September 3, 2011

Carters - Round 2

Coming to lunch, Stacy noticed that Anne was gone.  "Where's Queenie?" Stacy asked snottily.  "Is she going to be eating separately?"

"No, she's not feeling well.  Her morning sickness is bothering her this afternoon," Bev answered.  "And after all her kindness to you, I'm surprised you would say such a thing."

Stacy just rolled her eyes and said "Whatever."  Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Henry watching her.  Playfully, she rubbed her foot against his leg under the table.  She smiled as he startled and then glanced over at Bev quickly.  Bev hadn't noticed a thing.  Pretending to concentrate on eating her sandwhich, she continued to rub her foot against his leg and was felt pleased when he didn't pull away.  She could tell her was trying to catch her eye.  Feigning boredom, she plopped her sandwhich back on her plate and pushed away from the table.  "Later! I have things to do this afternoon!"

She heard Bev mumbling under her breath as she walked away.

Later that evening, after everyone was asleep, Stacy walked into the livingroom and saw Henry watching the television.

"Anything good on?" she asked.

Henry jumped up. "What the hell was that this afternoon?" he demanded.

Stacy just shrugged and examined her nails.  "I was bored."

Henry had walked up so that they were chest to chest.  "So you thought it would be fun to jerk me around? In front of my mother?"
Stacy just laughed.  "Better your mother than your wife, right?"

"Infuriating little brat," Henry accused as Stacy pulled him close to her, kissing the daylights out of him.  
The sound of a commercial jingle made Henry come to his senses.  He was making out with his wife's little sister in the middle of their livingroom. Pushing her away from him, he shook his finger at her.  "Be careful playing with fire, little sister," he cautioned.  "You might get burned."

Stacy just laughed as she walked away.  In a sing-song voice, she cooed, "Sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite."

Anne was exhausted.  She felt like she was on an emotional roller coaster. She was always tired, sick, and hungry!  Nine months was too long to be pregnant.  "Sleep tight, Jansen.  Dream sweet dreams..."

The next morning, Anne stumbled into the kitchen, tripping over Jansen's bottles that had been left on the floor. Grumbling, she cursed the fact that there were three other adults in the house and she seemed to be the only one to do anything.

"Hey honey, can I help you?" Henry asked as he walked into the room.

Anne threw her hands out and waved at the mess in the room.  "Do I really need to tell you what I need help with?" she asked, exasperated.

"Oh lighten up Queenie," Stacy had called as she waltzed into the room.  "The world doesn't revolve around you, does it Henry?"  Stacy grabbed Henry's hand and pulled him against her and then twirled around.  She just laughed when Henry's eyes widened and he glanced over at Anne.  Henry pulled his hand from her quickly. 

Anne glanced at them and knew something had happened.  "Oh God," she said. "I feel sick.  I think I'm going to..."  Anne crumpled to the floor.

Henry rushed to her and patted her hand.  "Are you okay?  Here, let me get breakfast, you'll feel better after you eat something."

Anne just stared at him sadly and shook her head.  "Help me to bed. I just want to sleep," she'd said.

Outside, his carpool honked the horn.  "Honey, I've got to go.  I have to get to work," he apologized as he helped her into their room.  "We'll talk when I get home.  Promise me you won't do anything rash, okay?"

Anne didn't answer and Henry rushed past Stacy.

He heard her laugh from behind him, "What? You're acting like you got burned, big brother."

The house was quiet, Anne thought.  So quite that she couldn't help but hope that Stacy had just packed up her things like the weasel she was and left.  It stung that her own flesh and blood could be  so cruel.  Waddling out to the kitchen, she saw Stacy sitting at the table, looking sad.  What in the world did she have to be sad about?

"Get out!" Anne said loudly, surprising herself.  Straightening her shoulders, she repeated, "Get out of my house!"

Stacy looked up and winced.  "Look, Anne. I'm really sorry. I was just messing around. You just made me so mad the other morning.  I thought..."

Anne interrupted, "I don't care what you thought. I don't care! Get out! You're not welcome in my house anymore!"  When Stacy didn't move, Anne screamed, "Get out! Now!"

Stacy saw the anger in her sister's eyes and knew she wouldn't be able to talk her way out of this one.  "I'll just call a cab," she said.  "Don't worry, I'll wait outside so I'm not in your precious house."  Stacy stalked outside and slammed the door.  As she got in the van, she knew where she was going to go...

Anne was shaking with all the rage flowing through her body.  "Count to ten," she whispered, trying to calm herself down.  "This is not good for the baby."  And then the cramping started.  "Oh my goodness," she cried.  "I'm not ready for this!"
 Twins!  That must be why I was so tired all the time, Anne thought wryly.  "Where are we going to put the cribs?" she worried.  Twins meant two of everything and twice as much money for everything.  Snuggling the babies to her chest, she named the boys Adam and Sean.

It took a long time before Anne was ready to talk to Henry.  She generally just avoided him. She didn't know what happened between him and her sister.. and frankly, she wasn't sure she wanted to know.  She did know that the thought of breaking up with him broke her heart. She wasn't ready to give up on their marriage... she just needed time to forgive him.
He had tried to talk to her a few times, but she would just angrily tell him that she wasn't ready to talk about. 

In the meantime, Jansen was growing up fast.  He would often bring his best friend Alvin over to play.  She hated to think that he was growing up in an unhappy home, much like the one she had grown up in.

"Mom, why don't you like Daddy?" he'd asked one afternoon as they worked on his homework.

Stunned, she'd stalled, searching for an explanation.  "I do like Daddy. We just... had a disagreement, that's all."

"Sometimes it helps when you say sorry.  That's what you always tell me.  Does Daddy need to apologize?"

And it was then that Anne realized that Henry had been apologizing.  Not just with words, but he was being more helpful around the house, wasn't disappearing at all times of the night and all the things that she'd asked him to do for years.  Maybe he was maturing...

Patting his head, Anne said, "I'll work everything out, Jansen. Don't worry."

Anne turned around and saw Henry watching from the dining room.  He held open his arms and she rushed over to him and held him tight.

"I missed you so much," he said.  "I'm sorry.. for everything.."

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  1. Hmm makes me wonder where Stacy will pop up. ;) but yay for Anne and Henry kissing and making up!

  2. Hi! I am following your new challenge and this is my first comment :)! I like it very much up untill now - especially I like how you don't rely on just the images to "complete" the words... Good luck with the challenge ^__^!

  3. Thanks Gwenelan! I'm having a lot of fun with the story style right now. We'll see how long I can keep it up as the households grow larger! :)

    ASimWen - Stacy, Stacy, Stacy. I keep wondering what that girl is up to!

  4. Oh man....where will Stacy go. I'm so glad that Anne made up with Henry though, and good for Henry stepping up for her. I hope he keeps it up. :)

  5. I hope Stacy doesn't end up going to the Steele house. He doesn't need her nonsense. Wow, worst sister ever! LOL

    1. Amazingly, Stacy wound up being one of my favorite Sims of that generation!


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