alice and waved.  Then, turning back to Stacy, he just shrugged.  "No.  She just doesn't really know anyone yet."

"Whatever," Stacy declared.  "She just doesn't trust you with little old me."  Stacy leaned back over and tapped his nose.

Max waved her off and sighed.  "You're annoying sometimes, Stace."

She just laughed and said, "I know!" then skipped and to drive some other male nuts. 

Justus watched her flit around the room, outrageously flirting with all the guys.  It was getting to the point where he either just needed to let her go or realize that was just who she was.  Shaking his head, he walked outside to toss the ball with his good friend Abel.

A few days later Stacy came home with a bundle hidden under her jacket.  Justus looked at her strangely and then jolted when a doggy head popped out from between her lapels.

"Isn't he adorable," she squealed.  "I found him out by the dumpster. Can you believe someone had just thrown him out? Like trash? Can we keep him?" she begged.  After a lot of sulking, conjoling and begging, Stacy had finally gotten Justus to say yes.  He sagged on the couch and leaned his head back and sighed.  She was going to be the death of him.

"Oof!" he gasped when she surprised him by jumping in his lap.  Throwing her arms around him, she kissed him deeply.  "You're not going to regret this!" she said excitedly.

He wrapped his arms around her tight and rested his head on her shoulder.  "I already do."

She knew Justus didn't like Hardimos.  But, sometimes it made her mad how mean he could be to the poor thing.  She came home from work one day and had caught him yelling at Haridmos just because he'd gone pee in the house. 

"Stop is Justus! You're scaring her!" she cried.

Justus pointed his finger at the yapping dog.  "That thing is evil Stacy!"

Stacy picked up the trembling puppy and hugged her tight.  "Maybe if you'd stop scaring her, she'd stop peeing in the house, Justus! God!"

Justus had just turned on his heel and slammed the bedroom door.

"Don't worry, baby.  I won't let that mean man hurt you," she cooed to the yapping dog.

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  1. Wonderful update! I am starting to like Stacey, and I already love the little dog ^__^!

  2. Stacey is just misunderstood....she is throwing her affections toward a little dog when she really needs to be listening to Justus...

  3. Hmm....Stacey is a very interesting character. The doggy is super cute.


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