September 18, 2011

Carters (3) - Round 9

Hazel was pleased with the turnout at her campaign meet and greet reception.  She was also so proud of Sean. He really helped schmooze everyone and seemed to always know the right thing to say.

After everyone had left for the night, they collapsed into bed and cuddled.  "Sean, you were amazing," Hazel said.  "Have you considered a job in politics?"

Sean had just laughed. "No, I think I'm happy where I am - playing sports all day and raking in the money! No reading and writing for me!"

Hazel sighed and snuggled up against him.

 (Yeah... I just love my nursery, so you guys get to see a pretty picture!)

Hazel didn't let her pregnancy stop her from throwing campaign parties.  Her assistant had polled the community and most people said that it made her seem more down-to-earth and responsible.

"Sean, you've been such a help to me at these parties," Hazel noted as she lounged in the tub.  "I noticed you were especially friendly with that blonde girl... what was her name?"

Sean glanced over from the mirror as he practiced his speech.  "Umm... I think it was Roxie. I'm not sure. I think she came with Danny."

Hazel tried hard to sound non-chalant, "So, do you think she's pretty?"

Sean stopped practicing and put his hands on his hips, feeling exasperated.  "Hazel! Are you jealous? You're the one that throws the parties! I'm just mingling, like you ask!"

"I know, Sean! I know! It's just hard being pregnant and feeling... not pretty... And then when I saw you talking to her all night... I just felt..." Hazel sniffled.  "Just ignore me."

Sean sighed.  He felt a little guilty because he had actually thought about calling Roxie sometime. Not really a date, but... an outing... or something... But, almost as soon as he had the thought, he'd dismissed it as reckless.

Kneeling down next to Hazel, he clasped her hands.  "I love you, Brett and our little unborn baby way too much to cheat like that.  I know you wouldn't put up with it and I'd be on the street." Then, attempting to inject some humor into the situation, he added, "And then you'd probably pass a law about cheating ex's that should be publicly flogged!"

Hazel stepped out of the tub and laughed as she dried her tears.  "I would, too! Don't you forget it!" she mock threatened.  Wrapping up in a towel, she kissed Sean on the cheek and asked him to check on Brett.

And it was all true. Sean loved being a Daddy. He tried to be as hands-on as he could.  He happily bathed Brett and played games with him.  His kid was going to be a charmer, just like his Dad!

And he couldn't help but think there wasn't anything sexier than his pregnant wife.  Hazel had smacked him when he told her that and accused him of trying to keep her barefoot and pregnant.

He'd pulled her to him and asked, "Can you blame me?" as she stuck her tongue out at him.

Sean invited all their family over for Brett's birthday.  He thought it was time to start acting like a family again.  Brett was excited from all the attention from his Aunt and Uncles.

 And Sean and Hazel were excited that it was also Ellen's turn to grow up.

 "Look how big she is, Sean!" Hazel exclaimed during the party.

Sean distractedly said yes as he glanced over at Roxie standing across the room.

"I have to go to work, sweetheart," Sean stroked Hazel's cheek the next morning.  "You did a great job on the party last night. Thanks for inviting my family.  They all loved it.  Do you think Walter's forgiven me now?"

Hazel smiled. "You know he has. He's met the love of his life, Claire.  I think he's planning on proposing to her."

Sean smiled.  "Good, I hope he's half as happy as we are."

Sean was promoted to Hall of Famer.  Hazel asked if he wanted to look into switching careers and he'd thought about it. But, really, he was happy where he was.  The pay was good & the hours were short. And there was something to be said for being able to kick back and relax!

Because spending time with his family was more important than prepping for the next promotion or meeting the right people.


  1. I am afraid that Sean will not be able to stay away from Roxie...

  2. I was thinking the same thing. He seems to think about her alot.

  3. Oh...Roxie may not be good on this family. I hope Sean just remembers to not stray with Hazel still in politics.


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