September 7, 2011

Carters - Round 5

Late at night, Anne delivered their last little girl, Sally.  Henry just rolled over and went back to sleep.  He was still upset that she'd made him get a vasectomy.  She didn't want any more surprises this late in life! 

 "Hit me again!" Sean yelled as Adam pounded him with a pillow.

"Boys!" Anne yelled as she walked to the fridge to feed Sally.  "What did I tell you about rough-housing? You're going to put a hole in the wall!"

Sean just flashed a grin. "Aw, Mom. We're playing nice!"

"Take it outside," Anne said, trying to keep herself from growling.  Now I know why some mother's eat their young, she thought glumly.  She wondered if baby animals talked back to their mother's as much as her children talked back to her.

"Time out. Time out!" Austin yelled to Sean.

Sean just laughed, glancing over at Jansen's cute study partner.  "Pst... Jansen," Sean whispered.  "Pssssst..." he said a little louder and then threw the pillow at Jansen's head.

Jansen turned around and glared. "I"m on the phone, dipstick," Jansen furiously whispered.  Tucking the phone on his shoulder he hissed, "What do you want?"

Sean angled his head towards the girl in pink.  "You interested?"

Jansen glanced over and rolled his eyes.  "No. Go ahead."

Sean rubbed his hands together and went over to introduce himself.  When Danny started repeating everything he said, Sean smacked him upside the head.  "Go play Danny. I'm busy."  Danny stuck his tongue out and ran to tease Brandi.

Jansen turned his back on the chaos in the room and listened to the recording.  Dang it! he thought sourly, he'd missed the instructions on what number to press for the admissions department.  Hanging up, he dialed the number again and paced around the living room.  He was excited to be going to Sim State University and getting out of this house!

After speaking with the admissions counselor, he had everything squared away and was ready to go.  Throwing his duffel in his cab, he kissed his Mom goodbye.  She sniffled and wiped the tears from her eyes as she rocked Sally against her chest.  "What am I going to do without you, Jansen?" she asked.

Jansen sighed and patted her on the back.  "You'll do fine, Mom. Sean and Austin are old enough to help out around the house more."

He waved at his family as they crowded the front yard and waved goodbye.  "It's only four years. I'll be back before you know it!" he reassured them all.

Brandi went back inside and looked around. What a pigsty! she thought.  She wondered why Mom wasn't able to keep up more.  Hearing Sally cry, Brandi changed her diaper and grabbed her a bottle.  Mom had gone back into her room to cry now that Jansen had gone.  Brandi couldn't believe Mom tried to guilt-trip him right before he went to college. Now Mom was going to learn to do things on her own!

Anne finished her pity party & walked out of her room to find Danny and Sally playing in the play area.  "Did you eat dinner already, Danny?" she asked.

"Yup. Brandi made some macaroni," Danny answered without looking up.

"Good. Did you do your homework?"

"Yup. Adam helped me with it."

"Good. That's good," she said absently.   "Have you seen your Dad?"


"Where could he be?" she worried.

"Hey, you're Brandi's friend, right?" Sean snapped his fingers, trying to remember.  "Some weird name... wait a minute... it's... Hannah?"
Hazel rolled her eyes and attempted to walk past Sean.  He just stepped in her way.  "Aw, come on. I just wanted to know your name."

"It's Ha-Zel." she emphasized.  "Now leave me alone."

Sean leaned slightly forward and asked seductively, "Are you sure you want me to leave you alone?" 

Hazel laughed in his face. "Yes! God, wait until I tell Brandi." Stepping around Sean she went inside.

"Too bad she's at work..." Sean sang as he ran past her.

Inside, Sean took every chance he could take to bug, annoy or otherwise irritate Hazel.  At one point he even gave her a noogie.

"What are you? Thirteen?" Hazel scolded when he'd let her go. If he touched her one more time, she was going to scream!

"Sean! Leave that poor girl alone and do your homework that's piling up!" Anne admonished from the kitchen as she cooked some spaghetti.

"Aw, Mom. I'm doing okay in my classes."

"Okay doesn't cut it young man." Henry added.

"Oh, wow, Dad.  You're actually home tonight?" Sean asked caustically.  He'd seen Henry with Heather last night through the window.

Anne glared at both of them.  "That's enough," she said firmly.  "Sean. Do not ruin Sally's birthday.  Say goodbye to your friend and go do your homework before dinner. They're not going to let you be a baseball player if you can't count the bases.  Henry. Come in here and help set the table."

Embarrassed, Sean turned to Hazel and said, "Later."  Then, sighing, he walked over to do his homework.  "I can count the dang bases," he mumbled under his breath.  He just hated doing his homework because sometimes it was hard to read the words.  It was like the words would get switched and not make any sense no matter how hard he tried.  Slowly, he worked through a few of the problems and then grabbed Adam's work to copy.

An hour later, Anne called everyone in the room.  "Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you..." the family sang in unison.  "You look like a MONKEY," Sean sang loudly while he Mom glared.

"Better than ACTING like a monkey!" Sally laughed.  Sean pretended that he was outraged and chased Sally around the table threatening to tickle her.

Anne sighed as she cut the cake and prayed that all her kids got married soon and moved into their own houses!

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  1. This made me sad ç__ç. You really did a good work representing this family, and I hope all the kids will be happier in the future.

  2. Whaddup with Henry? What a rascal....

  3. I wondered about that Heather last entry. Poor Anne. Jansen should do well in college, I hope. All the kids are very good looking though. :)


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