September 28, 2011

Carters - Round 11

Adam walked in and rubbed his head.  He had tried a potion at work that was supposed to give people more confidence, but something must have been seriously wrong with it.  He had a foggy recollection of saying that he wanted to take over the world and something else about a master plan.
 "Michelle?" he asked and then stopped when he saw his wife staring at him strangely.

"If you're going to start acting weird, you can just go right back to work," she said firmly.  "I miss my husband!"

Adam shook his head.  "I'm okay now. I think I had some sort of adverse reaction to a potion I was working on.

Michelle still looked wary.  "I want you to stop testing your trials personally."

Adam scratched his head.  "But then how will I know if they work?"

"I don't care. Figure it out," Michelle said.  "I thought you'd gone off the deep end! You were talking about becoming a criminal mastermind and cackling all the time. It was scary."

Adam attempted to comfort Michelle.  "Don't worry, sweetie. I've maxed all the skills I possibly can.  I know what I'm doing."

Michelle crossed her arms. "Apparently not! Now go see your daughter and wish her a belated birthday! She was really upset you missed it..."

Adam felt bad. He wondered what chemical would counteract the reaction he had... then stopped short.  "Lily?" he asked, holding his arms out.  "My sweet little girl! All grown-up!"

Lilly laughed and hugged her Dad.  "Are you normal again? Mom was really worried."

Adam shook his head again, "I'm fine. I'm sorry I missed your birthday!"

Lilly shrugged. "It's okay, I guess.  Hey, Dad? Can I go out? There's this guy I like..."

Adam frowned.  "No."


Adam crossed his arms. "No boys. Does your Mother know about this?"

Lilly laughed. "Of course she does!" she giggled as she skipped down the hall.

Adam frowned after her.

"Hey Dad," Alec said as he and Shannon came down the stairs.  "We're throwing a Going-Away to College party. Hope you don't mind!"

Adam frowned.  How long did he spend in that fog?


"Right now!" Shannon laughed.  "We're moving to the dorm tonight."

Adam stared around at all the kids throughout the house and wondered how soon they would be leaving their families, too.  There was Mason Steele and Brittany McMillan making eyes at each other.

And Evelyn Potter and his nephew Perry making out in the dining room.

And Levi Potter with... was that Lilly?! he thought, surprised.

Adam sat, shell-shocked when he saw his little girl lean forward and kiss that boy on the lips.  His little angel was growing up, he thought sadly.  Glancing over at Michelle as she read her book, he felt numb.  "They're all going to leave us," he said.

Michelle glanced over and patted his knee. "Of course they are, dear. That's the way it's supposed to be."

"I don't think I'm ready, though," he replied.

Michelle made a comforting noise, patted his knee again and went back to reading.  "You'll be fine, sweetheart.  You'll see."

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  1. That is the way of the world. The kids grow up and move out. *sniff*


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