September 22, 2011

Carters - Round 10

Adam hit the books to help get that big promotion he was dreaming about.  He knew he would soon reach the top of the science field.  He was reading up on cleaning in order to help create some sort of chemical that would self-clean when sprayed.  If he could just isolate that particle...

Shannon checked out the girls at the party.  That Natalie chick was smoking!  Shannon didn't know how his brother did it, but Alec had a way with girls! He somehow managed to get them to go on one date with him. Which was a better batting average than him!

Alec saw the girls swooning over Shannon and felt a stab of jealousy.  Girls would agree to go on a date with him, but the dates usually ended with them saying "let's stay friends."  Alec was beginning to think there was something wrong with him! Shannon teased him about being a little chunky and Alec thought that might be his problem - but he didn't know how to go about fixing it! He'd just always been a little overweight!  Mom said he just liked his comfort food more than Shannon.

(Speaking of... it's 6 pm, do you know your kids are throwing a wild party inside? No, you don't, because you guys have been sitting out there canoodling since you got home at 2 pm! Really guys! Get a room!)

 Shannon invited Natalie back to see his room.  "Kind of plain," she said as she looked around.

"Hey! At least there's no dirty clothes on the floor!"

Natalie shrugged. "So? Did you call me back here for this?"

Shannon kissed her quick before he could change his mind.  "No, I called you back for this," he said after he stepped back, grinning.

 "If I could just find that particle..." Adam mumbled.  "Did you find anything in your book, Michelle?"

Michelle poured through her books and said after a short pause, "No. Nothing here..."

All of a sudden, Adam stood up and yelled, "Ah ha!" and then scurried off to work in his pajamas.  Michelle sighed and began to put all the books away.

Adam came home and gloated.  "They made me top Mad Scientist!" he exclaimed.  "The things I can do are limitless now!"  Michelle hugged Adam and congratulated him.  "Limitless," he whispered.

Michelle stared at Adam and cocked her head, studying him.  His eyes seemed glazed.  "Adam... are you okay Do you feel feverish?"

Adam's head snapped towards her and he avoided eye contact. "No, no. I'm fine. I was just thinking about the master plan..."

Michelle was confused.  "What master plan?"

Adam just tented his fingers and brought them to his face with that gleam in his eye.  "Exactly... what is the master plan..." he said under his breath.  "Hmmm...."

Reeds - Round 10               Carters - Round 11


  1. XDDD Is Adam mad for real XD?? Poor Natalie!

  2. Lol. No, he just wants to be a criminal now. *sighs* Me thinks he's going to call up Don, the master criminal, and try to be friends... *sighs*

  3. Oh boy....a Mad scientist for sure.


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