September 22, 2011

Harts - Round 10

The house was so empty these days now that the kids were in school, Brandi thought.  She hadn't really wanted to get pregnant again, but it seemed important to Matthew.  He told her that he'd pictured a future with them surrounded by all their children and grandchildren.  He'd always wanted a big family, he'd said.

She just hoped none of them inherited the Hart nose!

Twins again, Brandi thought, concerned.  She checked their noses quickly.  She was relieved to find that little Aaron and Susie's noses looked okay.

While they were feeding the twins, Brandi hestitantly brought up the subject of more kids.  "Matthew, I know you wanted a big family, but with two sets of twins... I think I'm done being pregnant."

Matt's face fell.  "If that's how you feel," he said sadly.

Brandi smiled weakly at him.  "I feel like I'm letting you down," she said sadly.

"No! No, you're not! We have four beautiful children! I'm happy! I'm sure they'll have lots of grandchildren!"

Brandi laid her newborn in the crib and dressed for work.  After that promotion she got the other day, she was the top of the intelligence department.

 Matt loved all his kids to death.  Aaron looked like he would be the spitting image of his dad...

 Little Susie looked like she would be her Mother's child...

 Amy grew up...

And so did Seth...


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