September 2, 2011

Carters - Round 1

Anne Carter loved her family.  She had a loving husband, an adorable, smart son, a mother-in-law that generally minded her own business and a very.. special.. sister.  But, put them all together and it was disaster waiting to happen.  As Anne rocked Jansen on their new front lawn, she sighed as Henry and Stacy started arguing again.  "Just count to ten," she mumbled under breath.

 "You're going to have to count a lot higher than ten with that one," Bev said from behind Anne's back.  "They fight like children."  Anne just shook her head.  "Anyways, I'm going to go meet our new neighbors.  I think I saw two ladies my age in the pink house over there. I'll see you in awhile," Bev said as she started down the sidewalk. 

Stacy snapped, "He just acts like he knows everything and he doesn't!  My life is not your business, jerk."

"Let's just all go inside so you don't embarrass me in front of our new neighbors," Anne said quickly, leading the way, hoping that they would stop fighting when they got inside. 

Henry sighed as he watched Stacy strut inside.  She was a foul-mouthed, bossy, know-it-all.  But, she certainly filled those pants out in all the right places.

Inside, Stacy plopped on the couch.  "I'm bored and I hate this house," she whined.  Anne made sure to count to ten as she grabbed a bottle for Jansen.  Then, gingerly, she said, "You know, Stacy, if you're unhappy, then maybe you could look for apartments again.  When you first moved in, it was going to be temporary, but it's going on three months now.  Not that we don't love having you," she rushed to say.  "...I just think you might be happier in your own space."

Stacy dismissed Anne with a wave of her hand.  "Whatever, at least you have tv."

Anne tried again, as she started washing the dishes to put away, "Well, maybe if you do stay, you could look into getting a job.  You know, Henry is trying to get as many hours as he can at the restaurant, but money is tight around here with me out of work, too."

Stacy just scoffed. "Ha! Henry and his dreams of being a culinary god. Like that will ever happen! What were you thinking when you married him?"

Anne slammed the sponge down on the counter.  She couldn't believe her sister! "Stacy! He is my husband and the father of my child! I love him!" she said angrily.

Stacy glanced up from the tv.  "Sorry. I didn't mean to make you mad. I was just saying..."  Stacy walked over to help Anne unload with the dishes.

"Well don't 'just say' again. It pisses me off," Anne snapped.

The doorbell echoed through the house.  Anne jumped, startled.  She looked at Stacy. "Did you invite someone over?" she asked.

"No!" Stacy said, "Maybe it's a delivery man. Mmm.. they always have such strong muscles!"  Stacy ran over to the mirror & primped before running to answer the door.  Happily, she squealed, "Oooo.. it's a welcome party, Anne.  Come in, come in!"

Anne glanced down and winced.  There was water all over her dress, baby peas on her shoulder & she didn't even want to know what her hair looked like.  "I'm going to go run and put Jansen to bed! I'll be right back out," she said as she hurriedly scooped up Jansen and ran to the bedroom.

Stacy hit it off with Max.  He talked about himself quite alot.  She could care less about his job, and that seemed to be what he loved talking about.  But, he certainly was cute when he talked.

Henry tried to make small talk with Kirsten Reed, but she made it clear she wasn't interested in talking.  "I'm sorry. I hate to interrupt you, but I really have no interest in sports. Do I look like the kind of person who would care about football?" she asked.

Henry took time to look her up and down.  "Nope, you certainly do not look like that kind of girl..."
The next morning, Anne was horrified to see that Stacy had staggered out to breakfast in her slinky nighty.  And she was even more horrified at the attention that Henry seemed to be giving her.

"Breakfast was great hun, but I need to go get ready for work," he said as he grazed her cheek with a kiss.  "See you this evening."

 As soon as he was out the door, Anne ordered Stacy to go change.  "Are you out of your mind? You don't just walk around in skimpy clothes!"

Stacy huffed, but went to go change.  When she came back out, she glared at Anne and snapped, "There! Is this better, your majesty?"

"Stacy! I just don't want you running around naked when my husband's around. What is so hard to understand?" Anne gritted through her teeth.

"Why? Are you afraid he might like what he sees? Afraid he's going to cheat on you again?" Stacy taunted.

Anne turned her back to Stacy and covered her mouth.  What upset her the most is that it was true.  She didn't trust Henry not to cheat. But, even worse, she didn't trust Stacy either.  Clearing her throat, Anne spoke over her racing heart, "Stacy, I think it's time that you start looking for another place to stay.  At the end of this week, you need to move out."


  1. Woah! What a lot of family drama right away! Interesting!

  2. Oh yes, finally, Sims I can relate to! I know these Sims. I've lived with some of these Sims. I've even been one or two of these Sims! LOL

  3. Lol! Uh oh! Should I ask which Sim you've been? :P

    1. Obviously it's been a while since I've been back, but in answer to your question, I have sooo been in Anne's position. Oh well. LOL

  4. Drama! I think it's good for Anne that she put her foot down

  5. Oh poor Anne.. :(

    "Henry sighed as he watched Stacy strut inside. She was a foul-mouthed, bossy, know-it-all. But, she certainly filled those pants out in all the right places."

    tsk tsk.. MEN!

  6. This is a family that is certainly not functioning well. Henry doesn't seem like the greatest husband at the moment, but good for Anne standing up for herself.


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