September 18, 2011

Downies (2) - Round 9

Whitney and Erica snuck out of the room in the middle of the night, whispering and giggling.

"Quiet!" Whitney said.  "You're going to wake up Mom!"

Erica stuck her tongue out.  "No, you are!" she accused.

"Nuh uh!"

"Uh uh!"

 The next day was a snow day.  The girls were excited to be able to skip school and do whatever they wanted while Mom was at work.

"Okay, so when you're finishing making your house, you need to put the blocks away, okay Erica?" Audrey asked.

Erica just rolled her eyes and kept playing.

When the doorbell rang, Erica jumped up.  "I'll get it!" she yelled as she ran to the door.

Audrey stood up and yelled, "No! You don't know who it is!"

But it was too late, Erica had thrown open the door and ran out to greet the stranger.

 "Are you little Audrey?" the man asked.

Erica smiled. "No, I'm Erica! Audrey's my sister!"

The man nodded and rubbed his chin.  "Is your father at home?"

Audrey hung by the door and ordered Erica to come back inside.  Erica just made a face at her and told the man, "No, our Daddy doesn't live with us. We just live with our Mommy!"

Audrey yelled, "Erica Jane! Get inside now or I'm telling Mom!"

The man glanced at the girl by the door.  "That's okay. I'm an old friend of your mother's maybe I could wait inside for her."

Audrey shook her head.  "No, we're not supposed to let anyone in."

The man just winked at her and wandered inside.  "That's okay. Your Mother will be glad to see me, I promise."

The girls all sat on the couch kicking their feet.  When the man had come in he started asking a lot of questions about their Mom and some dragon.  It made Audrey very uncomfortable.  She was starting to get a really bad feeling about this, but had no clue what she should do.

"Hi guys," Nancy called out as she walked in.  Then, she saw the man sitting on the couch.  "You!" she gasped.  "Girls! To your room! Now!"  Erica and Whitney stared wide-eyed when their Mom yelled. She never yelled.  They scurried into the room and jumped into bed together, holding each other.

"You have a lot of nerve to come into my home like this!" she accused as she poked Don in the chest.  Audrey stood up and ran from the room.  She'd never seen her Mom this angry before.  She knew that this must be the bad man they'd been avoiding all their lives and she had just let Erica waltz out to greet him. 

"I have a lot of nerve! You ran off with my children!"

Nancy's hand shook.  "As though you care!"

Don shrugged. "You're right. I don't.  I came for two things.  If you give them to me, then I am willing to be generous..."

Nancy crossed her arms and stared at him, trying to show that she wasn't scared when inside she was scared spitless.  She knew this man could ruin their lives.   "What do you want?"

Don smiled. "That's more like it. First, I want my dragon.  It's by the far the least valuable of my possessions now, but it galls me that you stole it from me."

Nancy's eyes flicked with anger. "And what about who you stole it from?"

"Don't test my patience. Go get it. Now!" he barked.

Nancy stomped from the room and into her bedroom.  Attempting to smile at the girls who huddled on the bed, Nancy assured them, "It's okay girls. He'll be gone in a little bit.."

"Who is he?" Erica piped up.

Audrey hugged her sisters tight.  "Shhh..." she said.  "Let Mom get rid of him."

 Nancy walked back out with the statue.  "Here it is," she said as she handed it over.

 Don grinned wide.  "I've been waiting for this moment.  My collection is complete now.  You are lucky to be escaping as unscathed as you are.  But, I find myself with more goodwill these days."  Don stroked his chin, "Which brings me to my next request.  I want you to sign these divorce papers."

 "Happily!" Nancy spat. "I'd be glad to be rid of you! You made me miserable and lied to me!"

"No need for theatrics, my little thespian.  Just sign on the dotted line." Don smiled as he watched Nancy try to read through all the papers.  "Really, Nancy.  I would never try to pull anything funny.  Just sign the papers and I'll be on my way."

Nancy felt close to crying.  "I don't trust you!" she said.

Don tsked.  "It doesn't really matter. You will sign this before I leave. It shouldn't matter what it says."

Nancy wiped the tears from her eyes, grabbed the pen and signed where he had marked.  Thrusting the paper back at him she said, "There. I signed it! Now get out of my house! Leave me and my girls in peace!"

Don tucked the papers away and smiled as he walked out the door.  "But, I was so looking forward to getting to know my little girls!"

Nancy lived each day in terror that Don would either come back or she would return home and find her girls missing. But, so far, Don seemed to have stayed away.  She tried to act normal, but knew she was far from it.  Don had stolen her youth and her innocence and she felt so jaded.

But as long as her girls kept some semblance of that innocence and youth, then it was all worth it...

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  1. Fiuuuu, Don passed and went away. I hope he will not want anything more from Nancy or the kids...

  2. Lets hope it really was nothing but divorce papers she signed.

  3. Oh man, I don't trust Don with any kind of papers. I hope he won't be back demanding the girls. She hid from him for so long.


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