September 10, 2011

Carters - Round 7

 Michelle ran home and found Alvin out on the lawn, looking worried.  When he saw her, she saw him breath a sigh of relief.

"God. Where were you? I was so worried! You just bolted out of bed and ran out the door this morning."

Michelle wrapped her arms around Adam and fought the tears.   "I'm sorry, Adam. I didn't mean to scare you! I just... I just had to talk to a friend... that's all."

Adam held her tight and then pulled back to look in her eyes.  "Are you sure you're okay? Are we moving too fast for you?  We don't have to live her with my crazy family, you know. We can get our place, if you want.  I just thought here would be better than with Sean!"

Michelle laughed and wiped a tear away.  "Oh Lord. Can you imagine living with Sean! No! Here is much better!"

 "In that case, would you make the happiest man in the world and marry me?"

The wedding was lovely. Michelle argued with Anne about the set-up.  Anne wanted the wedding to be lavish and invite almost the entire town.  Adam and Michelle just wanted a small, evening wedding with their friends and family. 

 (Adam sat and watched Michelle paint for hours before I sent him away to eat & use the restroom!)

And Adam just couldn't get enough of his wife.  He could sit and watch her for hours doing anything... playing on the computer, painting, or just sitting next to each other reading.  He never got tired of the things she had to say or the way she snorted when she laughed at something funny. 

It seemed as though love was catching, too.  Sally had met Walter Reed at Adam's wedding and had instantly been attracted to him.  One night, she'd been itching to invite someone over, so she took a chance and called him up.

"Hi..." she said nervously.  "This is Sally.  I was just wondering if you'd seen that pirate movie yet? Cause if you haven't. Maybe you'd like to come see it with me..."

Walter had eagerly agreed and said he'd be over right away.  "I'd love to see the show!"

 Needless to say, they didn't get around to watching the show that night...


It was a good thing nobody else in the family liked to talk on the phone because after that first kiss, Sally was on the phone with Walter all the time.  Anne often grumbled about appearing too eager, but Sally didn't care.  Walter was the one for her!

She'd begged her Mom to let her go out on a date with him.

Anne had frowned disapprovingly. "It's a school night."

"Mom, all my homework is done, I'm making an A+, and I'm already top gamer at work. I think I can handle a night of bowling."

Anne had just frowned even deeper.  "You're too young."

Sally glanced over at Henry and whined, "Daaaaaad. Talk to her.  Tell her it's okay for me to go."

Henry barely glanced up from the tv.  "Oh Anne, let her be. She can go on the date."

"Yes!" Sally shouted as she pumped her fist. Throwing her arms around her Dad, she hugged him tight.  "Thanks Daddy!"

Anne stormed out of the room and Sally hurriedly called up Walter before anyone changed their minds.

 It was the best date that Anne had ever had.  Walter was so much fun to be around.  They bowled a few rounds and then sat down to enjoy the best burger in Paradise Bay.

 And then, of course, there was the kissing.

 Michelle found Adam playing on the computer one evening and showed him a pregnancy stick.  Glancing down, it took him a minute to recognize what it was.

"Does this mean?" he asked as he grabbed the pregnancy test and looked at it.

Laughing, Michelle had nodded.

Adam jumped up and knocked his chair over in the process.  "I'm going to be a dad?!" he shouted as he grabbed her up in a bear hug.

Michelle's pregnancy went by quickly and before long she went into labor.  At her first cry, everyone tried to edge into the room to see if they could help.

More Carter Twins!

"Can we name them Shannon & Alec?" Adam asked when he gazed at his two little boys.

Michelle smiled over at him, "Of course. I love those names!"

Reeds - Round 7               Carters - Round 8


  1. Ha. I see Michelle finally decided to leave Alvin alone. Good for Adam for proposing! Yay for more twins!

  2. I was a little afraid that Michelle would ruin her relationship with Adam... but it seems she is wise enough not to :). Welcome, Shannon and Alec :)!!

  3. Wow, more twins! Shannon and Alec, how cute! Excited to see what kind of mix of their parents they are.


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