September 6, 2011

Carters - Round 4

Anne was so thankful when she delivered baby number 5 before the kids came from school.  It would give her some quiet time before all the kids got back and started making a mess!  She loved her kids... just right now... she couldn't wait until they were grown up and out of her house.  Especially the three loud, rambunctious kids.  They were always running around the house and shouting and yelling.  'Brandi took my boat... Sean hit me... Adam tripped me....'  It was enough to drive a sane person crazy!

 Anne was woken from her nap by the door slamming and the phone ringing, almost simultaneously.  "MOM! IT'S FOR YOU!" Brandi yelled.  "I'm expecting a call from my friend Hazel. So, if she calls, give me the phone."

Anne just dismissed Brandi with a wave and answered the phone?

"Hi Anne. This is Heather. I was wondering if you wanted to go shopping the afternoon.  There's a sale at Cool Clothes!"

"Oh God. You mean time away from the kids? You're on! Give me 30 minutes & I'll meet you there!"  Anne hurriedly hung up and headed to her room.  She saw Jansen in the kitchen rocking baby Danny with dirty baby bottles surrounding him.  Squelching the feeling of guilt, she quickly said, "I'm going out. I need you to watch the kids!" She saw his eyes widen.  "Oh come on Jansen.  The kids will take care of themselves. Just make sure they don't kill each other!"

Getting dressed as quick as she could, Anne rushed out the door to meet Heather.

 "So what do you think, Heather?" Anne asked, stepping out of the changing booth.

Heather smiled and gave her a thumbs up.  "Looking good, mama!" she said.

Anne twirled around and checked herself out in the mirror.  "I do look pretty darn hot, don't I?  This dress will knock Henry's socks off!" she said proudly.  Since her back was to Heather, she didn't notice the look of envy that stole across Heather's face.

"Oh yeah. I'm sure he'll love it," Heather echoed.

Anne grinned at Heather and said, "I'm getting it! We've been needing some 'adult' time lately, anyways."

When Anne walked in the door, she saw Jansen sitting and watching tv.  "Jansen. I'd like you to watch the kids tonight. Your dad & I need to get out and have some 'us' time."

Jansen looked up and complained, "But, Mom.  You were gone all afternoon!  I haven't even had time to do my homework!"

Anne crossed her arms. "Jansen. It's not like I ask you to watch them all the time.  I'd just like a special night out."

Jansen just grumbled under his breath and ignored her.  "Jansen. Really, thank you. I appreciate it."

"Whatever, Mom.  Go out. Whatever."

Anne went in her room to get ready for when Henry came home.  

Anne heard the door shut and Henry talking to one of the kids.  She finished putting on her lipstick and sashayed out into the front room.  "Hey big boy," she said in a sultry voice.  "I haven't seen you around here lately."  She got such a kick out of seeing Henry's eyes widen.

"Wow!" he said.  "You are looking... wow!"

Anne giggled.  "I know! Now take me out!"

Henry glanced over at the boys playing in the play area.  "Are you sure? What about the kids?"

Anne waved her hand.  "Jansen is going to watch them! Let's go while we still can!"

"It's been a long time since I've felt like a normal human being!" Anne told Henry over dinner.  "There were so many people in our house, your mother, my sister..." Anne felt a twinge of regret when she mentioned her sister.  She missed Stacey, but didn't know how to go about fixing the rift between the two of them.  "And the there were all the kids.  I just couldn't get any 'me' time."
Henry nodded.  "Yeah, it's been rough.  Losing Mom, especially."

Anne touched Henry's hand.  "I know how hard that's been on you. And really, having Bev around actually did help.  I didn't appreciate how much she did around the house until she was gone!"

Henry squeezed Anne's hand back, "I'm glad we got some time alone.  I love the kids, but I feel like we don't ever have time to be romantic." 

Anne saucily winked at Henry.  "I know it's hard to find some time at home, but how do you feel about checking into somewhere over night?"

Henry's eyes widened.  "Really? You think Jansen will be fine watching the kids overnight."

"Of course! Now let's go, Mister Carter."
 The next morning, Anne and Henry walked into bedlam.

"I'm HUNGRY!" Brandi yelled as the boys all ignored her.  Danny was crying in his crib.   Jansen and Sean were thumping each other with pillows as down flew around the house.

Anne's purse fell to the floor.  "What is going on HERE?" she demanded.

Silence.  All four kids stopped what they were doing and looked at her, except Jansen.

Louder, she snapped, "I said, WHAT is going on here?"

Jansen cleared his throat and spoke up, "Well, I was going to make breakfast this morning, but we were out of food."

Anne looked pointedly at the phone.  "And you couldn't ORDER any?"

"God Mom! I'm not your servant! Why didn't you order any? And why'd you stay away all night! You didn't even call! I was worried!" Jansen's voice cracked as he yelled. 

Anne felt her face flush.  Glancing at her children, she turned around and walked to the phone.  "Yes, hello. I'd like to order groceries to be delivered."

Completing the call, she glanced at her family.  "I'm going to bed. Do not wake me."  She held her head high as she walked to her room.

Sean waited until Mom was in the room and Dad had followed, then said, "Dang, man.  That was pretty brave! She looked like she was going to kill you!"

Jansen shrugged.  He was still upset.  "Well, she should've called."  Opening the refrigerator door, he hopped on and swung back and forth.

Sean walked around the kitchen grabbing dirty dishes and throwing them in the sink.  "You going to help, man? You're going to need all the brownie points you can get!"

Jansen just kept swinging on the door.  "No way. If I don't get brownie points for taking care of all you knuckleheads overnight, then I don't know what will!"

It wasn't long until Anne found out that she was pregnant... again.  She glared at Henry when she told him.  He held out his hands. "Hey! It's not my fault! You were the one that suggested the motel!"

Anne threw her hands up in the air, "Well how was I supposed to know every time we made up, your little swimmers would try to implant one of my eggs!"

Jansen had just crossed his arms and snapped, "Fine! The next time you want to play the nurse game again, I'll tell you to go to hell!"

Anne dropped her head in her hands.  "What are we going to do?" she moaned.  "Six kids?"

Henry had given her a little hug.  "You could get your tubes tied," he suggested.

Anne glared.  "So I have to give birth to six children and have my tubes tied?" she asked.

"Alright. Then I'll have my tubes tied."  The last thing Henry wanted was another kid running around.

Anne nodded. "Good. Get it scheduled."

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  1. Another child? Six children? O.O Wow... In Anne's shoes I would be mad. Really mad. Compliments for taking care of so much children with so little money ;)!

  2. Sounds like some kind of family LTW. :) I love family sims.....

  3. Anne with another baby. Poor Jansen....Anne has really been taking advantage of him, I hope the others will grow up and help out more soon.


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