September 23, 2011

Carters (5) - Round 10

Roxie watched the guy walk down the front walk.  She didn't even know his name, but that butt looked good in those jeans!  As he walked away, she felt her stomach turn.  Mentally she counted back.  No, no, no, no, NO! she thought worriedly as she rushed inside to the bathroom.  Tearing through the cabinets she searched for the pregnancy test that she had leftover from her last scare.

Three minutes later, Roxie slumped on the toilet.  Pregnant.  Well, at least Danny would be happy about it...

Danny rushed home in his hot rod when Roxie called to tell him the news.  He couldn't believe how lucky he was!  A beautiful wife and a baby on the way! Life was good!

Roxie cuddled the little boy against her chest.  Thank God it wasn't twins.  She saw how twins seemed to run in the family and she did not want twins!

Not that having a baby kept Roxie from meeting new people.  She had quite a thing for Renaud, but didn't intend to see him again after they romped around in the closet.

Uh oh, Roxie thought. She had heard that birth sometimes made a person more fertile.  Guess it wasn't an old wive's tale...

The nanny was the only one home to celebrate little Tyler's birthday.

"Honey, are you going to come to bed?" Danny asked when he saw her outside talking to a biker-looking guy.

Roxie startled.  "Oh! Danny! You scared me! I didn't hear you!" she quickly said.  "Yeah. I'll be just a moment! I'm just going to say... goodbye..."

Danny looked over Roxie's shoulder at the rocker.  "He doesn't have to leave, invite him in."

Roxie forced a smile. "Sure! Sure! I'll have him in!" Then she prayed that Narwaaf wouldn't say anything that could get her in trouble!

Roxie had a full house when she delivered Renaud's babies... twins...  (Seriously! What is up with the freaking TWINS!)

"I knew twins ran in my family! I'm so excited!" Danny gushed. "Let's name them Sarah and Anthony, family tradition!"


  1. I don't like Roxiw that much, even if she is pretty :/. I hope Danny realizs how his wife is.

  2. Twins again...hahaha..your game is really likin' 'em!


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