September 17, 2011

Carters - Round 9

 "Be careful at school! Remember not to call me! And make sure to go to classes!" Anne hugged Sally tight, wishing that her youngest wasn't leaving her.  It broke her heart that all these years she had wished that her kids would be old enough to leave home, but now she didn't want them to go!

"What am I going to do without her?" she cried as Sally stepped in the taxi and waved goodbye.

Hearing the phone, Anne wiped her tears away and rushed inside to answer it.

"Hi, this is Trevor," the called announced.  "I don't know if you remember me, but I brought your dog back last week... the one that ran away..."

Anne gripped the phone, "Oh! Yes! I do remember you!" she gushed.  Trevor had been quite handsome and very funny.  Poor little Duke had run away after Henry died.  Anne had started to think that he would never come back.  And then Trevor walked up with little Duke.  He'd found him in his backyard.

"Well, I was just calling to check to see how he was doing."

Anne nervously laughed. "Oh, he's going wonderful. Being spoiled by the children!"

"Well, I was wondering if you would like to go downtown with me to check out the new cafe."

Anne was thrilled.  "I'd love to!" she exclaimed.  "When?"

Trevor was quite for a moment and then asked, "How about now? No better time than the present!"

"I'll meet you there!"

 "Thank you for lunch, Trevor," Anne said after they'd finished eating.  "It's been such a wonderful afternoon."

Trevor nodded.  "It has been. I'm glad I called you up."

Anne reached for his hands and held them.  "I'm glad you did, too.  It seems that it's been forever since I've felt this way."

"Me, too." Trevor admitted.  "I haven't fallen in love like this since my dear wife passed away a year ago.  How long ago did you lose your husband?"

Anne tucked her hair behind her ear.  "It's been recent.. but... we really stayed married for the kids' sake. We led mostly separate lives.  He spent most of his time at work and fiddling around in the garage..."

"That's a shame," Trevor said as he swung her arms.  "Perhaps you'd like to go walk around the Gardens?"

Anne smiled.  "I'd love to!"

 Adam came in and called out, "Anybody home?"  The house was unusually quiet.

"Hi Dad!" Shannon called as he raced over. 

"Hey, big guy!"

"Dance with me!" Shannon jumped on Adam's toes and grabbed his hands.  "Come on! Move me around!"

Adam laughed.  "Where's your brother?" he asked.

"Oh he's asleep!"

"Where's your Grandma?"

"She's in the garage, she said she was going to fiddle around with the van!"

Adam was perplexed.  Mom was messing around with the van? That didn't make sense.  "Go do your homework, I'll just go check on Grandma." Adam watched Shannon run off to his homework and frowned.  Hurrying to the garage, he threw open the door and called out, "Mom! Are you okay?"

Adam saw a flash of skin and cursed as he covered his eyes.  "What the hell is going on here?" he shouted.

He saw some rustling in the backseat as the giggling geriatrics righted their clothes.  "Get out from there right now!"  It'd better not be that conman that had come over the other day! Adam thought angrily.

Anne giggled and tried to wipe the lipstick off of Trevor's cheek.  "We're busted.  Now you're going to get in trouble."

Trevor tucked his shirt in and laughed, "Well, better go face the music!"

Adam stood with his hands on his hips waiting for Mom to get out of the car, worried that it was the guy that had tried to swindle her.  Thankfully, a man with a head full of white hair got out of the car and walked forward to shake his hand. 

"You must be Adam.  Your mother has told me so much about you.  Quite embarrassing to meet you this way!"

Adam tersely nodded.  "Would you mind giving us a moment?"

"Oh please, Adam!" Anne admonished as she stepped out of the car.  "There's no need to get on your high horse!  I'm 70 years old! I can do as I wish!"

"Mom, I have kids running here! You know Shannon runs around full blast.  What if it'd been him walking in?" Adam asked, exasperated.

Anne had the good grace to look embarrassed.  "Well. It wasn't. And he probably wouldn't have stuck around to ask questions!  Can we go now?"

Adam glared at his mother and jerked his head to the door.  "I'm going to need a lot of disinfectant wipes," he mumbled darkly.

"For the van? Please! Like you buys never fooled around in the car before!"

