September 18, 2011

Downies - Round 9

Regina walked up the steps to the little cabin where she had met with Don, the criminal mastermind.  When Walter had kicked her out, he'd suggested she go shack up with her lover.

Don was confused when he saw her walking up the front walk.  "Regina?" he asked, scratching his head.  "What are you doing here?"

Regina smiled and made sure to shake her hips.  "I've come to let you know that you need me."

Now Don was even more perplexed.  "I need you?"

"Of course you do.  I can be your right hand woman."

Don shifted uncomfortably.  "But, Sheldon is my right hand man."

Regina dismissed that thought with a wave, "Please, Sheldon is weak-willed.  You need someone like me... someone with nerve and strength.  Plus, men talk to me.  They tell me things that you could never get out of them," Grinning saucily, she reminded him, "Like a certain Mr. Cuddles locked away in a closet..."

Don growled, "I told you not to ever mention that!"

Regina laughed and wiggled her finger in front of his face.  "And that is why you need me!"

Don scratched his chin.  Maybe she could be a benefit...  Find out what his minions were really thinking...

Regina could tell that he agreed.  "Good, now let's seal it with a kiss and then work on your redecoration!"

Don's mouth dropped open "We're not redecorating!"

 Don had to admit. The place looked much more regal.  He wanted to keep the outside facade as a small, abandoned cabin, but the inside! Regina had made it look high class!

Regina loved interrogating the men.  She threw herself into her job with abandon.  She learned things about their minions that gave Don great leveraging ability.

 "I spoke with that man you hired to do the Shumaker project and he let it slip that he had botched the time frame.  I think you should come down hard on him," Regina proposed.

Don nodded and accepted Regina's advice.  She'd shown herself more than capable and deserving of her position.  She was loyal to a fault, despite some of the... unorthodox... ways of interrogating his minions.

It was clear she was headed towards the top in the criminal career.  Sheldon had nothing but glowing reports when it came to her activities.  Although, he was beginning to suspect that Sheldon's loyalties might be compromised.

Don laid in bed and considered what his next course of action should be.  He wouldn't be around forever and Regina showed the spunk and desire to continue his legacy. Tapping his fingers against his belly, he came to a decision.

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  1. Well, Regina is not the kind of woman who is easily demoralized XD. I am curious about Don's decision.


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