September 14, 2011

Harts - Round 8

Brandi looked around her new trailer and said to herself, "Perfect, just perfect!"  She loved being on her own!  The only thing she didn't like was the quiet.  It had never been quiet at the dorm.  At the time, she'd hated it because it made it hard to study.  But, here in this empty house, the silence felt deafening. 

 So she invited a few college friends over.

 And found the love of her life...

It didn't take long before he was staying overnight.  [I had no idea how to get Matthew out of college! I looked all through Sim State and couldn't find him. Finally found him at La Fiesta Tech.  Yeah, so he dropped out of college & moved in with Brandi.  It kind of felt like cheating, but really... Brandi was going to ask him to move in, so I don't think it was cheating bad...  Just confessing!]

And Matt felt like he'd never met someone he loved more.  "Will you marry me?" he asked as he dropped to one knee.  

Matt threw a wedding party to celebrate the new love of his life. They were married outside under a rented marriage arch.  Matt was worried it looked gaudy, but Brandi loved it! 

Apparently there were quite a few exes in attendance that threatened to ruin the festivities.  When Matt wandered over to give Brandi a quick kiss, several people in the room objected.

Brandi was furious.  "The time to have objected was before we were married, not after!"

[Really? Matt had two love interests? I looked at his memory and the only person he remembered kissing was Brandi.  Talk about short-term memory!  And Brandi! When did you fall in love with Gavin the tattoo guy?!]

 "Gavin!" Brandi yelled as punches were thrown. "Stop! Don't pummel my husband on my wedding day! Now I'll never get a good wedding photo!"  [Okay, I'm sure Brandi would've been more upset, but I was upset at these two not disclosing prior relationships to me!]

Brandi was so excited to be expecting.  She just wished the exes would stop harassing them.

 "Did you hear the trash can?" Brandi mumbled late one night.  Pushing Matt, she asked again, "Did you hear the trash can?"

Grumbling, Matt got out of bed and went outside to see if the can had been kicked over again.  

 "Sarah, I'm really sorry. I didn't mean to break your heart..." Matt apologized for the third time.  Sarah just stuck her nose in the air and hmph-ed him, then ran off into the night.

Sighing, Matt picked up the spilled garbage.  "Yuck!" he complained.  He didn't think things got worse than cleaning up garbage from the curb.  He wished he knew how to make it up to everyone.  A heart can't help who a heart falls in love with...

 "Matt!" Brandi yelled.  "Come quick!"

"I'm coming... I'm coming..." Matt mumbled on his way inside.

 When he walked inside he saw the most wonderful sight.  Twins! A little boy and a little girl.  "Twins!" he exclaimed.  Brandi just smiled weakly.  "I think twins run in my family..."

Matt tickled the toes of the little boy that Brandi was holding.  "I'd like to name them Amy and Seth," she said.  "It's a tradition in our family to name the twins with an A and an S.  I'm not quite sure why, but I want to do it nonetheless..."

Matt hugged Brandi tight.  "That sounds wonderful!"

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  1. This one was... wow XDDDDDD! It happened to me too, a couple of times, that a Townie is in love with someone and doesn't remeber it. But it never happened to me that *my sim* is in love and doesn't rememberXD. WowXD!

  2. Ha I love it when the game throws crazy stuff like this....keeps it interesting.

  3., I knew Hazel was close with Gavin, never knew Brandi was too. Such crazy sims. Lots and lots of twins this time around.


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