September 18, 2011

Harts - Round 9

Brandi and Matthew tried to steal what few moments they could while their children were still babies.  It was hard getting anytime to themselves with all their responsibilities and cramped living arrangements.  Brandi's brother, Adam, was in the process of designing the perfect house for her and she couldn't wait!
Soon it was the twins birthday.  Brandi lifted Seth up in the air and zoomed him around the room like an airplane.

"Happy Birthday big guy!" she said as she played.

 Then, she handed Seth to the nanny and went in search of Amy.

"Happy Birthday sweetie!" Brandi said and then stopped in horror.  "Amy! What happened? Are you okay? Matthew! Come quick! I think the nanny dropped Amy on her nose! Look how flat it is!"

 Matthew came running and then stopped and laughed.

"Oh no! That's just the Hart family nose!  Ah, that's so great!" he said, wiping a tear from his eye.  "She looks just like my Mom!"

Brandi stared in shock.  "What?"

Matthew smiled and gave Amy a kiss.  "She's the spitting image of my Mom," he said, sighing.  "I wish you could've met her."

Brandi didn't know what to say.  She didn't know that Matthew had a quirky nose that ran in the family! He looked so normal!  Peering closely, she could almost see what he was talking about.  Stifling the urge to yell that he withheld critical information from her and divorce him on the grounds of nose fraud, Brandi instead took Amy to the potty and tried to stare anywhere except that poor girl's nose...
Seeing Amy's nose sent Brandi (i.e. me) into a depression.  Nothing mattered anymore.  Amy was going to grow up with a weird nose and she'd never get married and have babies like normal people!

Soon it was time for the twins to grow up.  Brandi rushed home from work, hoping and crossing her fingers that perhaps she would grow out of the nose.

 First Seth grew up into a handsome young man...

 And Amy grew up to be a cute, precocious little girl..

 ...with the Hart family nose...

"Dad?" Amy asked, "Why did Mommy run out of the house crying?"

Matthew lifted Amy up and swung her around the living room.  "I don't know baby, sometimes she gets emotional..."

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  1. XDDDDDDD Soooo lol! I so understand! When a baby grows up and you find it has something... horribleXD! But Amy is not so horrendous, she is still cute :)! And maybe when she grows up she will be really pretty :)!

  2. LOL what a nose! Maybe when Amy grows to teen the nose will grow too!

  3. Aww....Amy is super cute. Her nose isn't THAT bad.


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