September 9, 2011

Carters - Round 6

"HENRY!" Anne squealed as she launched herself into his arms. "I love you!"

"Oomph!" Henry caught Anne, but it was a near miss.  He felt the strain in his back.  When did he get so old? he wondered.  Sliding Anne down to the ground, he said, "Things are going to be a lot different from now, Anne.  I took a chance on the Blend & Send..."

Anne was in shock.  "$50,000 dollars..." she whispered.  "Pinch me!"

Henry laughed.  "Go get that sexy red dress on. I'm taking you out... to Londoste..."

"Londoste!  I've always wanted to go there!" she said in wonder.  She felt like a little girl in a candy store...

Henry wished he'd thought ahead of time to order a limo to take them out.  He would've felt like the king of the world walking into Londoste with Anne dolled up and looking care-free.  They chatted throughout dinner and occasionally Anne would lean over and whisper, "$50,000?  Things are going to get a lot better!"

The waiter brought the check and Henry fought hard not to wince at the $500 tab.  They had money now.  They didn't have to scrimp like they used to do.

"Shall we?" Henry asked as he pulled Anne's chair out.  Putting his hand across her back, he guided her to the waiting taxi.

"Henry," she said, "Let's not go home.  Let's go out.  Do something fun! I don't ever have any fun, anymore."

Henry stopped and looked at Anne.  "What are you talking about?" he asked.

Anne hiccuped.  It seemed that she had a little too much wine at dinner.  "It's just that I've been raising kids this entire time and didn't get to go out and have fun like Stacey did."  She waved her hands around wildly as she spoke.  "I love our kids... but now I just all six of them to get married and move away!"  Hanging her head, she asked, "Do you think I'm horrible?"

Henry had never loved her more! He knew she was family-oriented when they got married and he'd always thought she didn't want to go out because she wanted to stay at home.  But, in fact, it seemed that she'd felt the opposite.

Henry grabbed her and kissed her deeply.  "Things are going to get a lot better.  Let's go!" he said, grabbing her hand.

Anne had an amazing night.  They stopped off at the art museum and wandered around, admiring the collection.  She'd been a little annoyed that Henry had openly admired the nude paintings, but at least it wasn't flesh and blood she had to compete.  She had talked him out of purchasing a gaudy piece by saying that it would be inappropriate while the children still lived at home.

 By the time they got home, Anne was exhausted and slightly queasy from drinking too much.  She went straight to the bathroom and splashed some water on her face.  It helped, but she still felt drained.  Glancing in the mirror, she wondered when she'd gotten so old...

 (Brandi! Tell us how you really feel about it!   "Mom... you're so.... old... EW!"  Really Brandi just didn't like the mirror I bought for the picture.  Lol!)

Sally and Danny were the youngest Carters.  They had a lot in common, especially the fact that their older siblings babied them.  Someone cooked for them, cleaned for them, and even sometimes helped them with their homework.  Although, Sally had learned that when she made a puppy dog face, Adam would generally just do it for her.  

And Sally was a prankster.  She remembered the time she buzzed her mom.  That had been hilarious!  She'd never forget the look on Mom's face! She didn't realize someone could twitch so hard! Her Mom had sent to her room without dinner and mumbled something about everyone getting married.  She didn't go hungry, though.  Brandi snuck her in a peanut butter sandwich with the crusts cut off and a little bit later, Adam brought her some jello.  Sally laid on her bed, kicking her feet, and thought about how lucky she was to have such a great family!

Sean sat on the couch and kicked his feet, trying to decide who to call.  He'd already gotten to first base with a couple other girls, so he'd lost interest...quick.

So, he called up Michelle hoping that he'd be able to smooth talk her.  He hadn't seen her since that party that she ran out on.  He'd caught up with her and she'd been bawling and asked him to take her home.  He'd felt awkward seeing her cry because she seemed to really be hurting, but she wouldn't talk about it.   He'd been a little bummed because he'd been planning on making his move on her that night.   But, hey... there was no time like the present!

"Well, okay. I'll be over in a little bit," Michelle said.

Sean hung up and fist-pumped the air. "Yes!"  He ran to the bathroom to gussy up. 

When Michelle knocked, he met her outside and tried his best line out.

"Look, Sean. You're a great guy, so don't take offense.  But, I'm not interested in you... like that..." she said awkwardly.

Sean had been momentarily dejected and fought against her why she didn't like him.  Forget that! He had a lot of girls that thought he was the best thing out there.   She was a smart girl, though, like his brother.  He worried that she saw something in him that no one else did.  Maybe she knew he had trouble reading.

