September 22, 2011

Downies - Round 10

"Well this is unexpected!" Regina cooed when Don dropped down to one knee.

Don smiled and slipped the ring on Regina's finger.  "You have been an asset to my business and my personal life."

Regina smirked inside at how outrageous Don acted when she delivered the baby.  Men! Such pansies! Handing Gunnar to Don, she went to make a phone call.

"I want you to go to Sector 5 and push for them to pay the fees," Regina told Sheldon.

Victoria glanced over at Don, "Is that what he wants?"

Regina smiled chillingly at her.  "It's what you were told to do.  I would suggest you do it."

Victoria nodded.  "Right away," she said as she turned to leave.

"Sheldon. I need to see you in the other room..." Regina said as she walked towards the bedroom.

Sheldon glanced at Don and answered, "Right away, ma'am."

Don watched Sheldon and Regina walk from the room and wondered if Regina was getting too bold for her position.  She was starting to call shots without any input from him.  Setting the paper aside, Don began to ponder what he should do with his incorrigible bride.

One night after work, Regina ran into a very strange fellow that asked her to call him Count. He was European and very charming.  Regina invited him home for a night cap.

And then soon became memorized by him.  She couldn't wait to see him again and called him every evening to come over.

"I can't get enough of you," she said in wonderment as she stroked his face.

 Meanwhile little Gunnar was growing up. 

Don took every oppurtunity to teach him the tricks of his trade.  There were no nursery rhymes in his house - just cold hard facts about the crime syndicate.  Gunnar would grow up and have to take over the family business!

 "Ooooh... that feels... so..." Regina cried out when his teeth pierced her skin.

Feeling strangely powerful and sensual, Regina glided into the bedroom and awakened Don from his sleep. 

"Not now, Regina," he mumbled sleepily.

"Now!" Regina ordered him and leaned in to kiss his deeply.

"Regina.. what's come over you?" Don asked.  He couldn't put his finger on the difference, but Regina felt different... acted different...

"Stop asking questions..." Regina admonished him.

The next morning, Regina slipped into a long black dress and wore her hair down with a crown the Count had given her.  She slipped through the garage and headed for work, swearing at the pain the sun caused her skin.  She would need to switch back to nights soon!

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  1. I wonder if Regina will share this gift with Don... I dounbt itXD.

  2. Ah, she makes a beautiful Countess!


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