September 12, 2011

Carters (3) - Round 7

Sean had sat at the bar right after Adam ran off to college and slammed back drink after drink.  It was too weird doing things without his twin.  He'd always known he wouldn't be able to get into college, but didn't think he would be this upset about it.  He'd moved out of the house & into a trailer nearby.  But, even though he was only a mile from his folks, he still felt like they were a million miles removed.
Then he'd met Vamsi.  He'd seen her singing and it seemed as though she'd actually been singing to him.  One thing had led to another and he'd had the most satisfying one night stand known to man.

And pretty soon the pretty faces all melded into the background. He wasn't quite sure he could remember names or faces.  They called a lot afterwards, but he had a rule:  one date.

Then he'd had his ass thrown on the floor by Hazel.  He'd thought it was fate when he sat down on the couch & recognized it was her.  He acted like he couldn't remember her name, but he'd known her long before she ever hung out with his sister Brandi.  He just knew she wasn't into him and there were plenty of other girls that were... so why bother getting rejected. 

And here he was... having a hot and steamy affair with her.  Unable to think about anything except her.  She would come over after dark and they would fall straight in bed.  She didn't say anything out loud, but he knew she was worried about her precious political career.  As if being seen with a star basketball player would sully her pristine reputation.

It ticked him off.  Especially since he was breaking his one-date-rule.  Not that they were technically dating.  She just guiltily snuck over and then guiltily slunk back home.  Which should've suited him just fine, he thought sourly.  But for some reason, he wanted more.  "To hell with this!" Sean muttered when he woke up the next morning smelling her perfume on his pillow.  Grabbing the blasted thing, he threw it across the room.

Still, the next evening, he'd given in and let her in when she came over.  "Here," he said as he dropped her tv dinner on the table.  "I made dinner for you."

Hazel looked at the plastic tray like it was a snake that was going to bite her.  But, she started to eat it without a complaint.  Bully for her, he thought as they ate in silence. When he finished, he leaned back in his chair and stared at her, trying to figure out what it was about her that was different from all the other chicks.

Catching him staring at her, Hazel brushed her hair behind her ear.  "So," she announced awkwardly.

Sean knew what she wanted. She wanted him to make the first move so that she didn't have to be accountable.  Feeling perverse, he decided this time he would play dumb and make her do all the work.

Raising his eyebrow, Sean just nodded and replied, "So?"

Hazel tapped her manicured nails against the table.  "That was nice. Thank you."

Okay. This small talk might just kill him, he thought.  Annoyed, Sean got up and started to pace as Hazel watched him.

He smelled her darn perfume before he felt her touch.  Hazel lightly grabbed his hands and wet her lips.  "Sean," she asked.  "Is everything okay?"

Sean nodded briskly.

"I was just wondering.  Are you getting tired of me already?" she asked.


"Then..." Hazel paused.  "Do you want to..." she trailed off, blushing.

"What? Do I want to what?"  Sean was determined to make her ask.

Hazel's eyes flashed with annoyance.  "Would you like to join me in the other room?"

"The bathroom?" Sean asked, pretending to be confused.

Hazel rolled her eyes and pushed past Sean and called out on the way to his room.  "You know where I'll be and what I'll be wearing. I'll meet you in there when you're ready."

Sean paced around the little hall for a minute before muttering darkly and taking off after her.

Sean could sense the tension in the air every time Hazel came over.  Some nights she was too busy to come over and she absolutely refused to come over if he threw a party.  

"Why would I want to come over and watch all those 'fans' throw themselves at you?" she asked.

"Well, why would I want to go to one of your dumb speeches and watch those guys fall over themselves trying to buy you lunch?" he'd fired back. 

"Oh please.  This is ridiculous!" she'd snapped, more annoyed than ever.  "Why can't we just have a good time when I come over and leave it at that?"

Sean had surprised himself by saying, "Because I want more."

Hazel stared at him, dumbfounded.  Then, she'd collected herself and said, "Sean, we have to be reasonable.  We're like oil and water.  Nothing long-term is going to work out between us."

Sean pulled her into his arms and attempted to show her how well things worked...

Later that night, Hazel cuddled in Sean's lap, pretending to watch tv. "I love the time we spend together, but maybe it would be best to stop seeing each other," she said as she ran her finger over his shoulder.

That was supposed to be his line, Sean thought ironically.  Feeling rejected, he got defensive.  "Why? Am I too dumb for you? I didn't go to college, so I'm not worthy to date you?"

Hazel glared. "It's not like that Sean! I don't think you're 'dumb'."  

"Then?" he prompted.

Hazel was quite for a moment and then rested her cheek against his shoulder, "Maybe I know that we want different things from life and I don't want you to hate me for it.  Like my Mom hated my Dad... and me..." 

Sean stilled.  "We're not our parents."
Sadly, Hazel looked away.  "I know.. I just worry..."

Sean kissed her deeply, putting everything he felt into the kiss.

"I have to go to work now, Hazel," he said as he kissed her cheek.  "Move in with me. Be here when I get home?"

Hazel frowned.  "You know I can't..." she said.

Sean nuzzled her ear.  "Then don't move in, just bring over some clothes... a comb... a toothbrush... something."

"I'll see you tonight," Hazel murmured.

Sean frowned.  "Not good enough," and slammed out the door, feeling his heart twist painfully.


  1. o_0 lol that was a twist I didn't envision!

  2. I hope Hazel will change her mind *-*! Hazel trust him a little bit more... it could work!

  3. ooohhh....Sean is really struggling...of course so is Hazel. I don't know if he's a good idea, but Hazel's been his longest fling, so it might work.


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