September 14, 2011

Carters (3) - Round 8

Sean stretched as he got out of bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes. What a rough night, he thought.  He'd seen the look on Hazel's face when Regina had kissed his cheek.  God, Regina! He couldn't believe her!  She'd made it clear she was on the prowl.  He wondered if he should say something to Hazel or just let it ride.

"Just let it ride," he mumbled to himself.  She wasn't going to hear anything he had to say right now anyway.

Sean was trying to get over her.  He was falling back on his old ways.

But, even though he should've been feeling lucky that all the girls fawned over him, he was feeling empty inside.

Coming home after work, fed up and feeling sorry for himself, he made a phone call to order a vacation package.

 "This is going to be wonderful!" Hazel sighed as she stepped out of the cab.

Sean still couldn't believe she'd agreed to come with him. He'd argued that they'd be getting away where no one knew them and could relax and just be themselves.

It gave him hope that she said 'yes' so quickly.

 "God, I've missed you," Sean told Hazel as he wrapped his arms around her.

Hazel traced the stubble on his chin.  "I've missed you, too," she admitted.  "It's been hard..."

Sean put his finger to her lips.  "Shh... remember... we said we'd just enjoy right now. Not worry about the future or fret about the past."

And it was a vacation to remember! They stayed in bed until the last day when they finally went out to explore the little island.  Sean couldn't believe how clear the water was! They both sampled a few of the fruity drinks while they laid out on the sand.


Hazel slowly came awake and looked at Sean passed out on top of her.  Blinking, she looked at her hand.  There were two rings sitting on her ring finger.  One of them was an official looking diamond.  Shoving Sean off of her and bolting upright, she gasped, "Oh my God! What did we do?!"

Sean squinted as he looked at her.  "What are you talking about? Come back to bed," he said sleepily.

"There's a ring on my finger, Sean! What happened last night?"  Wearily, she put her head on her hands and tried to remember.  She remembered the beach... she remembered the coconut drinks... then... then...

"Oh my God!" she shouted.  "We're married!"

Sean sat up and looked at her, then looked down at his own hand.  "Run that by me one more time?" he asked.

But Hazel wasn't listening. She was running around the room throwing her things in her bag.  "I want to go home. Now." she said.

Sean reached out to hold her, but she slapped his hands away.  "Take me home."

Back at home, things didn't get any better.  "I can't believe you took me there to trick me!" Hazel shouted.

Sean pushed his hand through his hair. "That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard, Hazel! I didn't plan anything except enjoying ourselves and getting you to loosen up!"

"I cannot believe you! I'll have my Mother look into getting an annulment," she said.  "This isn't going to work."

But, talk of an annulment were replaced with talk about boundaries and working it out... for the baby's sake.

Sean had managed to talk Hazel down and told her to lay down for alittle bit.  "There's no need to rush into anything," he said.  "We'll just take it as it comes."  Truth be told, he was really conflicted about this too. He knew they both had 3 bolts for each other.

But, he worried he would have trouble keeping her happy.  He'd seen how hard it was for his Dad to make Mom happy.  Dad had told him one night that sometimes a marriage just didn't work but then you were stuck.  Thinking about that made him frown as he watched Hazel sleep.  I'm not my Dad, he told himself...

 His new brother-in-law came home with him after work.  "I didn't realize you were in the sports field!" Walter had said as he play punched Sean.

"Look, Walter... there's something I have to tell you... And it's not easy..." Sean started.

15 minutes later, Sean was nursing a black eye with frozen peas against his eye and Walter had left.


"Close your eyes, Hazel."  Sean led her up the front walk.   "Okay... open them!"

Hazel opened her eyes.  "Where are we?" she asked.

"Our home," he said, excited.  

"It's beautiful Sean! Where did you get the money for it all?"

Sean spread his arms to the side, "I saved every penny I got." Then added, "Plus it helps that my twin brother is an architect and helped draw the plans!"  Hazel hugged him and wondered how she ever doubted that they could have a wonderful life together.  He was so kind and thoughtful.  Maybe they would get their happily ever after, after all...

And Sean had thought of everything when he'd planned the house.  He had a workout room for practice...

 ...and she had an office so that she could work from home more easily.

And soon little Brett was born.  Sean had jokingly said he was glad it wasn't twins.  She'd looked at him oddly as he rubbed his hand on his neck.  "Yeah, twins run in the family..." he said.

Hazel had looked horrified.  "Oh thank God we didn't have twins!" she laughed.  "Can you imagine?!"


"Hazel, you look fine," Sean assured her.  "That new dress is perfect for your new campaign."

Hazel fussed with her dress.  "I know. I just want everything to be perfect. I want everyone to look at me and know that I'm cool, calm, and professional."

"You'll do fine."

Hazel brushed the lapel on his suit.  "Is that baby milk on your sleeve?" she asked, horrified as she swiped at a spot on the jacket.

"No, it's just water, now stop fussing."

 "You're going to knock their socks off, babe," Sean said as he leaned forward to give her a kiss.

Hazel took a deep breath.  "Well, here goes nothing!"


  1. Yayyyyy! I am so happy for these two! I hope Sean will manage to keep himself from other girls!

  2. Me too! He has a good memory of the engagement, so I took that as a good sign. :) And hasn't rolled any wants to sneak around... *crosses fingers*

  3. Well, maybe Sean has gotten all that out of his system....

  4. Hmm....maybe Sean will really work out well with Hazel. A bit of a rocky start, but things seem to have smoothed a bit.


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