"For my eyes!"

Adam was waiting for Michelle when she came home from work.  He hugged her tight and buried his face in her neck.  "You would not believe my day!" he told her.

Michelle kissed him hello and stroked his cheek.  "What happened?"

"I caught Mom and a boyfriend in the back of the van."  Feeling her shoulder start to jerk, he said testily, "You'd better not be laughing! This is serious!"

Michelle stroked the back of his neck.  "Of course it is," she said.  "I'm not laughing at all."  Then, more seriously she gazed into his eyes.  "Are you okay with her dating?"

Adam stepped away and rubbed his neck.  "I think so. I don't know. It's just weird. And gross.  Isn't she too old to be dating?"

"Oh Adam! It's not gross!  I don't think you're ever too old to fall in love!"

Adam just nodded sadly.

Adam had to actively work hard to not picture his Mom and Trevor in the back of the van.  He was still embarrassed every time Trevor came over. And he was coming over daily now.  Anne insisted on him coming to Lily's birthday party.

"But Mom, this should be a family event!"

Anne had glared at him and tapped her foot.  "Fine, call him up and invite him."

Anne was amazed by how much she loved her life right now.  She'd found a man that she loved dearly, and she had amazing grandchildren that she got to see grow up, and six dear children that she wished she hadn't taken for granted.  She worried about whether they would stay close once she passed away.  They all lived such different lives...

 Michelle came home and found Anne in the backyard teaching Lily to talk.  "Guess what Mom!" Michelle said excitedly.  "I got that promotion I was waiting for! Isn't that wonderful?"

Anne grabbed her back as she stood up.  "That's wonderful dear! I'm so proud of you!" Anne said as she hugged Michelle.

 "How do you know if someone's your best friend, though?" Alec asked at dinnertime.  "Evelyn said we were best friends, but then she wouldn't let me borrow a pencil in class today!"

Adam smiled.  "Best friends are people who see each other through ups and downs."

"Well, I think we're not best friends anymore, then." Alec pouted.

Adam was amazed by how much his boys were growing up right in front of his eyes. He'd asked Mom one night how it felt to watch her grandsons grow up.  She'd gotten tears in her eyes and told him that Shannon and Alec reminded her of him and Sean when they were young.  "It makes me think of all my mistakes," she said, wiping a tear from her cheek.  "But, it makes me so glad to know they have such wonderful parents."

"And a wonderful grandma," Adam added.  "You've been wonderful with them. You taught them all their toddler skills and then taught them how to do homework."

"Well, I've done the best I could," Anne told him.  "But, I'm not going to be around forever."

Adam felt a tightening in his throat.  "Don't say things like that, Mom."

"She must've known it was coming," Adam said miserably after the funeral.  "She kept dropping hints that she wouldn't be around for much longer."

Michelle stroked his back as he sat on the bed.  "I'm sorry, baby.  Can I get you anything?"

"I just need to be alone for awhile," Adam said after awhile.

Michelle nodded. "I'll just tell the boys," she said.

 "Alec," Michelle said when she stepped out of the room and shut the door.  "Your dad needs some peace and quiet.  Grandma's death has hit him pretty hard.  Maybe you and Shannon can take Lily to the park for awhile so it's quiet around here."

"Sure, Mom," Alec said as he went to find his twin.

"Shannon, quit flexing your stupid muscles and come on.  We're supposed to take Lily to the park."

Shannon pretended to punch Alec's shoulder.  "And he fakes a left..."

Alec rolled his eyes. "Come on, dweeb. I'll let Lily know."

Lilly sadly followed her brothers to the park.  She didn't understand why everyone was so sad.  She'd asked Mommy and Daddy why Grandma wasn't coming home.  Shannon told her to shut up and Daddy didn't even say anything!  And now her brothers had to watch her all the time now.  They didn't even like hanging out with her like Grandma did! Grandma used to read to her and sing to her! Her brothers just picked on her or ignored her.  It wasn't fair!

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  1. Awww poor Lilly. Somebody needs to explain to her what happened.

  2. Aww...Lily is a sweet girl. I hope someone can make her understand. Hopefully her brothers will start to be more brotherly too.


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