September 4, 2011

Carters - Round 3

Anne was dismayed to find out that she was pregnant after reconciling with Henry.  She could hardly keep up with the demands as it was! And despite how helpful Henry was being, there was always so much to be done.  Dirty bottles, diaper changes, dirty.. dirty.. dirty.   She shook her head sadly.  This wasn't how she saw her life playing out.

Speaking of diaper changes, she thought bitterly.  The boys were awake and calling out to be let out of the cribs.
The time slowly crept by and finally Anne delivered baby number five - a little girl they named Brandi.  She fretted about where the twins would sleep.  Henry just scoffed and said that they could bunk with Jansen.

"But they're not old enough to sleep in the big boy beds, Henry!" Anne worried.

"Sure they are, Anne.  They're growing boys, now.  I was thinking about signing them up for little league this summer."

Anne glanced down and was shocked to see her boys laughing and playing with their toys.  They really were growing up fast.  She fretted that she hadn't done enough for them, like she had with Jansen.  She didn't sing nursery rhymes with them or play peek-a-boo with them... and now it was too late!

A few tears slipped down her cheeks as she cuddled Brandi against her.  "Don't worry sweetie, I won't take you for granted."  Anne wiped the tears away and glanced over at Henry.  Oh great, he was dancing with the broom again.  He seemed to be doing that a lot lately.  Maybe they needed a night on the town.  She would speak with Bev about watching the kids for her one night so that they could actually go on an adult date!

One thing after another happened and Anne put off going out on that date.  And soon it was too late.  Bev passed away quietly one night after ordering groceries.  They never got a clear idea from the doctor about what happened.  But, they believed that she'd suffered a heart attack.

With Bev gone, Anne had more responsibilities than ever.  Bev used to order the groceries and do the cooking while Anne took care of the children.  Anne was worried she would never catch up.

Walking into the kitchen to finish cleaning up after Brandi, she was surprised to find Jansen already cleaning up the mess.

"Don't worry, Mom," he told her.  "I'll get this cleaned up.  You can go help the boys with their homework.  Sean won't tell you, but he hasn't been doing it.  He's about to fail this semester."

Brandi felt helpless.  Had she completely failed the twins?

"Thanks for helping, Jansen.  I'll go talk to Sean."
The next morning, Jansen heard his mom rattling the dishes and pans and knew she was cooking breakfast.  He rolled over in bed and noticed the boys sleeping soundly.  They'd left their toys all over the floor again.  It sucked not having his own space anymore.   Hearing whimpering, Nate threw on his bathrobe and went to grab Brandi so Mom wouldn't be bothered.  Peeking in the bedroom, he noticed his dad wasn't there.  I wonder where he is, he thought absently.

When Brandi saw Jansen, she stood up in the crib and held her arms up.  Laughing, he picked her up.  "Oof! You're getting heavier Brandi! What are they feeding you?"  Brandi just laughed and patted his chin. "Alright. One bottle coming up!" he said as he plunked her down on the ground.  "Morning, Mom."

Anne turned and grinned at Jansen.  "Good morning dear.  I have pastries this morning.  Go wake the twins and let's eat together before school."

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  1. O.O Now you represented well the mess of having a house full of children, with little money and cheap appliances O_O! Congratulations! I am really sad for poor Jansen though...

  2. The CAS elders are dying off. So sad. Now again..what was Anne's LTW...Kids?

  3. Uhhh, that Henry... I'm not sure I like him very much.. :/ Leaving Anne with the children.. >:(

  4. Hmm....where was Henry? Glad Jansen has decided to help out so much. Is Jansen a family oriented sim? Poor Anne with the twins...I hope they will be ok.


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