"Whatever, I wasn't hitting on you anyway," he'd joked.  "I say that to all the girls!"

Michelle rolled her eyes.  "I know, that's part of the problem."

They trudged inside to watch some tv.  When the phone rang, Sean popped up and ran to answer it.  Michelle was kind of sorry she came over.  She wasn't done feeling bad for herself.  It'd been really hard seeing Alvin with that college girl.  She knew he was over her, but she wasn't over him yet.

 "Hey, have we met?" Adam asked from behind her.

Michelle jumped, startled.  "Oh my goodness. You scared me!" she said. "I'm Michelle."

Adam shook her hand.  "I'm Adam, Sean's twin. Don't hold it against me!"

They both laughed and then began chit chatting about senior year and graduation.

"Man, I wish we'd met sooner!" Adam told her.  "I'm about to head out to college soon.  It would've been nice to get to know you!"

"Well, what college are you going to? I'm heading to Sim State."

"Me too!" Adam said, suddenly cheered.  "That'll be great.  Look me up when you get there!"

Sean waved his twin off.  This would be the first time they were ever apart.  They couldn't be more different:  Sean was interested in girls and sports and Adam was interested in architecture and books.  Really, Sean was envious that Adam had always seemed to catch on to things quick while it took Sean forever to get figure things out.  Sean had always thought he'd go to college with Adam, but his grades sucked.  He'd told Adam that he hadn't applied because college wasn't for him.  But, he had applied in secret and been Denied, with a capital D.

But, hey. There were worse things! Now he'd get to move out and be his own man, with no one to tell him what to do or how many girls could be over at one time.

Anne had watched Sean as he waved goodbye to his brother and knew how much it tore him apart to be separated from his twin.  She knew he was planning on moving out to a small little trailer closer to town and worried about him out there on his own.  She knew he was all grown-up now, but she still couldn't help but feel he needed a little extra help.  Pulling him aside, she told him that she had ordered things for the house and asked if he would help her by taking it off her hands.

Sean rolled his eyes.  "Mom, you don't have to give me things."

Anne scoffed, "You don't have to take it.  But, if you can't use it, then take it to Goodwill for me.  I'm too old to be moving things around."  Anne pretended that it wasn't a big deal to her. She knew Sean would never accept it if he thought that it was charity.  He was proud like that.

Sean hedged.  "Well, if you're sure..."

Anne waved him away, "Yes! Yes. Just do it soon, my new cabinets are coming in tomorrow."

Anne could hardly wait for the delivery man the next day.  She'd wanted to rip out all of the old appliances and furniture and replace it all with new.  The one thing Henry wouldn't budge on was their beds.

He'd argued that a bed was supposed to last a long time and that if she ever sold it, he'd haunt her unmercifully after death.

"Fine! We'll keep the beds! But, I want new bedding," she'd declared.

"Fine," Henry had stewed.  He knew wasn't a problem anymore since he'd reached the top of his career, but Anne had really gone off the deep end spending money left and right.

Although, he had to admit.  The place was starting to look really nice.

"Dad, can I have some money to go to the mall?" Sally asked.

Henry gazed at his youngest lovingly.  Now they were a beautiful little girl.  He dug through his wallet and handed her a $20.

Sally glanced down and looked back up at him with puppy-dog eyes.  "Can I have a little more?" she asked, hurriedly adding, "It's not like I'm going to spend it.  But, just in case..."

Henry sighed and pulled another $20 out for her.  He was a walking ATM now...

It seemed as though the only thing that mattered to his family was his money.  Sure, he had a hit culinary show and a book on the way, but nobody ever stopped to ask how he was doing. They always wanted to know how much he had in his wallet.

Then, he'd received a nice fan letter asking if he would have coffee.  Then, another letter with a pair of undies in it.  Then, the ladies started stopping by to visit.  And they came over and wanted to talk to him.  They asked how he was feeling and what he was interested in.

And sometimes, they wanted to do more than talk...

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  1. Uh oh..Henry better not let all that fame go to his head.....all his kids sure are cute.

  2. Whoa, go easy with the money O.O! They are not infinte, Anne, you know. I am not disappointed that Henry sees other girls. I really don't like his wife and her behavior anymore :/.

  3. I know! Ann is the crappiest Family sim I've ever had! She kept rolling wants to have kids, but then she didn't want anything to do with them! And she moped around the house complaining that she was tired & the place was dirty ALOT. Poor, poor Anne...

  4. Hummm....Henry might be straying some more from his family. Anne needs to watch the spending too....I know her kids have worn her out, but.....


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