September 14, 2011

Downies (2) - Round 8

Nancy had fled that afternoon after Don had fallen asleep.  She'd grabbed up Audrey and taken off into the woods to escape. She didn't know what had possessed her to take the statue, too.  She knew that if she did that Don would come looking for her.  But, it was her way of getting back at him for the years he'd mistreated and lied to her.

"An undercover agent."  She scoffed. "How naive and gullible I was," she thought sadly.  She should've known that he wasn't an undercover agent by his actions and his meanness.

The first thing she did was check into a women's shelter for help escaping.  She'd met some lovely ladies there and was so glad that she was free from Don, at last!  She'd cut her hair short and started wearing fake glasses.  She'd also started wearing baggier clothes.

With the help from the shelter, she was able to get a grant for a house on Circle Way.  Nancy thought it was perfect. She would hide in plain sight among other families.

Other normal families, she thought sadly.  Normal people who sent out welcome wagons when someone new moved to the community.  Nancy stood and watched the trio from the window as she considered whether or not to open the door.  They could have been sent by Don.  But, on the other hand...

Nancy decided spur of the moment to meet with them.  You never knew when you might need a friend.
After talking to her neighbors for awhile, Nancy started to feel poorly.  Alvin shooed her to bed.  When she would've argued, he said, "I'm a doctor.  I know what I'm talking about.  It's not good for your baby to get so stressed.  I'll watch this little tyke for you," he said as he patted Audrey's head.

Nancy had glanced down at Audrey.

Alvin laughed.  "Not that baby."

Nancy quickly calculated the timing.  Oh good Lord.  Was she pregnant with another of Don's children?  Rubbing her belly as she walked to bed, she soon fell fast asleep.

Alvin stayed for another hour and then came and put Audrey in her crib to sleep.   Two sleeping beauties, he thought poetically before going home to his wife.

Nancy felt so refreshed when she woke up.  The first thing she did was look for an open position.  Luckily, there was a position available in the entertainment industry. Just what she wanted to be doing!  She took it as a sign that things were going to start looking up.

 Nancy was worried about delivering the baby at home, but had a wonderful mid-wife that came to help her.

"It's too early!" Nancy thought sadly.  "Something's wrong!"

But the mid-wife had calmed her fears and helped her deliver two little babies!  She patted Nancy's hand and told her that the body is smart than the brain sometimes.

Nancy rocked her little girls Whitney and Erica, then gazed fretfully at the one crib.  A tear slipped down her face.  "I only have one crib," she said.  She'd been so proud the day she'd gotten the crib for Audrey.

"It will work out. I'll see if I can find you another one."  And the mid-wife had come through. She'd found a couple that wanted to donate their old crib.

 "Can I feed the babies, Mommy?" Audrey asked.

Nancy smiled down at her big girl.  "No, not right now. They drink a special milk. But, soon, you can help me feed them and sing to them!"

"Great!" Audrey said as she ran outside with her jump rope.

"Remember to stay in the backyard and don't talk to strangers!" Nancy called after her.
 "Mommy?" Audrey asked.  "Why am I not supposed to play outside?"

Nancy cringed.  "It's just safer to play inside sometimes," she hedged.

Audrey frowned.  "But my friends don't have to play inside. Why do I have to?"

Nancy toyed with her omelette.. "Because I'm your Mommy and I said so.  Now finish up food and get ready for school."

Audrey grumbled a little bit, but did as she was told.  Nancy felt awful for not telling her why they had to be so cautious.  But, really, do you tell an 8 year old that your Father was a horrible man that you had to hide from?

On the way to work, Nancy saw a Scotty dog pawing through the trash outside.  "You poor thing! It must've been ages since you ate!"  Nancy was amazed that the dog let her stroke him.  She decided then to adopt him.  She was sure that Audrey would love him!

Audrey squealed with delight when she saw the cute dog that her Mommy had adopted.  "He's ours?" she asked in surprised.  "Really? Like forever ours?"

Nancy smiled and said, "Forever!"

"Now, what do we name him?" Nancy asked.  "We have to pick a good name!"

Audrey scrunched her face as she thought.  "Maybe we should call him Scotty!"

Nancy laughed.  "Scotty is it!"

And it wasn't just Audrey that loved Scotty.. the twins loved him too!  They would crawl after him to give him hugs and squeezes. 

 Nancy couldn't believe how old the twins were getting! Or how helpful Audrey was.

Audrey had taught both the girls all their nursery rhymes!  She'd been so touched when she'd walked into the living room and had seen Audrey teaching Whitney 'Row Your Boat'.  She couldn't imagine a sweeter child than Audrey.  She felt so lucky that  it seemed that none of her girls inherited the mean streak from their Father.

So very lucky, she thought as she glanced out the window.


  1. So very lucky... that is seems untrue. I can see the danger coming XDDD!

  2. Aw what rotten luck..running away from Don carrying his twins..heh

  3. Wow, more twins. I'm glad they are doing well, but I fear it isn't going to last long. She is smart to hide in plain sight though. Don wouldn't expect her to be that smart I don't think.


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